(mekong) shopping,info. – mekong, shopping, foreigner shopping, information exchange

(mekong) shopping,info.

mekong, shopping, foreigner shopping, information exchange

(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 0(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 1(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 2(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 3(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 4(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 5(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 6(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 7(mekong) shopping,info. screenshot 8

“* Open total shopping and information exchange for 1,5 million foreigner in Korea.

* Simple shopping, Safety payment, ensure delivery and support your language with help desk.

************** Open memorial event **************
first download can get 1,000 point freely.
( mekong point can use as real cash)
* Free free to use “”Board”” menu to exchange any information and your story (support language)

* mekong give you useful information for foreigner in Korea ( free, pay( can use point)).

1. Click “”Sign up”” in “”log-in”” menu, set your name, country and password.
2. Click “”shopping””menu and select item.
(order -> option(direct buy) -> type delivery info -> payment -> select bank –> order ok)
3. Main screen or purchase list, you can see bank accout to wire payable amount, then item will delivery to you.
4. you may wire enough payment to shopping more easily.

TEL: 1670-3055
E-mail: helpdesk@gbglobal.co.kr
APP: type your asking in “”E-mail”” menu

key words: mekong, shopping, foreigner, information, board”

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/RkV6c8


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