Motorola A&E APP – Bookstore and energy portfolio of accessories for Motorola two-way radios

Motorola A&E APP

Bookstore and energy portfolio of accessories for Motorola two-way radios

Motorola A&E APP screenshot 0Motorola A&E APP screenshot 1Motorola A&E APP screenshot 2Motorola A&E APP screenshot 3

A & E APP Motorola Solutions. This app for Android is a library of sales support and energy portfolio of accessories that use Motorola two-way radios. This application identifies the ideal accessory for every Motorola Radio and offers a detailed description of the technology and manufacturing characteristics of each of the items of this portfolio available.
In addition to identifying the ideal accessory, the application provides support materials such as catalogs, videos, case studies and related accessories portfolio and energy to keep updated sales force and end users news.
To navigate through the application must identify the family spoke of his interest and then to choose the radius on which you want available accessories. Each accessory has at least three (3) attributes are: Photography, Part Number (P / N) and name or description of the attachment. If the accessory of choice has more than three (3) associated attribute, you can see the afond by clicking on the image detail.
This tool will allow you to be contacted via email with a sales representative in your country to resolve questions or make requests, and if you wish, you can share information contained in this application to your customers and / or colleagues.
Motorola Original accessories increase the power and value of the radii, ensuring the proper operation of your computer and optimize communication teams. With accessories and Motorola batteries we support our clients in meeting their needs to communicate to the people in the moments that matter.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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