هوانم مصر الجديدة – The application is interested in the latest fashion and accessories

هوانم مصر الجديدة

The application is interested in the latest fashion and accessories

هوانم مصر الجديدة screenshot 0هوانم مصر الجديدة screenshot 1هوانم مصر الجديدة screenshot 2هوانم مصر الجديدة screenshot 3

New Hoanm Egypt a new application from which you can follow-up on new products throughout the year with premium range of
– Veiled clothes
– House clothes
– Lingerie
– Accessories and hand ready
– Handwatch
– The latest modern house kits

– Automatic alarm for each new application in the follow-up to a new all in the Egyptian property market
– Continue to fast and lasting throughout the day
– Participation through the application property
– The possibility of ordering products directly from the application

Hoanm new Egypt. . A new concept of modern products

See detail information: https://goo.gl/GydwLk

FabGrocery – Fabgrocery.com a virtual departmental store for you, serving across Kolkata.


Fabgrocery.com a virtual departmental store for you, serving across Kolkata.

FabGrocery screenshot 0FabGrocery screenshot 1FabGrocery screenshot 2FabGrocery screenshot 3FabGrocery screenshot 4

Fabgrocery.com a virtual departmental store for you, serving across Kolkata. Fabgrocery.com is created to fit into the lifestyle of every Kolkatan. We want to ease the grocery shopping experience for every household with wide range of products, on time delivery, competitive prices and much more.

Fabgrocery.com is one of its kind in Kolkata, it will not only shelf daily household products like rices, pulses, spices, etc. but also fresh products like bread & bakery, imported fruits and vegetables, personal care and House care Items. This list is set to increase as per your suggestions and new availabilities.

The Creators

Fabgrocery.com has been created by young professionals from an entrepreneurial family of Kolkata. We have a family experience of more than 45 years in grocery retailing in Kolkata with very strong supplier base.

Rahul Agarwal – Head Strategy (MBA, CFA)

“I envision Fabgrocery.com as a one stop solution to households who struggle with their daily purchases of grocery and other household stuffs. I promise to provide the best of quality and service to all my stakeholders and make Fabgrocery a part of their life…. Cheers!”

Rohit Agarwal – Head Operations (CA, CFA)

“I dreamt, I have started and have a long way to go…. I make my customers happy, I make my suppliers happy…. And there I achieved it….”

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/9PSA7t

Студенческая дисконтная карта – Discounts for Students

Студенческая дисконтная карта

Discounts for Students

Студенческая дисконтная карта screenshot 0Студенческая дисконтная карта screenshot 1Студенческая дисконтная карта screenshot 2Студенческая дисконтная карта screenshot 3Студенческая дисконтная карта screenshot 4Студенческая дисконтная карта screenshot 5Студенческая дисконтная карта screenshot 6

Student discount card.
Student discounts and free stuff for businesses near you. Save money on food, entertainment, and other uslugi.Kazhdy day we connect new partners and your preferences become even wider. If you want to connect their friends or just want to connect one or another institution in the cities where we are, send an email to stud-skidki@mail.ru specifying the coordinates and we will make your chances even further.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/UJhOkL

Womens Store India – Celebrating the spirit of every women, we presents to you the Womens Store India

Womens Store India

Celebrating the spirit of every women, we presents to you the Womens Store India

Womens Store India screenshot 0Womens Store India screenshot 1Womens Store India screenshot 2

We have the best discounted items in clothing,footwear,watches,bags,belts,sunglasses,jewellery and more. You can find something special for you or the women in your life.

You can find below sections:
– Gifts for Moms
– Gifts for the special women in your life
– Fitness equipments for women
– Various brands that women love like The Vanca, Lakme, Braun, urban, Philips etc

A smooth, intuitive interface of the app lets you discover the best products with the best discounts

¦ Best Deals: We brings to you the best deals around India for the special YOU

¦ Deals include collections of ethnic wear, jeans, designer wear, night wear, shirts, tops,sportswear,shorts etc

We love to stay connected with our users!

