SUSHIWOK – Delivery of sushi and WOK Karaganda


Delivery of sushi and WOK Karaganda

SUSHIWOK screenshot 0SUSHIWOK screenshot 1SUSHIWOK screenshot 2SUSHIWOK screenshot 3SUSHIWOK screenshot 4SUSHIWOK screenshot 5SUSHIWOK screenshot 6SUSHIWOK screenshot 7SUSHIWOK screenshot 8SUSHIWOK screenshot 9

Official application delivery services SUSHIWOK Karaganda Download the free app SUSHIWOK – gain access to the vast possibilities of the shipping service. This user-friendly interface, detailed menu and relevant information about promotions. Order your favorite sushi and wok in three clicks! You do not have to waste time calling the operator to order a meal, order forms on your mobile and sent directly to the delivery service.
The benefits of application:
• Easy-to-use menu
• Updated information about discounts
• The latest news and shares
• Formatting order
• Save contact and autofill data
• List of favorite dishes (Favorites)
Images of dishes loaded after installation, while watching meals if you do not display pictures of dishes – check the Internet connection.

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MyWannaDo – Discover and buy products at the best retail prices.


Discover and buy products at the best retail prices.

MyWannaDo screenshot 0MyWannaDo screenshot 1MyWannaDo screenshot 2MyWannaDo screenshot 3MyWannaDo screenshot 4MyWannaDo screenshot 5MyWannaDo screenshot 6MyWannaDo screenshot 7

MyWannaDo — The industry best mobile shopping application to find stunning and best deals and products everyday. Choose from deals and products across categories such as Restaurants, Health & Beauty, Apparel & Handbags Arts, Crafts, Photography, Computers & Networking, Electronics, Restaurants, Home & Garden, Jewellery, Sunglasses, Watches, Movies, Television, Music events, drama events, Radio Music, Music Equipment, Sporting Goods, Memorabilia, Travel & Transportation, taxi, rooms booking. Offers customers to build their own store using the social presence. Integrated with facebook, twitter and mywannado social platform.

MyWannaDo is a one stop and leading shopping online site in India selling an extensive collection of quality products from hundreds of leading merchants and manufacturers. At MyWannaDo, we ensure safer online shopping and trusted payment gateways for all commercial and household essentials that match your needs. MyWannaDo is having a large cabinet for Clothing where you can pick your favorite choice such as Kurtas, Shirts, T-Shirts, Designer wear, Sarees, Track Pants, and more. We showcase wide collection of clothing for both men and women.

You can also shop for accessories such as handbags, pouches, anklets, bangles and bracelets; wallets for both men and women; beauty and health care products such as organic soaps and bathing accessories; gifts such as chocolates and dry fruits. Browse from our range of books to gift your kids, whereas you can also entertain them with movies and music CDs. We also have sports and fitness category where you can choose your sports equipment such as football.

We provide the best solution for any kind of mobiles with unmatched mobile accessories we have in lot. With thousands of products in stock, MyWannaDo offers a huge collection of Home, Kitchen and Furnishing products and you are sure to find your thing hassle-free. As India’s no.1 shopping site, we have everything you need and we look forward to serving you the best ever.

Key features summary:

Location enabled

Receive deal and products alerts(Proximity advertisement) when in the vicinity of the store. “get alerted when you are near to a store for deals and products”. Take a look at deals around your current location.
Search for deals in your locality. View distance of the deals and get directions from your current lat-long.

Never miss to claim the deal your deserve.
You can set a reminder to grab your favorite deals.

Buy your product and deals online
Be sure that you have bought your products and deals through one of the safest online shopping stores in India.

Always Synchronized between mobile app and Website
All activities on your mobile will be synced back to So buy the deal on website and redeem it with your coupon on mobile. It’s that easy.

Get social and get started
Like a deal?? Share it with your friends and family via facebook.

Soft copy of Coupons
Go green!!Go paperless!!!!

Download this app and get started by creating your account and view deal and products history bought by you in My Account section. Share what you bought with your friend on a single click.

This is India’s latest, best and first location based deals and offers android application. Visit us at for all your favorite deals in your place. For any support please visit or email us at

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Şehir Fırsatı – I, I, follow a single application for site!

Şehir Fırsatı

I, I, follow a single application for site!

