Trendsales – Get instant access to the largest fashion market place in Scandinavia.


Get instant access to the largest fashion market place in Scandinavia.

Trendsales screenshot 0Trendsales screenshot 1

The Trendsales app gives you instant access to the largest fashion market place in Scandinavia.


Reply on listings
Search listings
Personal shopper – listings picked for you
Follow listings you’re interested in
Create Trendsales Trades
Create Buy-Now trades
View trades
Accept Buy-Now trades
Decline Buy-Now trades
Create listings

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Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta – Arbil Shoes Male, Female, Kids Shoes, Bags and Accessories Stores is.

Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta

Arbil Shoes Male, Female, Kids Shoes, Bags and Accessories Stores is.

Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta screenshot 0Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta screenshot 1Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta screenshot 2Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta screenshot 3Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta screenshot 4Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta screenshot 5Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta screenshot 6Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta screenshot 7Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta screenshot 8Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta screenshot 9Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta screenshot 10Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta screenshot 11Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta screenshot 12Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta screenshot 13Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta screenshot 14Erbil Ayakkabı Çanta screenshot 15

Shoes Arbil within the shoe industry in 2004, in 2014 the E-Commerce market is say hello to my site. 3 in Izmir, has a total of four stores, including one in Aydın.

Your payment in purchases you make from site we negotiated directly with banks is done with SMS security 3D SSL-protected encrypted security infrastructure.

Our mission is to ensure your safe shopping

Quality and longevity of our products are among the criteria to be taken into consideration in product selection. In the packing stage of your flawless and healthy products, our company has been working to reduce transmission issues at the lowest level of error, showing a distinct sensitivity.

7/24 support and your refund rights reserved.

Thank you for us Favourite ..

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Medan Dropship – Welcome to MedanDropship. The right solution to start an online business.

Medan Dropship

Welcome to MedanDropship. The right solution to start an online business.

Medan Dropship screenshot 0Medan Dropship screenshot 1Medan Dropship screenshot 2Medan Dropship screenshot 3Medan Dropship screenshot 4Medan Dropship screenshot 5Medan Dropship screenshot 6

Welcome to

You are in the right place to start a business online. We provide hundreds of unique items, innovative, and uptodate for those who want to be our partner in doing business online.

By joining us, in a short time you already have an online shop with a sophisticated platform and connect with us in realtime, you do not need inventory, no need to packing and shipping the goods, do not even need to upload products and updates stock, all we do for you and you are free to determine their own advantage.

After you register, we will do verification of your data first. Once approved, you can immediately sell at your online store.

As a first step, you will get your name for online stores such as, of course, if you do not want your customers to know that you are from the source of our products, you can change your address online stores with your own domain name as

When orders occurs through your online store, order will directly report to us, we will immediately send you the ordered items to the buyer, of course, on behalf of your own online store.

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Jouw Marktkraam – With Your Stall app you can checkout view information from your stall

Jouw Marktkraam

With Your Stall app you can checkout view information from your stall

Jouw Marktkraam screenshot 0Jouw Marktkraam screenshot 1

With Your Stall app lets you view your sales and revenue at any time of the day of your stall.

About Your Stall

Your Stall is a young, dynamic and environmentally friendly store concept where buyers and sellers come together in a fun and attractive environment.

You hire us your own stall.

There you can no longer use, well-preserved, double-purchased, not so useful stuff to give you a second life. You earn money from it, and in addition you make someone else happy with it again. After all, who can buy something for a nice price. Moreover, we do not. Impact on the environment So we recycle in a pleasant way.
You hire one or more stalls, consisting of: two shelves 105 cm wide x 60 cm deep, surmounted by a file frame of 220cm tall.

– You get stickers with your personal barcode for your products. You put the price on the stickers what you think what’s worth your product. For selling clothing, you can use our hangers.
You present your stuff in an attractive way in your booth.

– We take care of selling your stuff. At the end of the rental period, we will pay the full return on your bank account. (For longer rental periods, we can, together, every month the money)

– On the last day of the rental period you get by 17:00 your remaining belongings. You can also choose to stand at Your Market Stall, the remaining stuff off these are then sold for a good cause.

Give your used stuff a second chance and sell them in Your Stall. This can include clothing, toys, home accessories, books, etc.

You’re so creative and convenient that you make a lot of nice stuff? And would you like to sell it? Then use Your Stall.

Your Stall provides space for a collection outlet. But also an online store can be physical goods for sale in Your Stall.

