AllIndiaBazaar – enables everyone to sell or buy second hand items online free.

AllIndiaBazaar enables everyone to sell or buy second hand items online free.

AllIndiaBazaar screenshot 0AllIndiaBazaar screenshot 1AllIndiaBazaar screenshot 2AllIndiaBazaar screenshot 3AllIndiaBazaar screenshot 4AllIndiaBazaar screenshot 5AllIndiaBazaar screenshot 6AllIndiaBazaar screenshot 7AllIndiaBazaar screenshot 8AllIndiaBazaar screenshot 9AllIndiaBazaar screenshot 10AllIndiaBazaar screenshot 11 enables everyone to sell or buy second hand items online free.
The concept of is very straight forward. We, United Web Enhancers Pvt. Ltd., are providing a market place for private individuals, and companies to BUY and SELL various items.Everyone wanting to use the site will have to register. Registration is FREE of charge for everyone.
Both seller and buyer can use the site free of any charges.
Contact details of ads posted by individuals are free to be seen by everyone who has registered.
The items put on can be the users used but too- good-to-throw-out items. It can be any item, a sofa, a record collection, a cell phone even a puppy…… you name it. A small company might want to show the products they are manufacturing / selling without having to pay for it, or the company might want to avail of the extra but payable feature offered by Online sellers can at a minimal cost buy a simple website for the presentation of their goods for a short period of time. For more information please register, and go to the “Control Panel”.
The potential buyer of any item will be able to see if the seller is an private individual or a company from the information shown in the ad once registering on the site.
Each and every advertisement on created for will be screened and approved by United Web Enhancers Pvt. Ltd., before it will be made published. This, of course, means the ad might not be shown immediately after the user has uploaded it. It might take up to 12 hours before the ad will be put online. The reason for this is that a team member of United Web Enhancers Pvt. Ltd. will screen the ads to prevent users from publishing unlawful items, such as weapons and pornographic material etc.When a buyer wants to buy an item, the party should contact the seller directly, using the contact details available once you have registered. Normally, the potential buyer would go to the seller in order to obtain the product. However, if the seller and buyer agree to do it otherwise, it is a matter between the 2 parties – United Web Enhancers Pvt. Ltd. will not / cannot be involved.
For second hand products shown on the site, it is in the buyer’s interest to make sure the item is in the condition described in the advertisement. The buyer cannot demand that seller takes back an item once sold if you are dealing with a private individual. Also the buyer is advised to note down the address and name of the seller. The ideal scenario would be to get a receipt from the seller.
Also United Web Enhancers Pvt. Ltd. is not responsible in case a seller does not take off the ad from the site even though the item has been.
If a person buys an item sold by a company, the purchase should be covered by the normal consumer law, as if it had been brought in a shop.

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Pizza Memo Coupon – PizzaMemo is an App and a Widget to always have your favorite pizzeria.

Pizza Memo Coupon

PizzaMemo is an App and a Widget to always have your favorite pizzeria.

Pizza Memo Coupon screenshot 0Pizza Memo Coupon screenshot 1Pizza Memo Coupon screenshot 2Pizza Memo Coupon screenshot 3Pizza Memo Coupon screenshot 4Pizza Memo Coupon screenshot 5Pizza Memo Coupon screenshot 6Pizza Memo Coupon screenshot 7Pizza Memo Coupon screenshot 8Pizza Memo Coupon screenshot 9Pizza Memo Coupon screenshot 10

PizzaMemo is an App with Widget to always have your favorite pizzeria.
You will not waste time looking for handouts or go on the internet. PizzaMemo has a constantly updated search engine that helps you find the closest pizzeria to you with reported if equipped for gluten free and/or the closing day.
Pizza Memo gives you the ability to search the pizzerias everywhere in the world and to report new pizzeria s. You can also access the menu and offerings of pizzerias that provide this service to their clients.
If you are the manager of a pizzeria contact us for more information.

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Loxilo Singapore Promotions – Loxilo is the best way to find the promotions, deals and offers in Singapore

Loxilo Singapore Promotions

Loxilo is the best way to find the promotions, deals and offers in Singapore

Loxilo Singapore Promotions screenshot 0Loxilo Singapore Promotions screenshot 1Loxilo Singapore Promotions screenshot 2Loxilo Singapore Promotions screenshot 3

Easily flip through local sale papers! No more paper circulars! Loxilo delivers your favourite Weekly Ads to your fingertips. Organise with the ultimate shopping list.

Loxilo enhances your shopping experience by making it easier than ever to find great deals and in-store promotions at some of SIngapore’s largest retailers, such as Giant, Courts, Cold Storage, Shengsiong, Cheers, FairPrice, Warehouse Club, 7-Eleven, Eu Yan Sang, Seoul Garden, Isetan, Missha and we are constantly adding new retailers to our network.

