(mekong) shopping,info. – mekong, shopping, foreigner shopping, information exchange

(mekong) shopping,info.

mekong, shopping, foreigner shopping, information exchange

(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 0(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 1(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 2(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 3(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 4(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 5(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 6(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 7(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 8

“* Open total shopping and information exchange for 1,5 million foreigner in Korea.

* Simple shopping, Safety payment, ensure delivery and support your language with help desk.

************** Open memorial event **************
first download can get 1,000 point freely.
( mekong point can use as real cash)
* Free free to use “”Board”” menu to exchange any information and your story (support language)

* mekong give you useful information for foreigner in Korea ( free, pay( can use point)).

1. Click “”Sign up”” in “”log-in”” menu, set your name, country and password.
2. Click “”shopping””menu and select item.
(order -> option(direct buy) -> type delivery info -> payment -> select bank –> order ok)
3. Main screen or purchase list, you can see bank accout to wire payable amount, then item will delivery to you.
4. you may wire enough payment to shopping more easily.

TEL: 1670-3055
E-mail: helpdesk@gbglobal.co.kr
APP: type your asking in “”E-mail”” menu

key words: mekong, shopping, foreigner, information, board”

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/RkV6c8

Sube OK (SuBeneficio y otros) – OK lets you access up to big discounts Add presenting your card.

Sube OK (SuBeneficio y otros)

OK lets you access up to big discounts Add presenting your card.

Sube OK (SuBeneficio y otros) screenshot 0Sube OK (SuBeneficio y otros) screenshot 1Sube OK (SuBeneficio y otros) screenshot 2Sube OK (SuBeneficio y otros) screenshot 3Sube OK (SuBeneficio y otros) screenshot 4Sube OK (SuBeneficio y otros) screenshot 5Sube OK (SuBeneficio y otros) screenshot 6Sube OK (SuBeneficio y otros) screenshot 7

Browse SuBeneficio discounts, Clarin 365, 365 Plus Clarin, La Nacion Club and Club La Nacion Premium, from one place, and the most comfortable way.

With Add OK you can access everywhere to the nearest benefits using the location of your device.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/l7DeJY

Asha Sweet Center – AshaSweetCenter Online eCommerce Store Mobile Application

Asha Sweet Center

AshaSweetCenter Online eCommerce Store Mobile Application

Asha Sweet Center screenshot 0Asha Sweet Center screenshot 1Asha Sweet Center screenshot 2Asha Sweet Center screenshot 3Asha Sweet Center screenshot 4

Trying to find a niche for himself & for the family Late Sri Kantha Prasdji Garg travelled extensively all over India & came to Bangalore & founded Malleswaram sweet meat stall in Malleswaram, bengalooru, in the year 1951 with the help of Mr. Srinivas Murthy (mentor).

In 1971, Mr. Narendra Kumar Garg son of Late Sri Kantha Prasadji Garg joined the family business and renamed it as Asha Sweet Center. Both father & son worked very hard to keep their dreams alive. Mr. Narendra Kumar Garg who is taking care of all the departments of Asha Sweet Center has given his heart & soul in the learning process. Working with the employees in the kitchen room to interacting with the customer in the counter. This made him to understand the in & out of the industry & helped him to serve according to the customer needs.

The golden era of Asha Sweet Center started in the year 1980. From then onwards there was no looking back for Mr. Narendra Kumar Garg. Asha Sweet Center is one of the major spot for the people visiting Malleswaram.

The third generation of Mr. Kantha Prasdji, Mr. Mayur Garg, son of Mr. Narendra Kumar a business management graduate has already entered the business & taking the responsibility of escalating Asha Sweet Center to further heights.

Mr. Mayur Garg’s vision of packed foods is taking it’s shape & can expect in near future.

Asha Sweet Center is constructing it’s own manufacturing unit near Yeshwanthpur industrial suburbs so that creating employment opportunities for thousands of unemployed youths.

Asha Sweet Center is today one of the leading sweet centre in Bangalore. They have few outlets in Bangalore. They offer different varieties of mouth watering sweets to cater to the customer needs. It has wide range of Indian Sweets, Bengali Sweets, Milk Khova Sweets, Dry Fruit Sweets, Savouries, Snacks & Sugar Free Sweets. They have adhered to the principles and use only the purest ingredients to give the customer best taste and flavor.

Asha Sweet Center also caters traditional North Indian sweets for all occasions.

Asha Sweet Center has its fleet of High Quality chefs who cater specially to each community and their needs. Along with a rigid adherence to traditional items, Asha Sweet Center being in the forefront always try to innovate and bring excitement to various festivals with new items. And the sweetest part is that Asha Sweet Center have always priced themselves competitively.

Another feather in the cap of Asha Sweet Center is the addition of FOOD CAMP, a pure vegetarian restaurant with party hall facility, self service wing & service wing.

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/PnuGNc

Luxury Online – Luxury Online APP,Free Shipping with Cheap Price and Discount

Luxury Online

Luxury Online APP,Free Shipping with Cheap Price and Discount

Luxury Online screenshot 0Luxury Online screenshot 1

Luxury Online App offers a convenient way for customers around the world to shop for a wide variety of luxury bags, accessories, shoes and lifestyle products at affordable prices, all with FREE SHIPPING!

With the Luxury Online App’s intuitive interface you can tap into our amazing line of products to purchase items on the go.


• Check out the latest products and sales
• Conveniently search for products with search filters
• Add products to My Favorites on the go
• Read customer reviews for insights into products
• Share products with friends via email, Facebook or other social media
• Receive instant updates on your order status
• Get full access to your order history
• Get Buyer Protection on all your purchases

All purchases made on this app are routed through Luxury Online’s secure servers, just as they are on the website.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/C38xng

Agrocontactos Ganado Arg – Agrocontactos®. Productive communication on their mobile.

