Интернет-магазин Bella Bicchi – Online store outerwear Bella Bicchi – style above all!

Интернет-магазин Bella Bicchi

Online store outerwear Bella Bicchi – style above all!

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Elegant outerwear Bella Bicchi – is a great mood that we create, complement your look fashionable, beautiful, comfortable things. Do you want to wake up on a rainy, windy or frosty day with a smile, put on a warm coat comfortable, elegant and purged biting wind jacket? Hurry to buy women’s outer clothing in Ukraine offered at amazing prices!

Bell Beachy – Shop offering top men’s, women’s clothing made in view of the latest trends from leading manufacturers.

Feel like a lady, make others admire your way, adding a chic wardrobe of natural Mouton coat or down jacket trimmed with spectacular from a beautiful fur. Being a true gentleman, prefer the practical coat with a high quality cut, highlights your business status.

Choose and buy the top women’s clothing – not an easy task. You come into the store, looking at a lot at first glance beautiful options. What confuses you? Faulty cutting, sewing, high price, not an actual model. With Bella Bicchi you forget about such difficulties, because we offer perfect quality in a stylish performance!

Our online store women’s outerwear – a guide to the world of modern clothing that combines excellent quality, stylish look and feel to wear. And this is due to the fact that the range includes models made from Italian fabrics («Loro Piana» and so forth.), Whose characteristics are appreciated by many designers.

That is why, to buy women’s clothes (Ukraine), for example, women’s coats, formed from these tissues is to give preference to the better!

Many models are decorated with luxurious natural fur, original inserts and even shining stones Swarovski. Some variants of outer clothing made of fabrics composed of camel hair, which has healing properties and excellent protection from the weather.

Come to Bella Bicchi, to buy men’s, women’s outdoor clothing!

It is represented in many sizes, and sewn with materials such as alpaca, angora, virgin wool (pure wool), silk.

Tired of no avail to roam the shops? Check out the range of our products, buy your favorite model, evaluate our approach to the customer, free shipping and best price in the region!

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/t6TM0e

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