If you have any feedback, questions or concerns please visit: http://www.bestpricedeals.com and follow us on Facebook facebook.com/BestPriceDeals4u

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/omFu92

Sabji Waala – The first online vegetable and fruit order and delivery service in Raipur, CG.

Sabji Waala

The first online vegetable and fruit order and delivery service in Raipur, CG.

Sabji Waala screenshot 0Sabji Waala screenshot 1Sabji Waala screenshot 2Sabji Waala screenshot 3Sabji Waala screenshot 4

We are the first in this industry to provide the facility to order the vegetables and fruits online and delivered fresh at your doorstep. We never keep stock, we deliver the product freshly from the shop.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/eOMEdw

Abelya Collection – furniture, lighting, accessories of interior elements, and decorative pieces

Abelya Collection

furniture, lighting, accessories of interior elements, and decorative pieces

Abelya Collection screenshot 0Abelya Collection screenshot 1Abelya Collection screenshot 2Abelya Collection screenshot 3Abelya Collection screenshot 4Abelya Collection screenshot 5Abelya Collection screenshot 6Abelya Collection screenshot 7Abelya Collection screenshot 8

It begins as Interior Design Consultant and Contractor, offering assistance for both residential and commercial clientele. In the year of 2014, we are complementing our Interior Design Consultation and Contractor services with launching our interior furnishing and decorating product lines that include : furniture, lighting, accessories of interior elements, and decorative pieces, designed for both residential and commercial segments under a registered brand name Abelya Collection.

An interior furnishing brand as integral part of urban lifestyles and fashion brands, is the spirit behind the creation of the brand. Created in Jakarta, Indonesia, as the birthplace of the brand, by Lydia Juliana – “Lya”, a professional Interior Designer and Business Enterprise, graduated from International Academy of Design and Technology, Chicago, US and Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia.

The brand is co-founded by Ibrahim S. Garawani – “Abe”, a prominent business consultant, founder, and CEO of various Trading Companies in Egypt and US. Through his company ETA ( Egyptian Trading Agencies ), the brand designs are being actualized and manufactured in Egypt. Our combined resources shall help to achieve the brand awareness and growth hence realizing our vision and mission.

Abelya Collection
The City Tower, 12th Floor – Unit 1N
Jl. M. H. Thamrin Kav. 81
Jakarta, 10310, Indonesia
Our Vision

BEDROOM BIt is all about how we unite with the people every where. We shall partner with our Customers, Distributors, Vendors, Manufacturers, Shippers, Employees, Stakeholders, and the Society at large. The unity shall create a force that will allow us blend art, technology, and talents, for designing, producing, and delivering our interior furnishing and decorating product solutions to our customers everywhere in all continents. Our endeavors are endless to make impeccable living qualities for our customers via our good quality interior furnishing and decorating products.

Along the Value Chain, all links and connections shall benefit from our brand growth and economies. Customers’ Satisfaction and Value Creation for their investment are our focal interest. Wealth shall be created to everyone : employees, vendors, and shareholders alike. We are committed to the welfare of the community and its environment.

Abelya Collection shall be the world’s best experience to all links and connections. Becoming one of the world-class leading brands in interior furnishing and decorating product as well as the one-stop-shop gateway or store for interior furnishing and decorating products through online.
Our Mission

Best Business Practices – Passage to our vision is to employ only the best resources and tools. No efforts shall be spared to put in place : most talented design capabilities, innovative and creative interior furnishing and decorating product solutions for Great Production Process that yield Superior Quality Output. Timely, Efficient, and Effective Delivery Operation that will enable us to pass some costs saving to our customers.

Bottom Line – Sharing benefits, derived from our successful and profitable operations. Retained earnings, accumulated wealth and reserves for capital expansion, investing in innovation and enhancement. Thus, staying with competitive edge that will benefit all our partners on the value chain and enable us to balance with our social responsibility and environmental protection.

A blend of beauty and wisdom, is the philosophy behind our brand. The brand offers a good balance between quality and economic considerations without undermining the touches of art and beauty. Persistently and consistently delivering our brand credo, “affordable luxury”.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/BCniqe