Mercatone Uno – Mobile to give you the convenience of prices and the variety of assortments

Mercatone Uno

Mobile to give you the convenience of prices and the variety of assortments

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From now on you will always have at hand the convenience of our prices, the richness of the set, and all the useful information that will help you in choosing the best furniture solutions: furniture and furnishings, appliances, household items and leisure.
Discover low cost style, our new philosophy of furniture that offers the possibility of making special environments of everyday life with articles aesthetics recognizable at low prices.
Directly from your smartphone you can access the sections developed especially for you, including:

– The leaflet containing offers the most exclusive and affordable, complete with details and specifications of validity.
– The catalog, where you will find all our products categorized. Each product data sheet, accompanied by detailed features and pricing, will allow you to save the product of your interest in the wishlist and share it within your social networks to show your contacts your next purchase!
– The list of our stores, with address, opening hours and contact details. Select your favorite store, and discover its offerings.
– The Coupon section, which contains all coupons reserved exclusively to the holders of the app Mercatone One and spent at our stores.
– The section notes, which will allow you to name and save the measurements of the product of your interest and then verify that it fits the space at your disposal.

Within the application you will also find all our news and information on the services of Mercatone One.

Do not waste time, by Mercatone Uno find everything for your home!

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

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