Farmasi – The headlamps, with unlimited earning offers you the opportunity to establish your own business.


The headlamps, with unlimited earning offers you the opportunity to establish your own business.

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You can only buy products sold by catalog from the Far profit-taking Advisor discount prices. With thousands of products that the company produces for you, you can get instant profits with zero risk. Invoices, open shops, transport stock, staff and operate with a system that you will enjoy your fixed expenses do not make sales without risk edebilirsiniz.minim capital with additional income. Far be to your advantage Supervisor:

• Personal care, color cosmetics, hair care, baby products, perfume and thousands of varieties of products
• 7 to 70 from each segment and appeals to a wide range of budget
• Elements to operate, pay rent, open storage, to develop new products, etc. such as the cost to transport
• Far be it for your own needs Advisor to buy 33% discount
• it makes the sale of 100% domestic capital goods and to contribute significantly to the national economy

2. Lights Royalty
The headlights can create your affiliate sales Consultants as a consultant. The recommendation by the headlights of your familiar business opportunities can also lead to this opportunity to meet with and you have opened the door to a much larger sales.

Your sales turnover every month now formed a team to be the leader in your team with your team and you start reaching out to you that you will create a steady income. Consultants and Advisors will connect your direct yourself towards unlimited way down as they will do in their own sub-advisor you will have a growing team. They both will do the shopping for their needs and this team won every month premium sales turnover of all sales generated by your personal sales.

Our Current Practice;

The headlamp as a consultant can create an unlimited Consultants under you and them if we also ask that as Advisor oluşturabilirler.bölg or growing a team as any restrictions yoktur..b at bottom and will consist of your income and your income rate of sales revenue you make will describe examples of the artacaktır.grup sales premiums;

Now, take a step to your future and effort you give to başlayın.far to build your team immediately, it will never go to waste. income you have achieved is absolutely continuous. Far be replaced by changing the primary system when it comes to leadership, the leadership is additional gains. This premium is transferred to you that you won a lifetime. This is not limited to stop there … You can also leave a legacy of your income to your heirs. no sales people on your team are not done, that even if the only way their discount pharmacy catalog shopping means even very serious and steady income for you.

Here our growing team, you can start filling in the form I want now is to become a member or if you want to work with us.

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Moff – Coupons and Shopping Guide!


Coupons and Shopping Guide!

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Find coupons physical stores by geolocation and get discounts on products and services.

To use the Moff, it is simple:

1. You locate nearby businesses with details: Telephone, Director, Evaluation, Email, Website, Images, etc.

2. Click Coupon and get product discounts at partner companies. Present the coupon at the checkout.

3. Find products and physical stores for geolocation services and save up to 70% on products and services.

The Application Moff not charge any tuition or fees of its members. Being 100% free all the app features and benefits in partnerships stores.

Warning: The products are updated by their own partners. The Moff is not responsible for inventories, etc.

Note: Only São Paulo and Minas Gerais are covered by the Service. Soon new states and cities.

Voted Best of 2013 app in the category promotions and discounts by android list and baixaqui!

If you want to register your business to include products and offer coupons for Moff users, please visit:

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Discount – It is an application that displays the amount of discounted products in the list


It is an application that displays the amount of discounted products in the list

Discount screenshot 0Discount screenshot 1

“Discount” when you want to know the discount amount, is an application that displays the amount after discount is calculated immediately.
Such as when I went to shopping, at any time, 70% discount, you will be able to display the amount of money, such as 35% discount.
Net of discounts can be seen in the list.
At bargain or time sale, I think there is a case such as further discounts from the discount price.
In such a case, even “further” function, you can easily calculate the amount of money that was further discount from the amount after discount.
Since the following to also supports point, also useful if you want to know the fine amount.

[How to use]
● Please enter the amount in the input field of the screen.
● When you tap the Calculate button, based on the amount of money that you entered, the amount after the discount will be displayed in a list.
● based on the amount of money that you selected when you select a row, “further” amount of money that you discount will be displayed in a list.

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Cusuringo, Cupones y Ofertas – Cusuringo is the guide to the best discounts and deals in Costa Rica.

Cusuringo, Cupones y Ofertas

Cusuringo is the guide to the best discounts and deals in Costa Rica.

Cusuringo, Cupones y Ofertas screenshot 0Cusuringo, Cupones y Ofertas screenshot 1Cusuringo, Cupones y Ofertas screenshot 2Cusuringo, Cupones y Ofertas screenshot 3Cusuringo, Cupones y Ofertas screenshot 4

Cusuringo is the directory where you can find the best discounts and deals on entertainment, restaurants and bars, sightseeing, shopping, hotels and other services. You will be able to locate your offer and redeem directly on site, without using credit card or online payment with the application. You can also save and share with friends on social networks What are you waiting for download it? It’s Free!
With Cusuringo always have on hand all the best promotions and coupons from stores in your city:
• Wherever you! Finding Discount shops on the map to find them more easily.
• Shopping, Leisure and Services. Search by category to find everything (accommodation, dining, nightlife, gyms, shops, spa, beauty centers, training …)

Cusuringo is ideal for use with cuponium or Tiendeo with Cusuringo and add any of these apps catalogs and brochures will always be informed of the best offers, promotions and coupons. No need to use others like groupon, because Cusuringo always get the best deals.
Do not forget to share with all your friends Cusuringo it, tell Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp, for wherever you like.

