TIIK – Easy Buy. Easy Sell. – The local buying and selling platform. Sell & buy locally – No login required!

TIIK - Easy Buy. Easy Sell.

The local buying and selling platform. Sell & buy locally – No login required!

TIIK - Easy Buy. Easy Sell. screenshot 0TIIK - Easy Buy. Easy Sell. screenshot 1TIIK - Easy Buy. Easy Sell. screenshot 2TIIK - Easy Buy. Easy Sell. screenshot 3

• Beautiful, clean user interface.
• No logins to mess with – Download, buy & sell right away!
• Location based – Find posts which are relevant to you.
• Searchable tag descriptions – All the important bits in one quick glance.
• Built in chat – Communicate quickly and securely.

TIIK is a local buying and selling platform, designed to make it super easy to buy and sell locally. A local marketplace that finds what you need based on your location, keeping results meaningful and relevant. Keep safe and secure with built in chat that’s both convenient and intuitive. Unlike gumtree, ebay and other platforms, there’s no need to sign up – download and your ready to go! Got something to sell? Descriptions are substituted in place for a simpler ‘tag’ scheme – this allows you to post what your selling in a matter of seconds. This also lets you factually describe whats on sell with minimal hassle. This also means mama, papa or those with not-so-good writing skills can dive right in! Tags are also searchable, making it easy to buy and find related posts at the click of a button, and best of all, all the important bits now become visible in one quick glance.

Buying: Looking to buy? You can alter the search radius to decide how local you want to find sellers. When you’ve found something you might want to buy, simply click on the chat icon to start chatting to that local seller. Negotiations, more information and contact exchange can all be done here. Buying couldn’t be easier!

Selling: Have something you want to sell? TIIK makes it easy to start selling in seconds. Snap a picture, select a category, enter a title, price and a few tags and your ready to go! Locals who want to buy will be able to find you based on the location you were at when making your post. If you wish to change the location of the post you have for sell, simply click on edit, and save without making any changes. This will update what you have for sell with your new current location. Buyers local to that area will now be able to find what you have for sell with ease.

Local: Support locals by buying from TIIK – TIIK encourages face-to-face meetups to support local enterprise as well as minimize risk of scams. We recommend you to use your wits when meeting strangers to buy. Don’t go alone, be cautious and use common sense.

Favorites: See something you like that you might want to buy? click the heart on any post to put it under your favorites and save it for later. From your favorites list, you can easily buy via initiating a chat – even if your outside the location of the sellers post – if its in your favorites, you’ll be able to see it to buy later.

No login: We’ve designed TIIK to make buying and selling locally as simple as possible. Unlike other apps, there is no need to create an account or to login. We’ve designed a special algorithm to link your phone with your app – even if you change phones in the future, if you re-download TIIK using the same account you used to download it initially, all your chats, what your buying and selling will all be there. We’ve done this to make local buying and selling as streamlined and convenient as possible, eliminating cumbersome hurdles like mandatory logins along the way.

Spam control: See dodgy posts? reporting them is super easy – click on the menu on the offending post and report it! We look into every reported post to ensure they are not malicious to keep the community safe. Repeat offenders will be blocked and removed from the TIIK platform. TIIK uses your general location to submit posts – this ensures that scammers from abroad can’t post claiming to be local.

Version 1.3.2 Beta.

Known Issues – Chat will be enhanced in upcoming versions with more improvements and features. These include the ability to add attachments, delivery status indicators, better handling of notifications & app to app calling.

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/yvJQ6T

StoreKirana – Grocery Delivery – Largest Online Grocery Store of Surat. Same Day Delivery. Cash On Delivery.

StoreKirana - Grocery Delivery

Largest Online Grocery Store of Surat. Same Day Delivery. Cash On Delivery.

StoreKirana - Grocery Delivery screenshot 0StoreKirana - Grocery Delivery screenshot 1StoreKirana - Grocery Delivery screenshot 2StoreKirana - Grocery Delivery screenshot 3StoreKirana - Grocery Delivery screenshot 4StoreKirana - Grocery Delivery screenshot 5StoreKirana - Grocery Delivery screenshot 6StoreKirana - Grocery Delivery screenshot 7

StoreKirana is Surat’s Largest Online Grocery Store which makes your grocery shopping convinient.
For us, the customer always comes first! We aim to make grocery shopping an easy, quick and delightful experience.

Buying at StoreKirana also lets you to earn and use KIRANA POINTS on every purchase.
You can shop for more than 3500 products – ranging from everyday essentials like salt, rice, flour,
sugar & pulses to specialty products like frozen waffles, pepper spray, baby care, international brands & more.
Plan your kirana with store kirana and get maximum benefits and discounts with our weekly and monthly offers.
FREE HOME DELIVERY on orders above Rs.300.
StoreKirana also facilitates you with

– Free home delivery
– A hassle free return policy
– Deliveries from 9 AM – 10 PM

StoreKirana is just what you need to save your time, money & effort and use it where it really counts.
To make life even easier for you, we now bring to you the StoreKirana App making grocery shopping on the go fun and easy.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/DB52BT