Обувайка – Store children's orthopedic, preventive and quality children's shoes.


Store children's orthopedic, preventive and quality children's shoes.

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Obuvayka Shop Children’s health and preventive footwear. From leading large Turkish, Finnish, Polish producers. Our wide range will impress even the most discerning parent. Shoes from size 18-40.

With the mobile application from Obuvayki:

– No need to carry a discount card to get a discount and bonus calculation

– The whole range of the store in a convenient directory will always be at your fingertips

– Before anyone else to get information about promotions and discounts.

– There is no need to keep all receipts for exchange or refund the product.

– You can completely control the entire history of your purchases.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/K6n359



Application of LUMI COSMETICS – # VersãoBETA

LUMI COSMÉTICOS - VersãoBETA screenshot 0LUMI COSMÉTICOS - VersãoBETA screenshot 1LUMI COSMÉTICOS - VersãoBETA screenshot 2LUMI COSMÉTICOS - VersãoBETA screenshot 3LUMI COSMÉTICOS - VersãoBETA screenshot 4LUMI COSMÉTICOS - VersãoBETA screenshot 5LUMI COSMÉTICOS - VersãoBETA screenshot 6

With the application of LUMI COSMETICS, we innovate the industry with a unique feature because you have access to our Product Catalog and Information About our Company so Off line, ie not need the Internet to access this information, which may lead the catalog with you wherever you want.

You who are our (a) Reseller (a) has more this tool and have access to the catalog without being connected to the Internet or to a computer.

Having access to the Internet, you can still visit our Social Networks, follow their orders and carry out purchases by Site LUMI COSMETICS.

At each new cycle the Application will be updated so you can always be well informed (a) on Releases and News.

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Surprise yourself with our application and let the world Discover You!

Become a Reseller (a) Success!

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/PD2Otq