Şehir Fırsatı screenshot 0Şehir Fırsatı screenshot 1Şehir Fırsatı screenshot 2

Opportunities include Sites: I, I, …

Included City: Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Aydın, Balıkesir, Bursa, Denizli, Diyarbakir, Edirne, Gaziantep, Mersin, Istanbul, Izmir, Eskisehir, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Samsun, Tekirdağ, Trabzon, Istanbul and All Turkey

Included Categories: Holidays, Events / Activities, Food / Drink, Beauty / Maintenance, Training / Services, Shopping, Health / Fitness, Automotive and Others

Description: you are interested city / categories / sites you can find deals instantly. If you want the word to filter deals based. Things to do push-notification criteria that you enter when you want just new opportunities (immediate notification), even if you can learn to practice on.

You will not miss any opportunity!

Help us make our applications better bring *** your comment.

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Paulo Cezar Enxovais – Application of best outfit shop

Paulo Cezar Enxovais

Application of best outfit shop

Paulo Cezar Enxovais screenshot 0Paulo Cezar Enxovais screenshot 1Paulo Cezar Enxovais screenshot 2

Came the Paulo Cezar Enxovais application. With this app you have the disposal over 5000 products for trousseau to bed, layette for your baby and decoration for your home.

Browse a list of customized products and departments to find the product you need. Take advantage of buying with Free Shipping * (check availability) and installment up to 12x without interest, not to mention the super discount of 12% on payments to view.

Excellent quality products and timely services.

Download the app and come live all this amazing experience.

Paulo Cezar Enxovais
Quality with good taste!

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Clik Baby – Have total comfort with our Baby Clik the application. Your baby deserves!

Clik Baby

Have total comfort with our Baby Clik the application. Your baby deserves!

Clik Baby screenshot 0Clik Baby screenshot 1Clik Baby screenshot 2

The Clik Baby back to you Mom and Dad what the latest innovations in the mobile market and children’s items in a single app! Realize your purchase by paying up to 12 months interest free or discounted 15% for payments sights.

* Shipping to:
Bags Maternity, Kids and Shoes for Cradle Kit.
Orders Over R $ 1,000.00 for PR, SP and SC.

* Wide range of:
Cots for baby, Baby Dressers, Guard Children’s clothing, Breastfeeding armchair, Bags Maternity, Baba Bed, Kids Shoes, Kit Cradle, mattresses, Clevamama Products, Wallpaper and Range Wall and much more check!

* Discounts and exclusive advantages for Clik Baby clients.
* Filters according to your preference for your convenience.

Already install your Baby Clik app, has all the ease in carrying out your purchase and provide the comfort that your baby deserves.

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Beleza Girass – Beauty tips and products with professional effectiveness for your hair and skin.

Beleza Girass

Beauty tips and products with professional effectiveness for your hair and skin.

Beleza Girass screenshot 0Beleza Girass screenshot 1Beleza Girass screenshot 2

Beauty tips and products with professional effectiveness for your hair and skin. The Sunflower products are developed with high-performance assets to take care of the beauty of your hair and skin. Our professionals are dedicated to constant updating and improvement in the development, improving more and more products that make you more beautiful. Meet our lines and request samples. Shampoos, immediate hydrating mask, finishers term activated, sunscreen, high-performance products for you.

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Shop & Smile – Shop & Smile is your best buddy for shopping at K in Lautern shopping center!

Shop & Smile

Shop & Smile is your best buddy for shopping at K in Lautern shopping center!

Shop & Smile screenshot 0Shop & Smile screenshot 1Shop & Smile screenshot 2Shop & Smile screenshot 3Shop & Smile screenshot 4

Shop & Smile is your best buddy for shopping at K in Lautern shopping center and brings you the latest promotions, information about events and our client services.

Simply signup to My K and start earning points for each purchase you make. Points can be redeemed for great rewards! As a My K Member you may receive personalized offers while you walk inside K in Lautern shopping center. To receive offers, simply switch on Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Shop & Smile benefits:

• The latest promotions in your pocket.
• Earn points for each purchase using the My K membership program.
• Find your way around the center using the store finder.
• All K in Lautern services at your fingertips.
• Find out what’s going on at K in Lautern.

At K in Lautern shopping center, you’ll find 100 shops, services and eateries spread over some 20,900 square meters – many of which are brand-new concepts and one of a kind in Kaiserslautern. With its sweeping architecture over four levels, the Style Place and the Golden Lounge, K in Lautern is set to be the city’s latest ‘place to be’.

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전국맛집 국민쿠폰-쿠팡,위메프,티몬 보다편리한 맛집쿠폰 – 전국맛집 국민쿠폰매주 2회의 외식을 한다면? 국민쿠폰을 통해 매주 2만5천원씩 할인받으면 매월 10만원을 절약하는 효과!

