Метеор Благовещенск – Meteor Blagoveshchensk

Метеор Благовещенск

Meteor Blagoveshchensk

Метеор Благовещенск screenshot 0Метеор Благовещенск screenshot 1Метеор Благовещенск screenshot 2Метеор Благовещенск screenshot 3Метеор Благовещенск screenshot 4Метеор Благовещенск screenshot 5

Install the application and order your favorite dishes will be even easier.

Application service delivery “Meteor” is the order of the well known brands in Blagoveshchensk:

“Meteor Pizza” – a huge selection of pizzas for a long time favorite Blagoveschentsam, different thickness tortillas, a wide range of ingredients. “Meteor Pizza” One of the first pizza delivery service in the city, a great experience and the trust of many customers – a sign of quality “Meteor pizza.”

“Sushi Express” – the first delivery service of Japanese cuisine in the city of Blagoveshchensk. Our kitchen rolls is a high level, which is prepared by highly qualified craftsmen according to the classical technology. We use only high quality products and are constantly updating our menu.

“OstroWok” – the first in the city delivery service noodles wok. We are the only delivery service Wok noodles, which uses only handmade noodles. We cook the noodles themselves, so it is always fresh and tasty. Professional chefs always comply with the recipe, so each box is a high quality product.

The application supports a choice of all the current menu. You are free to choose the ingredients, set a date and time of delivery, see the history of their orders. Install the application “Meteor” and a huge palette of our kitchen is always at your fingertips.

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/Nz5U21


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