Tu Domicilio – Homes in Valledupar. Buy online and pay on delivery

Tu Domicilio

Homes in Valledupar. Buy online and pay on delivery

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Homes in Valledupar. Online shopping from your home on delivery, you can find thousands of products.

– Request a Service Delivery, Delivery, payments, deposits, shopping and more!
– Order your fave products from anywhere in the city of Valledupar.

How to buy http://www.tudomiciliovalledupar.com?

Buy at your home is very simple, it follows these

1. Search and find different product categories that we have designed for you.
You must select the specifications you want about the chosen product (size, color, size, and more.

2. Give click buy.

3. Once in your cart, enter the delivery address, the department and the municipality. Also check the time and cost of delivery. The latter depends on the product, location and method of payment.
When you have reviewed the information above, click ‘Checkout’. If you already have in your home you must sign and your data will be automatically filled. If you are a new customer click ‘Register’ and complete the information directly on this page.

4. Select the method of payment to Contraentrega.

5. At any time you can check the status of your order: log into your account with your email address and password, and click on the section that says ‘My Orders’.

Why create an account in your home?
For so you can shop and follow your orders YOUR domiclio.

To buy your home is extremely important to have a client account, because that is where all your information and addresses are stored for the following purchases do not have to enter the same information.

From your account you can see the states of all your purchases.
It is completely safe to enter your personal details in your home, being that our organization, we respect your privacy and do not share your personal information with third parties. The data do not keep your cards in every purchase will have to re-enter.

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/8IYHLf

Shopious – Find hundreds of online stores that sell fashion and beauty in Shopious!


Find hundreds of online stores that sell fashion and beauty in Shopious!

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Shopious is an online shopping application where you can see thousands of online stores for fashion and beauty scattered throughout Indonesia. Shopious recommendation system is able to understand the kinds of things you like and do not like so that we can display the relevant goods in accordance with the tastes of your appearance.

As a buyer you can:
1. Find the goods from online stores in accordance with the style and the stuff that you used to wear
2. Follow your favorite online store to see the store’s selection of items later in your feed
3. Like the goods from the online store for you to save and view at a later time
4. Create a collection of similar goods by using the ‘Pin’
5. Contact her shop directly if you’ve found the right item selection (shops in Shopious already in the filter and in the curation so kemanannya is assured)

As a seller you can:
1. Get notifications when your goods at stores like or follow you in by the user Shopious
2. Show and upload your product with easy and FREE

What are you waiting for? Yuk cobain Shopious and began to find cheap and affordable fashion every day!

Visit our website: http://www.shopious.com
Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/shopious
Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/shopious
Follow us on Instagram: instagram.com/shopious

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/KdO4Ns

Santa Cruz Today – Your tourist, commercial and service guide for mobile devices.

Santa Cruz Today

Your tourist, commercial and service guide for mobile devices.

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SANTA CRUZ TODAY is your tourist, commercial and services last generation mobile guide, smartphones and tablets now available to make the most of your city.

SANTA CRUZ TODAY is your strategic partner for digital marketing where entrepreneurs, businesses, companies and professionals low cost advertise their services and / or products in mobile application + + social networking website reaching millions of users.

SANTA CRUZ TODAY is a company with a team of professionals with extensive experience in technology, communication, advertising and sales, in order to advise in the area of ​​digital marketing.

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/P0czsU

iSabiFood – Food Ordering – isabifood.com.ng an online food ordering, table reservation system in Nigeria.

iSabiFood - Food Ordering

isabifood.com.ng an online food ordering, table reservation system in Nigeria.

iSabiFood - Food Ordering screenshot 0iSabiFood - Food Ordering screenshot 1iSabiFood - Food Ordering screenshot 2iSabiFood - Food Ordering screenshot 3iSabiFood - Food Ordering screenshot 4

isabifood.com.ng an online food ordering, table reservation system in Nigeria. Our free Android app enables you to browse food menus, make table reservations at you favorite restaurant and read customer reviews, then order and pay for a food delivery, with just the lift of a finger!

º Search by area to discover food vendors
º A personalized and real-time directory of tasty independent food vendors delivering to you
º Up-to-date and interactive food menus
º Free to use, with no added charges
º Add in your reviews
º Make a brand new order or simply re-order one from your order history
º Advanced filters make it easy to find the right food vendor. Search by cuisine, opening hours and area
º Order for now, or choose a delivery time that suits you
º Pay online, or with cash on delivery
º Thousands of special offers
º You can sign-in or checkout as a guest
º Make table reservation at restaurant of choice

isabifood.com.ng: Eye Wey Sabi Better Food

Download the free app now, and you’ll never struggle to order food via telephone again!*

* Our service is only available in some areas. Please check the service area map or the list below before downloading.

– Abuja

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/pMeCHf

HATANU – Buy Grocery, Personal Care & Home Care Products Online through SmartPhone App


Buy Grocery, Personal Care & Home Care Products Online through SmartPhone App

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Hatanu An Grocery (Kirana or Kariyanu) Shop & Super Market App For Buying Grocery ,Personal Care, Home Care & Daily Use Things Online through your SmartPhone.
Some Feature
=> 50+ Brands & 1000+ Products
=> Grocery with Quality + Quantity Assurance
=> Family Care, Men Care, Women Care, Child Care, Home Care Wide Range of Products
=> Free Home Delivery
=> Lower Price than MRP
Some of App Features
=> Easy to use
=> Wide Range of Product devided into different Section to easily shopping
=> Work on Slower 2g Network
=> Matrix theme
=> Supported Version 4.0+

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/u8V6nt

Agrocontactos Ganado – Agrocontactos®. Productive communication on their mobile.

Agrocontactos Ganado

Agrocontactos®. Productive communication on their mobile.

Agrocontactos Ganado screenshot 0Agrocontactos Ganado screenshot 1Agrocontactos Ganado screenshot 2Agrocontactos Ganado screenshot 3Agrocontactos Ganado screenshot 4Agrocontactos Ganado screenshot 5Agrocontactos Ganado screenshot 6

App Agrocontactos Livestock is marketed livestock having the option of placing animals that are for sale near his farm through satellite maps, will know that they are offering in their area 20, 50, 100 km radius, and negotiations are more efficient, faster and cheaper, avoiding high transport costs and middlemen.

It also gives the option to search from your cell phone anywhere in the country in real time, and provides a complete description of animals, pictures and appropriate health information.

Or use Advantages:

– Quick and easy search of classified earned a mobile application.
– Reduce costs of transport for livestock.
– Avoid weight loss selling copies caused when transporting.
– Establish communication links with other farmers who are far away, once discussed in the classified.
– Search near your location on a satellite map classified.
– Standardization of prices nationwide.
– View video demonstrations of copies.

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/zDx6Ct