1800LastBid.com – Easy access to your online auctions allowing you to watch and bid on items.


Easy access to your online auctions allowing you to watch and bid on items.

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1800lastbid.com app is a quick simple method to access your online auction account to watch items and bid. You will find items offered through online auction across the globe ranging from small household items to large equipment and real estate.

• Place bids on your favorite items
• Watch Items on auction
• Browse auctions by category
• Be notified when you are outbid or win an item
• Share auctions or items by email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/AhCCNU

More Fun House – More Fun House

More Fun House

More Fun House

More Fun House screenshot 0More Fun House screenshot 1More Fun House screenshot 2More Fun House screenshot 3More Fun House screenshot 4More Fun House screenshot 5More Fun House screenshot 6More Fun House screenshot 7More Fun House screenshot 8More Fun House screenshot 9

More Fun House 魔发部屋科技假发
全台15家魔发部屋直营门市为台湾知名假发/接发连锁直营专卖店,由沃生国际发料集团经营,集团旗下至今拥有六大假发/接发品牌(WE CARE/ DOMO HAIR/ HAIR PLUS / HAIR STICK / MFH),独特技术与德国、日本等先进同源、同步,共同领航世界级假发/接发技术,产品皆通过SGS世界级安全检测认证及投保3000万产品责任险,力求做到亚洲假发/接发第一品牌。

(1) MFH超拟真高品质平价假发,轻松为你量身打造韩国明星流行发
(2) 韩国设计师亲自操刀打版,采用最接近人发的耐热纤维发丝
(3) 纤维假发最新款【Domo Fiber炫丰发粉】,给您3秒快速增发
(4) 照片皆为专业MODEL100%实品拍摄,品质100%保证
(6) 易操作的界面,随时查看订单及购物车里的商品,透过手机迅速地完成结帐
(7) 快速到货,让发型像服装一样每天随时变换,做自己的发型设计师,就从头开始
(8) 随时有空用手机滑一滑,掌握全馆最新优惠折价活动

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/yr9HWr

MageMobi Magento App Builder – Magemobi is the mobile eCommerce revolution for your webstore.

MageMobi Magento App Builder

Magemobi is the mobile eCommerce revolution for your webstore.

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Magento To Mobile In Moments

Magemobi is the mobile the eCommerce revolution for your webstore. It’s so easy that you can start right away!

Magemobi seamlessly creates striking user friendly IPhone and Android Apps from your existing Magento Shop. MageMobi helps you to tap into the very lucrative M-Commerce space making you increase sales with customer loyalty.

Magemobi is a fully bespoke application that also has two in built customisable themes, from the look and feel your mobile store will have, to adding products and pages to your app. It’s your own store with your own brand.

Convert your eCommerce store into a powerful IOS and Android M-Commerce application today!

Android & iOS Apps : You have not one but two amazing applications that work seamlessly with your Magento store
Unlimited Product Quantity : We don’t restrict your catalog!
Theme Color and Text Customization : All of our themes are bespoke

Group, simple and configurable products : All of your product types are available – We are working on downloadable and bundled products and will be updated in August 2015
Custom attributes : All of Magento’s custom attributes are supported
Supports all Languages : Do you speak Chinese or Latin? Magemobi does!
No Transaction charges : You only need to pay us once for this amazing technology
Push Notifications : Instant Marketing in your customer’s pockts!
Supports every shipping method : Yes, even cash on delivery too!
Call Functions : Customers can call the store stright from their application
Product Ratings : Let your customers vote and see ratings of products
Featured Products : Feature your exclusive deals easity
Share via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin : Social sharing is caring and good for business!
Paypal Mobile And Authorized .Net : The world’s best Mobile payment systems are integrated
In App Payments : No need for redirections – All is done within!

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/xnBLk3

Lee’sTools for Dewalt – Lee'sTools for Dewalt 1.8 million tools and parts.

Lee'sTools for Dewalt

Lee'sTools for Dewalt 1.8 million tools and parts.