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Serba Distro Indonesia – Multipurpose distributions is the most complete online store and product distributions cheapest in Asia.

Serba Distro Indonesia

Multipurpose distributions is the most complete online store and product distributions cheapest in Asia.

Serba Distro Indonesia screenshot 0Serba Distro Indonesia screenshot 1Serba Distro Indonesia screenshot 2Serba Distro Indonesia screenshot 3Serba Distro Indonesia screenshot 4Serba Distro Indonesia screenshot 5Serba Distro Indonesia screenshot 6

Starting at the end of 2013 the idea of ​​this DISTRO SERBA appears, departs from a desire for perfection in berfashion for Indonesian teenagers who are very concerned dress trandi but the price terangkau and cheap, therefore we carry SERBA DISTRO name.

To start this business we got stuck because of the time and willingness to sell the goods that we’ll still have not been collected.


SERBA DISTRO is an online brand that is simple and very easy to remember for lovers of goods distribution throughout Indonesia, SERBA DISTRO give something simple in all things, focus on the one thing that identifies a BRAND ONLINE or a concept that crosses the line Our mindset.

We will continue berinofasi to meet the needs of the growing fashion from time to time, This is certainly encourages us to become something better with each lesson will be an experience.


Trust and customer loyalty is a long road to success, balance between quality and imaginative design is a commitment to abstinence SERBA DISTRO that we betrayed.

For that we strive to provide the highest quality products to exceed your satisfaction.

Products and goods we sell is still from a variety of brands throughout Indonesia, especially we are opening the opportunity for anyone who wants to offer their products to us with the status of a business partner or partner brand, which later we will always bring a good name and each flap flag to each other.


“We want everyone to have the good stuff without having to pay expensive and provide jobs with the promise of lifetime commissions”

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Yhoophii – Yhoophii Palembang


Yhoophii Palembang

Yhoophii screenshot 0Yhoophii screenshot 1Yhoophii screenshot 2Yhoophii screenshot 3

Yhoophii Palembang adalah aplikasi yang dikhususkan bagi customer atau reseller Toko Yhoophii. Aplikasi ini dirancang untuk memberikan kemudahan bagi customer dan reseller dalam berbelanja. Reseller dan customer bisa pesan langsung melalui aplikasi Yhoophii ini. Semua Reseller dan Customer Yhoophii Palembang akan menerima notifikasi setiap kali Yhoophii ada produk baru. CS : 576CCC72

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Farmasi Kozmetik – The headlights Cosmetics Online Buy Online

Farmasi Kozmetik

The headlights Cosmetics Online Buy Online

Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 0Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 1Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 2Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 3Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 4Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 5Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 6Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 7Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 8Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 9Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 10Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 11Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 12Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 13Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 14Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 15Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 16Farmasi Kozmetik screenshot 17

Our Current Practice;

Cosmetic and have left behind 65 years in the health sector …

The headlights are proud to be there in 121 countries under the brand name …

1 Far from using the product every 200 people in the world …

exports to 119 countries and the export champion Tanal in the cosmetic industry, cosmetic products “FAR” of under the brand name delivers 350 million people worldwide.

The headlamp is an integrated manufacturing facility Cosmetics Cosmetics 5 separate factories …

The headlights produce Cosmetics Cosmetics Ömerlide with daily production capacity of thousand tons of 40.000m2 like their facilities. The most important feature that distinguishes Far from competitors Personal Care Cosmetics, Wet Wipes, makeup products, plastic packaging production, production and filling tube which can be located in 5 different factories that same plant is an integrated facility.

2000 kinds of cosmetics …
Pharmacy Cosmetics follow world trends for creating a range of products used in 119 countries around the world and develops products for the needs and demands in this respect. This is the reason why one of the largest product range of more than 2,000. The presence of a wide range of products for both regional requirements, which is why the separation of specific trends in both countries. Far terms of the cosmetic skin, makeup products, in terms of hands up, wet wipes, cleaning products from, with more than 2,000 products from toothpaste to reach 350 million people in the world.

Private Label production with daily production capacity of thousand tons …

The Far Cosmetics, produces private label products in thousand tons of production capacity per day. Personal care, Make-up, wet wipes, cleaning products, in Toothpaste and tube production category as the product of the experience and expertise of 64 years of private label products in 5 different factories with production facilities (Private Label) under the Chain Store and want to make a special production from different sectors Stores Private Label offers an effective and efficient solution for companies.

Whether the Ministry of Health approved the Far Cosmetics is certified Halal.

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