Paisa Vasool: Online Shopping – Price comparison App for Books and Electronic Items (Presently in India)

Paisa Vasool: Online Shopping

Price comparison App for Books and Electronic Items (Presently in India)

Paisa Vasool: Online Shopping screenshot 0Paisa Vasool: Online Shopping screenshot 1Paisa Vasool: Online Shopping screenshot 2Paisa Vasool: Online Shopping screenshot 3Paisa Vasool: Online Shopping screenshot 4Paisa Vasool: Online Shopping screenshot 5Paisa Vasool: Online Shopping screenshot 6Paisa Vasool: Online Shopping screenshot 7

Inspired by Google’s Material design concept, Paisa Vasool aims to simplify your shopping experience. Use it to compare prices of Books and Electronic items. You can buy directly from the stores listed in the app or set reminders to browse products later…. or simply window shop.


– Shows prices with the top online stores for Books or Electronic items
– No ads – No unnecessary notifications
– Scan a book barcode to know the least price and seller
– Supports talk-back and other accessibility features
– Full-scale view setting for a better shopping experience
– Add items to wishlist to view later or set reminders for product of your choice
– Redirects you to the store once you make a purchase decision

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Segue Preços – Research and Monitoring Listings Search for Products

Segue Preços

Research and Monitoring Listings Search for Products

Segue Preços screenshot 0Segue Preços screenshot 1Segue Preços screenshot 2Segue Preços screenshot 3Segue Preços screenshot 4Segue Preços screenshot 5Segue Preços screenshot 6Segue Preços screenshot 7Segue Preços screenshot 8Segue Preços screenshot 9Segue Preços screenshot 10Segue Preços screenshot 11Segue Preços screenshot 12Segue Preços screenshot 13Segue Preços screenshot 14Segue Preços screenshot 15

With our app, you can search and monitor the products of your interest is the best e-commerce when the price reaches the value you set, you will be notified and can go directly to the page of the product.
1 – Research your products
2 – Mark FOLLOW Price
3 – Wait for the warning for products that met your criteria
The interval between checks of your monitored products can be configured according to your needs, so you can adjust the findings for smaller intervals in days of promotions (Christmas, Black Friday, Children’s Day, etc ..).
You can search and monitor the same product in multiple sites or multiple products on the same site, rides his monitoring of the best prices when product reaches the price set on your list or below.
Follow with Price helps you find the best time for a purchase but you can just use it as a list of “wants” and monitor the price directly looking at the value at that time, the monitored product list which shows the current value of product and what value when you searched, you do not open the site just to see “and ta costing now” facilitating your day and helping out for you to do always good shopping.

Available stores:

Cold Spot
Casas Bahia
Ricardo Eletro
Magazine Luiza
Balloon Information
Beauty WEB

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Women Clothing Size – Women's Clothing Size Conversion Finding the Perfect Fit

Women Clothing Size

Women's Clothing Size Conversion Finding the Perfect Fit

Women Clothing Size screenshot 0Women Clothing Size screenshot 1Women Clothing Size screenshot 2Women Clothing Size screenshot 3Women Clothing Size screenshot 4Women Clothing Size screenshot 5

Women’s Clothing Size Conversion

Finding the Perfect Fit, find your clothes sizes in USA, Europe, Mexico, Japan , UK, Australia, Korea, France, in Centimeters and millimeters.

Note to online buyers and sellers: Because of the many discrepancies between sizing systems and the differences between manufacturers, it is never a good idea to buy clothes based solely on these conversions. Sellers should measure the clothes and list in centimeters and inches, and buyers should request this information to compare to their clothes.

Before buying clothes online check the sellers return policy, as there is a good chance you will end up with a size that does not fit perfectly.

Shoes, watches, boots, coats, jeans, skirts, dresses or pants with, we have designed a complete boiler.
Apart from style, trend, fashion and the latest combi these applications are also available.
Clothing combined the style of clothing, clothing styles, fashion clothing-wear, ladies wear, sportswear

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