Lee'sTools for Dewalt screenshot 0Lee'sTools for Dewalt screenshot 1Lee'sTools for Dewalt screenshot 2Lee'sTools for Dewalt screenshot 3Lee'sTools for Dewalt screenshot 4Lee'sTools for Dewalt screenshot 5Lee'sTools for Dewalt screenshot 6Lee'sTools for Dewalt screenshot 7Lee'sTools for Dewalt screenshot 8

About Dewalt:
Automotive, Compressors, Construction Heaters, Cordless Tools, Drills, Dust Management, Fastening, Generators, Grinders, Hammers & Hammer Drills, Hand Tools, Ladders, Lasers Instruments & Levels, Metal Working, Nailers, Outdoor Power Equipment, Power Tools, Pressure Washers, Safety Products and Workgear, Saws, Storage & Security, Tile Saws, Woodworking

“You buy a machine and what you really get is satisfaction, entire satisfaction.” – R. E. DeWalt
Raymond E. DeWalt followed in his father’s footsteps by holding mill and constructions jobs from the time he left school. No matter what the job, the question of high labor costs always concerned him. To help cut these costs, occasionally he rigged up a machine to meet some special need.
Eventually, Mr. DeWalt was offered a position as head of a woodworking mill that manufactured almost everything from boxes to full-fledged houses. There was more to do than could be done, and the President of the company would not allow an increase in payroll. He simply had to get more work out of his men. Mr. DeWalt designed a yoke and attached it directly to a motor and saw, then mounted it on a standard arm. The saw could be raised, lowered, slid back and forth, moved to any angle, or tilted to any bevel. It did the work of four men and cut his labor costs beyond his fondest dreams.

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/mZ4rL5

Lee’sTools for Bessey Tools – Lee'sTools for Bessey Tools 1.8 million tools and parts.

Lee'sTools for Bessey Tools

Lee'sTools for Bessey Tools 1.8 million tools and parts.

Lee'sTools for Bessey Tools screenshot 0Lee'sTools for Bessey Tools screenshot 1Lee'sTools for Bessey Tools screenshot 2Lee'sTools for Bessey Tools screenshot 3Lee'sTools for Bessey Tools screenshot 4Lee'sTools for Bessey Tools screenshot 5Lee'sTools for Bessey Tools screenshot 6Lee'sTools for Bessey Tools screenshot 7Lee'sTools for Bessey Tools screenshot 8

Metalworking – High performance Clamps, Shop floor Clamps, classiX™, C-Clamps, J Series Clamps, Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps, Angle Clamps, Grip Pliers, Double Force All Steel Clamps, Vises, Industrial Magnets, Bearing heaters X4, Industrial Fluids & Compounds, Machine table clamps, Welding table clamps

Woodworking – Malleable Cast Bar Clamps, Parallel and Case Clamps, Parallel Clamp Accessories, Auto-Adjust, Toggle Clamps, Lever Clamps, One hand light duty & clutch, C-Clamps, Angle and Miter Clamps, Strap Clamps, Spring Clamps, Edge Clamps, Grip Pliers, Pipe Clamps, Other Clamps, Special Flooring products

Cutting Tools – Compound leverage snips, Speciality snips, Multi-purpose cutters, Folding utility kinves

DIY Tools – Parallel and Case Clamps, Parallel Clamp Accessories, Malleable Cast Bar Clamps, Other Bar Clamps, Lever Clamps, C-Clamps, Angle Clamps, Spring Clamps, Edge Clamps, Pipe Clamps, Other Clamps, Strap Clamps, Snips & Knives

BESSEY Tool GmbH & Co. KG, a German family-owned company, was founded in 1889. Internationally recognized as a world-class steel maker, the company first introduced their line of malleable cast iron bar clamps in 1936 and heat-treated, all steel L clamps in 1952.

BESSEY has grown to be one of the largest hand tool clamp manufacturers in the world, distributing some 1300 different wood working and metal working clamp tools in more than 100 countries worldwide. BESSEY® cutting technologies represent a tradition in the manufacture of tin snips going back more than 80 years.

See more information: https://goo.gl/7kEkob

Precios Cuidados – NO OFICIAL – National Price Finder Arg care without consuming internet. No official.

Precios Cuidados - NO OFICIAL

National Price Finder Arg care without consuming internet. No official.

Precios Cuidados - NO OFICIAL screenshot 0Precios Cuidados - NO OFICIAL screenshot 1Precios Cuidados - NO OFICIAL screenshot 2Precios Cuidados - NO OFICIAL screenshot 3Precios Cuidados - NO OFICIAL screenshot 4Precios Cuidados - NO OFICIAL screenshot 5Precios Cuidados - NO OFICIAL screenshot 6Precios Cuidados - NO OFICIAL screenshot 7Precios Cuidados - NO OFICIAL screenshot 8

National search fast and easy price PreciosCuidados.com government program Argentino. Sample prices frozen from Argentina.
Once downloaded you can check product without consuming internet data by simply entering the name of the product or brand in the text box and press search to see prices care.
You can make allegations of price differences and missing product.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/wpaCdw