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Shrenuj – Shrenuj Application to buy best certified diamonds


Shrenuj Application to buy best certified diamonds

Shrenuj screenshot 0Shrenuj screenshot 1Shrenuj screenshot 2Shrenuj screenshot 3Shrenuj screenshot 4Shrenuj screenshot 5Shrenuj screenshot 6

Our history in the industry spans over 100 years. The business has been passed down through four generations; each bringing new energy and guiding the business to even greater levels of success. Our heritage provides a platform for growth, allowing us to tackle new challenges and opportunities with experience and insight.

Our history also shapes the way we approach business relationships. We value partnerships that strengthen over time, and embrace new opportunities with a long term view. Our loyal and growing customer base bears testament to this, each relationship built on creating mutual value.

App Features Include:

– Manage your online account with Shrenuj
– Search diamonds by different parameter criteria
– Email or download stonelist in excel & pdf format
– Send request for view of your likely diamonds
– View real images of diamonds
– View and verify grading certificate of diamonds
– See your recent searches and save your search criteria
– Track your selected diamonds
– Block stone from shrenuj office
– Choose your delivery & shipping address
– Manage your online cart
– View your Purchase history

So what are you waiting for? Download Shrenuj now and register for online account to fulfil your demand for diamonds online.

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Paredes Constructores – Download the application of AR technology Constructors Walls!

Paredes Constructores

Download the application of AR technology Constructors Walls!

Paredes Constructores screenshot 0Paredes Constructores screenshot 1Paredes Constructores screenshot 2Paredes Constructores screenshot 3Paredes Constructores screenshot 4Paredes Constructores screenshot 5Paredes Constructores screenshot 6Paredes Constructores screenshot 7Paredes Constructores screenshot 8Paredes Constructores screenshot 9Paredes Constructores screenshot 10Paredes Constructores screenshot 11Paredes Constructores screenshot 12Paredes Constructores screenshot 13Paredes Constructores screenshot 14Paredes Constructores screenshot 15Paredes Constructores screenshot 16Paredes Constructores screenshot 17Paredes Constructores screenshot 18Paredes Constructores screenshot 19Paredes Constructores screenshot 20Paredes Constructores screenshot 21Paredes Constructores screenshot 22

In Paredes Builders innovation in each of our developments is our lifestyle. Proximity to our customers is paramount, so we have created this app that POSITIONS AS WE FIRST MEXICAN CONSTRUCTION in using technology and immersive augmented reality.

– Visit our newest developments anywhere in the world thanks to the gyroscope technology.

– Augmented reality … not only the look! Touch and explore all around and interact with the models.

– Not sure if you like the department is still available? Check immediately via wifi or mobile network information in real time.

– An app that is always updated! Stay informed of new developments and visit them before construction.

About Us ****** ******

We are a company with 19 years experience in the construction that exceeds all the challenges that the industry has imposed on us.

– MISSION: To materialize the ideas and projects of our customers with the highest QUALITY, SAFETY and WARNING possible. Developing the qualities and skills of our staff in an environment of continuous improvement and openness to learning. Preserving the legacy of its founders.

– VISION: Walls and Associates Builders, SA de C.V. is a company that strives to be one of the top 50 construction companies in Mexico, supported by growth in customer confidence, always remain true to their values.

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Moda Livre – An app for those who like fashion – but want to consume consciously

Moda Livre

An app for those who like fashion – but want to consume consciously

Moda Livre screenshot 0Moda Livre screenshot 1Moda Livre screenshot 2Moda Livre screenshot 3Moda Livre screenshot 4Moda Livre screenshot 5

An app for anyone who loves fashion – but wants to consume consciously

This app is for anyone who loves to go well dressed, but did not want anyone to have been exploited to tailor your pants or skirt. After all, who ever heard of a case of forced labor involving suppliers of famous brands?

The proposal is to bring to the public a quick and affordable way, the measures that the marks – the major clothing retailers in the country and companies that have been caught by the inspectors of the Ministry of Labour and Employment (MTE) – are taking to prevent items sold in its stores are produced by slave labor.

All companies were invited to answer a questionnaire and, based on the responses received scores that ranked in three categories of colors – green, yellow and red – according to his conduct. Those who did not respond were automatically included in the red category.
The evaluation criteria includes four indicators:

1. Policies: commitments by companies to combat slave labor in their supply chain.

2. Monitoring: measures taken to monitor the suppliers of clothing.

3. Transparency: Actions taken to inform customers what has been done to monitor suppliers for combating slave labor.

4. History: Summary of business involvement in cases of slave labor, according to the Ministry of Labour and Employment (MTE).

The app does not recommend that consumers buy or refrain from buying certain brand of clothes. Only brings information to make the choice consciously. This is a free service to consumers, the result of the investigation team journalism Reporter Brazil.

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