전국맛집 국민쿠폰-쿠팡,위메프,티몬 보다편리한 맛집쿠폰

전국맛집 국민쿠폰매주 2회의 외식을 한다면? 국민쿠폰을 통해 매주 2만5천원씩 할인받으면 매월 10만원을 절약하는 효과!

전국맛집 국민쿠폰-쿠팡,위메프,티몬 보다편리한 맛집쿠폰 screenshot 0전국맛집 국민쿠폰-쿠팡,위메프,티몬 보다편리한 맛집쿠폰 screenshot 1전국맛집 국민쿠폰-쿠팡,위메프,티몬 보다편리한 맛집쿠폰 screenshot 2전국맛집 국민쿠폰-쿠팡,위메프,티몬 보다편리한 맛집쿠폰 screenshot 3전국맛집 국민쿠폰-쿠팡,위메프,티몬 보다편리한 맛집쿠폰 screenshot 4전국맛집 국민쿠폰-쿠팡,위메프,티몬 보다편리한 맛집쿠폰 screenshot 5

★ 전국맛집 국민쿠폰 – 매달 10만원 절약하는 방법 ★
매주 2회정도의 외식을 한다면? 국민쿠폰을 통해 매주 2만5천원씩 할인받으면 매월 10만원을 절약하는 효과!

▶국내 랭키 1위 – 전국맛집 국민쿠폰◀
랭키닷컴 8주연속 1위 – 맛집 부문

☆★[ EVENT – 국민뽑기 ]★☆
매일 100명을 추첨하여 던킨도넛츠커피와 바나나우유를 무료로 드립니다.
– 참여방법 : 어플 첫 페이지 국민뽑기 배너를 통해 참여
– 당첨자발표 : 참여 즉시 발표

[제휴사 안내]
쿠차, 쿠폰모아, SK 스마트월렛, 지하철종결자, SK T-map 에서도 국민쿠폰의
쿠폰을 다운로드 받아서 사용하실 수 있습니다.

▶맛집도 쿠폰으로 즐기자!◀
할인 쿠폰을 제공하는 음식점은 맛이없다?
쿠폰을 챙기기가 불편하다?
열두시(12시) 인기지역의 인기맛집으로 무장한 전국맛집 국민쿠폰으로
스마트하고 편하게 그리고 돈까지 아껴보자!

쿠팡, 티몬, 위메프, 그루폰, cj오쇼핑 오클락 처럼 미리 구매하지 말고
현장에서 바로 무료로 다운받아서 사용해 보세요~

쿠차,쿠폰모아에서 찾을 수 없는 다양한 맛집 할인 쿠폰을


국내 쿠폰수 1위(3,200개)의 전국맛집 쿠폰 어플 탄생!

전국(서울/경기/인천/대전/대구/광주/울산) 주요 지역에서 맛집 쿠폰 사용!

->전국맛집 정보 모음
강남맛집, 강남역맛집, 홍대맛집, 대학로맛집, 신촌맛집, 분당맛집
서래마을맛집, 송파맛집, 신천맛집, 압구정맛집, 청담동맛집,
여의도맛집, 천호맛집, 노원맛집, 경희대맛집, 고대맛집, 명동맛집
성신여대맛집, 삼청동맛집, 수유맛집, 이태원맛집, 종로맛집,
종각맛집, 인사동맛집, 가로수길맛집, 수원맛집, 일산맛집,
용인맛집, 안양맛집, 송도맛집, 의정부맛집,
부산맛집, 해운대맛집, 서면맛집, 동성로맛집,
남포동맛집, 대구맛집, 광주맛집, 대전맛집, 인천맛집, 울산맛집,

전국맛집 국민쿠폰 전국 유명 브랜드 업체
– 차이나팩토리 – 50%할인
– 비비고 – 20%할인
– 봉구비어 – 크림생맥주 무료 제공
– 메리고라운드 – 그린샐러드 무료 제공
– 불이아 – 1만원상당의 사이드 메뉴 제공
– 티원 – 30%할인
– 굽네치킨
– 퀴즈노스
– 강호동의 백정
– 빈스빈스
– 생어거스틴
– 웍앤박스
– 리미니

■ [쿠폰홈 – 모든 정보가 한눈에]
국민뽑기, 브랜드쿠폰, 내주변 베스트맛집 등 정보를 한눈에 볼 수 있습니다.

