Seu Real – Find the best prices close to you

Seu Real

Find the best prices close to you

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Your Real lets you compare the shelf price of real markets, helping the consumer in constant search for the best price.

How is powered by users, His Real prices are items of their daily lives, which are part of people’s shopping cart in your area. It is beyond the few items on sale, helping to whether a product in your hand is more expensive or cheaper than the store next door.

As your shopping helper, His Royal also organizes lists, calculates the total value while you are buying, and allows check item by item the value that is going on in the box with the stated in the supermarket aisle.

See local price history within each store, avoiding false promotions and making use of his right as a consumer.

Discover all you can do with your real with the help of his Real, thought the app to enhance your pocket.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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