Beyond finding deals, Loxilo saves you time by allowing you to save offers, create shopping lists, and visit offers by categories.

Save paper and help keep the environment clean by using Loxilo!
Features and Functionality:

– Scroll easily through offers in your area
– Search Offers by retailers.
– Search offers by categories.

We are constantly working to improve our app and we appreciate your feedback:
please contact us:

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Where’s my food – Where's my food application helps customer order the meal of their choice

Where's my food

Where's my food application helps customer order the meal of their choice

Where's my food screenshot 0Where's my food screenshot 1Where's my food screenshot 2Where's my food screenshot 3Where's my food screenshot 4

Where’s my food application helps customer order the meal of their choice and the food will be delivered at their door step.

There are time when most of us are alone at home and desire a home made food. There are restaurants which claim to provide home made food but fail to deliver the promise. This application will help deliver the food at your door step. This owner of the application/facility provider will not only deliver the food on time but with the same taste and expectation.

**The application posted in this listing is not the live application. This application requires setup of supporting SMS and web or data servicing application.

Contact the developer if you want to setup the application make a promise to deliver the happiness.

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Welcomenu – Freely customizable interactive digital menu for restaurants.


Freely customizable interactive digital menu for restaurants.

Welcomenu screenshot 0Welcomenu screenshot 1Welcomenu screenshot 2Welcomenu screenshot 3Welcomenu screenshot 4Welcomenu screenshot 5Welcomenu screenshot 6Welcomenu screenshot 7Welcomenu screenshot 8Welcomenu screenshot 9

– Freely customizable interactive digital menu for restaurants. Attracts more customers by differentiating/diversifying the service experience and contributes to the increase of customer satisfaction.
– Easy to install and use
– Modern cool design front-end app to boost the dining experience
– Saves customers valuable time increase efficiency and quality of your services.
– Customers will love browsing experience on mobile devices and able to place an order to the kitchen only by final touch.
– Easy menu configuration and customization on web tool and instant synchronization to all iPads connected to server.
– Unlimited catalog creation and management (Main courses, Sea Foods, Appetizers, Entrées, Desserts, etc.)
– Easily hide an item or a category when they are unavailable to serve.
– A single touch switching, Multi-language support will expand the range of customers and provide seamless communication.
– Get your customers’ requests, complaints and recommendations with help of the built-in feedback syste

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GCheck – Check Product Origin – GCheck – Barcode scanning tool check product origin

GCheck - Check Product Origin

GCheck – Barcode scanning tool check product origin

GCheck - Check Product Origin screenshot 0GCheck - Check Product Origin screenshot 1GCheck - Check Product Origin screenshot 2GCheck - Check Product Origin screenshot 3GCheck - Check Product Origin screenshot 4GCheck - Check Product Origin screenshot 5

Consumers really want to know product information before deciding to purchase. Looking To assist consumers, we develop applications GCheck help customers scan the barcode to get more information about the product and the manufacturer

Why can GCheck help identìfy goods?

– Firstly: All businesses must register the barcode and are licensed by GS1 to get a barcode number for their products. Business with unregistered barcode is not a strictly business.

– Secondly: A quality of good barcode, symbol of product is printed in a good package,easy identification, quick reading.

– Thirdly: A credible product has the adequate, clear product information and business information.

Features of unique Barcode Software in Vietnam:

– Identify all types of barcode in Vietnam and international areas.
– Display the product information, manufacturer, contact address and phone number…
– View the history list of all your past scans.
– Save the list of products in shops, supermakets.
– Send comment about products to everyone.

With GCheck application, you can go shopping and become a successful customer!

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Deals for Amazon – Find all the best shopping deals from Amazon

Deals for Amazon

Find all the best shopping deals from Amazon

Deals for Amazon screenshot 0Deals for Amazon screenshot 1Deals for Amazon screenshot 2Deals for Amazon screenshot 3Deals for Amazon screenshot 4Deals for Amazon screenshot 5

If you are looking for good Amazon deals and bargains, this app is the right choice. We have listed out all the best offer for savings and holiday . Need a last-minute gift for your spouse, grandmother, or co-worker? You can find great deals from “Deals from Amazon” of whether you are looking for items for yourself or your family and friends.

Our Deal of the Day features popular offer with low prices on top electronic products, video games, tools, items for your kitchen and home, sporting goods, computer software, and more. Every day you will see our Gold Box Lightning Deals displaying limited-time deals at great prices; make sure you buy quickly because these deals will go away fast.

Our Best Deals include hundreds of items throughout Amazon to pique your interest for savings on HDTVs; movies or TV shows; fashion items like clothing, jewelry, and watches; toys; and magazines.

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