Preisvergleich Barcode Scanner – Look for products with price near duck. Offers of discount stores …

Preisvergleich Barcode Scanner

Look for products with price near duck. Offers of discount stores …

Preisvergleich Barcode Scanner screenshot 0Preisvergleich Barcode Scanner screenshot 1Preisvergleich Barcode Scanner screenshot 2Preisvergleich Barcode Scanner screenshot 3Preisvergleich Barcode Scanner screenshot 4Preisvergleich Barcode Scanner screenshot 5Preisvergleich Barcode Scanner screenshot 6Preisvergleich Barcode Scanner screenshot 7Preisvergleich Barcode Scanner screenshot 8

Price duck has the latest information of all discount stores, supermarkets and other providers in your city. Neatly arranged helps an easy and convenient search you to find the best deals from catalogs and bargains from next door.
You must not scroll more now hundreds of brochures, but have a full overview.

Simply browse brochures on! Without leafing more!
Currently we support:
Aldi Nord, Aldi Sued, Emperor, Lidl, Media Markt, Netto, Norma, Penny, Real, Rewe, Saturn, Tchibo, Obi, Cunda, Edeka, Galeria Kaufhof, Deals, Kaufland, Rossmann, Hagebau, Hornbach, Douglas, Bauhaus

Features at a glance:
✓ Check Rates Near
✓ local offers
Without scrolling ✓ Brochures
✓ Scan barcodes
✓ Shopping
✓ Now with all local deals in your area.

* Barcode App by price compared to local offerings from all brochures *
We have:
– The latest brochures, offers
– Shops, price comparison, information and auctions

Now help the app to make it better:
Submit Feedback smartphones and win!

Quick Info:
Scan with a barcode app and you see all shops, offers, brochures from your area.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

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