Agrocontactos Ganado Arg

Agrocontactos®. Productive communication on their mobile.

Agrocontactos Ganado Arg screenshot 0Agrocontactos Ganado Arg screenshot 1Agrocontactos Ganado Arg screenshot 2Agrocontactos Ganado Arg screenshot 3Agrocontactos Ganado Arg screenshot 4Agrocontactos Ganado Arg screenshot 5Agrocontactos Ganado Arg screenshot 6

App Agrocontactos Livestock is marketed livestock having the option to locate the animals that are for sale near his farm through satellite maps, you can know that being offered in your area to 20, 50, 100 km radius, and negotiations are more efficient, faster and cheaper, avoiding high transport costs and middlemen.

It also gives the option to search from your cell phone anywhere in the country in real time, and provides a complete description of animals, pictures and appropriate health information.

Or use Advantages:

– Quick and easy search of classified earned a mobile application.
– Reduce costs of transport for livestock.
– Avoid weight loss selling copies caused when transporting.
– Establish communication links with other farmers who are far away, once discussed in the classified.
– Search near your location on a satellite map classified.
– Standardization of prices nationwide.
– View video demonstrations of copies.

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/WR2mzF

eGrab – Groceries Delivered – Groceries delivered, Fast and simple.We have started delivery in Qatar.

eGrab - Groceries Delivered

Groceries delivered, Fast and simple.We have started delivery in Qatar.

eGrab - Groceries Delivered screenshot 0eGrab - Groceries Delivered screenshot 1eGrab - Groceries Delivered screenshot 2eGrab - Groceries Delivered screenshot 3


توصيل مشتريات في قطر

If you don’t like:
Traffic jams
Searching for parking
Pushing the broken trolleys
Finding the right product
Long long lines at the butchery, for vegetables, and also at the counters.
Carrying them to your car and then to your home.

Here we go:
Just open the app and order, we get it delivered from your fav store.

Simple and convenient.


You can shop without being at the shop 🙂

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/e5wddv

Panama Outlet Mall – Now Panama can also make online purchases

Panama Outlet Mall

Now Panama can also make online purchases

Panama Outlet Mall screenshot 0Panama Outlet Mall screenshot 1

Now Panama can also shop online! Download our App to easily reach our departments from your phone or tablet. All Cars: Auto Parts, Tuning, PlastiDip, chairs and more. All Fashion: Clothing, Footwear, Clothing, Swimwear, caps, accessories, underwear and more All Beauty: Perfumes, Makeup, Skin Care All Electronica: Video Games, Consoles, Mobile Phones, Tablets, MP3s, and more All Computers Active: Everything for the exercise lover low prices! * Electronica, Active is opening soon. Other departments offer more goods soon. You want something from Ebay, Amazon or elsewhere in North America? We Ship to Panama! Download our APP and contact us for more information.

See more information: https://goo.gl/vHIa28




COCOMO screenshot 0COCOMO screenshot 1COCOMO screenshot 2COCOMO screenshot 3COCOMO screenshot 4

COCOMO was founded by a team of beauty and makeup veterans with years of experience in the Kpop industry. We saw firsthand the transformative power of a swipe of gloss or a stroke of blush, and recognised the thrill of discovering a life-changing serum, or the rush of finally finding the perfect shade of blue liner. Like the wide-eyed, dewy-skinned Korean beauties striding the streets of Apgujeong, we knew that the right product will make a girl stand straighter, walk taller and smile wider. So we sought out the best aesthetic clinics in Gangnam and asked famous Korean makeup artists for their trade secrets. After all, Korea is a giant in the makeup and beauty industry, and if a product does well there, it would be a hit everywhere. We formed partnerships with these professionals and brought the self-tested, niche beauty and makeup products under one roof. The result is COCOMO the leading beauty e-commerce business bringing the best of Korean beauty to Singapore women. A treasure trove of 100% authentic, made-in-Korea products that were sourced, packaged, and shipped directly from Korea straight to our customers’ doorsteps, COCOMO is based in Singapore, and we deliver products to customers direct from our warehouse. COCOMO guarantees the authenticity, validity (all manufacturing dates are indicated) and quality of every batch of our products. Be rest assured and shop confidently with us!

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/ZUEzq7

天猫HD – Lynx can still buy the


Lynx can still buy the

天猫HD screenshot 0天猫HD screenshot 1天猫HD screenshot 2天猫HD screenshot 3天猫HD screenshot 4天猫HD screenshot 5天猫HD screenshot 6天猫HD screenshot 7天猫HD screenshot 8天猫HD screenshot 9天猫HD screenshot 10天猫HD screenshot 11

Lynx, the domestic online shopping landmark site known Asian comprehensive shopping platform. 2000 category, 70,000 brands, 100% genuine security, a new one-stop shopping experience. Covering clothing shoes, bags, Beauty skin care, digital home appliances, and other big fashion category, providing quality branded goods and services, to provide you with the trend of shopping experience. Lynx new shelves, quality and comfortable mobile shopping life! Lynx hope to become your online shopping on Fifth Avenue in the world, the Champs Elysees fashion sexy gathering, carrying current quality. Cat heaven, buy it! [Version] Introduction – the latest and most in the Lynx activity, give you a big visual shopping experience – Massive Search for a store one-touch access, the brand’s flagship store at any time at your fingertips – Featured Brands albums week new discovery, today the biggest brand, giving you a different kind of quality shopping experience – my collection, a recent visit, feel free to visit your favorite products and shop – order management, shipping address management, order status anytime grasp [the official microblogging] Follow us Sina, Tencent microblogging: @ days cat wireless Official Website mobile.tmall.com

See more information: https://goo.gl/ludiIj