■ [쿠폰찾기 – 쉽고 빠르게 찾는다]
내주변 지역 할인정보와 다른지역 할인 정보를 쉽게 찾을 수 있습니다. 테마별로 찾을 수 있어 너무 편리해요.

■ [내주변 – 내 주변에는 어떤 쿠폰이 있을까?]
내주변 지역 할인정보와 다른지역 할인 정보를 지도에서 쉽게 찾을 수 있습니다.

■ [내쿠폰 – 지갑 처럼 사용하는 내쿠폰]
쿠폰찾기 또는 내주변에서 찾은 쿠폰을 저장하면 내쿠폰에 담을 수 있습니다.

★쿠폰 사용방법 : 앱에서 쿠폰을 저장 후 쿠폰을 매장에 보여주기만 하면 끝! ▶초간단 사용법◀

▶홈페이지와 모바일웹이 있어서 더 편리해요!◀
홈페이지와 모바일웹을 통해서 쉽게 쿠폰을 찾을 수 있습니다.
네이버에서 “전국맛집 국민쿠폰”을 검색해 보세요.

담당자 : 아이마켓 한복경 대리(국민쿠폰 멤버)
mail :
tel : 070-4473-2216

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Việt Deal – Vietnam general applications all cheap products from Hotdeal promotion, joint Purchase.

Việt Deal

Vietnam general applications all cheap products from Hotdeal promotion, joint Purchase.

Việt Deal screenshot 0Việt Deal screenshot 1Việt Deal screenshot 2Việt Deal screenshot 3Việt Deal screenshot 4Việt Deal screenshot 5

For those who have been shopping for cheap products through online sales channels such as hotdeal detention, supply purchasing, joint purchase, deal tong hop, and cheapest deal, Nhattao,, lazada … then to with experience vietdeal you will be paid an extremely intelligent applications, convenient and absolutely free when it fully synthetic attractive deal, these products made great discounts from reliable sources as hotdeal, supply purchasing, joint purchase, deal tong hop, and cheapest deal, Nhattao,, lazada …

With search map, search deal near you, search for cheap products people use, but hotdeal, supply purchasing, joint purchase, deal tong hop, and cheapest deal, Nhattao,, lazada. updated daily .. you will never miss this deal because we are able to save on your watchlist deal of users within applications vietdeal.

Reviewed tong hop application is the best deal today. vietdeal will not be disappointed!

Informed sources vietdeal Our products are used:

– Hotdeal
– buying together
– Common purchase
– Deal tong hop
– And cheapest deal
– Nhattao
– 5giay
– Lazada

Having fun !

See detail information and download apk file:

Nalaas – Nalaas Aappakadai is a brand of restaurants with high quality multicuisine food.


Nalaas Aappakadai is a brand of restaurants with high quality multicuisine food.

Nalaas screenshot 0Nalaas screenshot 1Nalaas screenshot 2Nalaas screenshot 3Nalaas screenshot 4Nalaas screenshot 5Nalaas screenshot 6Nalaas screenshot 7Nalaas screenshot 8Nalaas screenshot 9

Our culinary journey of Nalaas Aappakadai began in the year 2007 which was launched by Annamalai Foods Pvt Ltd (AFPL) with our first restaurant in Velachery, Chennai. The group is managed by a proffesional team of 5 board members with a combined experience of over 50 years. From there on, there was no looking back owing to the great response by the public.

Nalaas then became a household name as our South Indian speciality delicacy “Aappams” which were innovatively served to customers in various forms. At the time when “Aappams” were only made at home in a traditional style, Nalaas brought in 12 different varieties of Aappams which excited the taste buds of everyone in a house irrespective of age. At Nalaas, there is always something for everyone, be it 6 or 60.

Nalaas is also a multi-cuisine restaurant serving Kerala, Chettinadu, Andhra, Tandoor and Chinese cuisines. the chief ingredients in our biriyanis are healthy herbs and spices which gives it a homely taste. Our Chinese dishes are also authentic in taste and flavour made with carefully chosen ingredients hence suitable for young children.

Today, thanks to our guests for their continued patronage we have grown big since our first inception. We have a total of 12 restaurants spread across Chennai, Kanchipuram and Hyderabad in India and 2 restaurants abroad ( Paris, Abu dhabi) and this number is only set to grow, fuelled by the immense support from our patrons.

Times food award winner in 2011 & 2014 for the best Local Cuisine South.

See more information and download apk file for android: