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COCOMO was founded by a team of beauty and makeup veterans with years of experience in the Kpop industry. We saw firsthand the transformative power of a swipe of gloss or a stroke of blush, and recognised the thrill of discovering a life-changing serum, or the rush of finally finding the perfect shade of blue liner. Like the wide-eyed, dewy-skinned Korean beauties striding the streets of Apgujeong, we knew that the right product will make a girl stand straighter, walk taller and smile wider. So we sought out the best aesthetic clinics in Gangnam and asked famous Korean makeup artists for their trade secrets. After all, Korea is a giant in the makeup and beauty industry, and if a product does well there, it would be a hit everywhere. We formed partnerships with these professionals and brought the self-tested, niche beauty and makeup products under one roof. The result is COCOMO the leading beauty e-commerce business bringing the best of Korean beauty to Singapore women. A treasure trove of 100% authentic, made-in-Korea products that were sourced, packaged, and shipped directly from Korea straight to our customers’ doorsteps, COCOMO is based in Singapore, and we deliver products to customers direct from our warehouse. COCOMO guarantees the authenticity, validity (all manufacturing dates are indicated) and quality of every batch of our products. Be rest assured and shop confidently with us!

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天猫HD – Lynx can still buy the


Lynx can still buy the

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Lynx, the domestic online shopping landmark site known Asian comprehensive shopping platform. 2000 category, 70,000 brands, 100% genuine security, a new one-stop shopping experience. Covering clothing shoes, bags, Beauty skin care, digital home appliances, and other big fashion category, providing quality branded goods and services, to provide you with the trend of shopping experience. Lynx new shelves, quality and comfortable mobile shopping life! Lynx hope to become your online shopping on Fifth Avenue in the world, the Champs Elysees fashion sexy gathering, carrying current quality. Cat heaven, buy it! [Version] Introduction – the latest and most in the Lynx activity, give you a big visual shopping experience – Massive Search for a store one-touch access, the brand’s flagship store at any time at your fingertips – Featured Brands albums week new discovery, today the biggest brand, giving you a different kind of quality shopping experience – my collection, a recent visit, feel free to visit your favorite products and shop – order management, shipping address management, order status anytime grasp [the official microblogging] Follow us Sina, Tencent microblogging: @ days cat wireless Official Website

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신세계 S Wallet – Fast and easy to Shinsegae S Wallet !! the Eco Shop

신세계 S Wallet

Fast and easy to Shinsegae S Wallet !! the Eco Shop

신세계 S Wallet screenshot 0신세계 S Wallet screenshot 1신세계 S Wallet screenshot 2신세계 S Wallet screenshot 3신세계 S Wallet screenshot 4신세계 S Wallet screenshot 5신세계 S Wallet screenshot 6

Payment ‘S Wallet’ are at Shinsegae Department Store Shopping – is resolved only once to confirm receipt Shinsegae E-wallet service – earn.
Issued under the New World Points card you use NFC S Wallet, payment will be issued when you use the e-receipt and earn points immediately.
Now out of the thick wallet full of plastic cards, paper receipts Enjoy the eco-friendly shopping!
* 09/01/2012 Current Shinsegae Department Store (Main, Yeongdeungpo, Gangnam, Incheon, Gyeonggi point, Gwangju Shinsegae Centum City, Masan, Uijeongbu), Seongnam-style market, charging style marketplace, SSG Food Market (Cheongdam point, Marine City points), will be available as long as the New World, Incheon gongham point and, to be extended to the next super star affiliate (Dogok points).

1. NFC New World Points Card
Without plastic point card payment terminals in convenient, please contact!
If only S Wallet can earn points, earn points check, use the query history.
You can use the phone as a barcode ※ NFC smart unsupported.
2 electronic receipt and issue management
Please also print paper also enjoy a greener shopping you do not need a receipt!
When you complete to earn points you can manage the new world of electronic receipts issued in the application and payment confirmation.
3 Mobile Credit Card Management
Hot mobile credit card these days, but did you check each issuer cumbersome busy APP?
Manage time now collected in S Wallet.

– SFG / City / Samsung / one SK / Lotte / FX card

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YardSailr – Buy, Sell – Local – Now you can buy and sell within minutes!

YardSailr - Buy, Sell - Local

Now you can buy and sell within minutes!

YardSailr - Buy, Sell - Local screenshot 0YardSailr - Buy, Sell - Local screenshot 1YardSailr - Buy, Sell - Local screenshot 2YardSailr - Buy, Sell - Local screenshot 3

1. Take pictures of items
2. Add description
3. Add a price
4.And voila! Post it for the world to see

1. Search on items
2. Or just browse items available locally
3. Of search through categories
4. Or look through tags

Many ways to find what you want.

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Ejannah – J Jnh.kom is the first Website to sell Alkuzmteix in Palestine.


J Jnh.kom is the first Website to sell Alkuzmteix in Palestine.

Ejannah screenshot 0Ejannah screenshot 1Ejannah screenshot 2Ejannah screenshot 3Ejannah screenshot 4

J Jnh.kom is the first Website to sell Alkuzmteix in Palestine, and includes global products from perfume and make-up and nail polish and facial care and skin and other products.

Jnh.kom the site provides a comfortable and safe shopping experience to its users in Palestine with the provision of property upon receipt of payment, and also return the goods for free.

Site possibility to return the goods provides free if previewed by the customer and were not conform to the specifications mentioned. And that the site also offers the possibility of free delivery in case the demand of more than 300 shekels value.

Jnh.kom founded the site in 2015 and strive to be leaders in the field of online shopping in Palestine and the Arab world.

J Jnh.kom, Palestine, Ramallah

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Gudang Buku Palasari – The first android mobile application bookselling fastest and most comprehensive

Gudang Buku Palasari

The first android mobile application bookselling fastest and most comprehensive

Gudang Buku Palasari screenshot 0Gudang Buku Palasari screenshot 1Gudang Buku Palasari screenshot 2Gudang Buku Palasari screenshot 3Gudang Buku Palasari screenshot 4Gudang Buku Palasari screenshot 5Gudang Buku Palasari screenshot 6Gudang Buku Palasari screenshot 7

Applications Palasari Book Warehouse is designed for those who have a need for books with a limited time. Just click and book will arrive at your house safely, quickly, and easily, and supported hundreds of stores and suppliers to present thousands of books you need.

Whatever the needs of your books, we are ready to serve.

– User friendly
– Hundreds of thousands of catalogs of books up to date
– Order book that is easy and fast
– Notifications booking

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Palasari Book Warehouse – How To Easily Find Books Online

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