Iklan Baris – Jogies Media adalah media periklanan khususnya iklan baris di area Yogyakarta

Iklan Baris

Jogies Media adalah media periklanan khususnya iklan baris di area Yogyakarta

Iklan Baris screenshot 0Iklan Baris screenshot 1Iklan Baris screenshot 2Iklan Baris screenshot 3Iklan Baris screenshot 4Iklan Baris screenshot 5Iklan Baris screenshot 6Iklan Baris screenshot 7

Jogies Media adalah salah satu media periklanan khususnya iklan baris di area Yogyakarta. Aplikasi Iklan Baris ini memudahkan para penjual untuk memasarkan barangnya dari smartphone Android dengan tampilan yang mudah dan simple dan bentuk text baris maupun foto.

Bagi yang sedang berburu barang bekas, lowongan pekerjaan, ataupun info rumah dan space kantor yang disewakan, tersedia lengkap dengan mendownload aplikasi ini. Aplikasi yang ringan dan mudah diakses seperti layaknya kita membaca iklan baris dari koran langganan anda. Anda tidak perlu lagi membeli koran untuk melihat iklan baris yang tayang. Cukup download aplikasi ini dan dapatkan informasi iklan baris terbaru. Atau pasang iklan baris anda melalui submit form yang tersedia atau melalui kontak kami.

Tunggu apa lagi? lengkapi kebutuhan informasi periklanan anda dengan mendownload aplikasi ini dengan geratis.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/4oXEFL

HONOR STORE – This application is Huawei's official e-commerce app.


This application is Huawei's official e-commerce app.

HONOR STORE screenshot 0HONOR STORE screenshot 1HONOR STORE screenshot 2HONOR STORE screenshot 3HONOR STORE screenshot 4HONOR STORE screenshot 5HONOR STORE screenshot 6HONOR STORE screenshot 7

Honor Store enables convenience shopping, easy payment and delivery tracking services.
Users may keep track on Honor’s product updates anytime, anywhere through your devices, for not missing out any of our irresistible promotions.
Honor fans may also get to know others’ experiences, updates, and offers on Facebook and Twitter through Honor Store.

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/oqR17p

Selectos App – Súper Selectos online store

Selectos App

Súper Selectos online store

Selectos App screenshot 0Selectos App screenshot 1Selectos App screenshot 2Selectos App screenshot 3Selectos App screenshot 4Selectos App screenshot 5

– You can purchase items from the supermarket, technology, floral arrangements, Exclusive giftcards, furniture, appliances and more.

– The application will remember the credentials of your account so you do not have to enter them again

– Make your purchases is faster since you can repeat your purchases above

– You can see and buy the full range of products on offer

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/6rQDto

Black Fire Gear – An online airsoft shop for androidThis is a Beta version , Bugs will appear

Black Fire Gear

An online airsoft shop for androidThis is a Beta version , Bugs will appear

Black Fire Gear screenshot 0Black Fire Gear screenshot 1Black Fire Gear screenshot 2Black Fire Gear screenshot 3Black Fire Gear screenshot 4Black Fire Gear screenshot 5Black Fire Gear screenshot 6Black Fire Gear screenshot 7Black Fire Gear screenshot 8Black Fire Gear screenshot 9Black Fire Gear screenshot 10Black Fire Gear screenshot 11Black Fire Gear screenshot 12Black Fire Gear screenshot 13Black Fire Gear screenshot 14

Beta 1.7.1

Tablet Support
Displaying Bug fixed

Beta 1.7.0
mywishlist , myorder and mycart button add

Beta 1.6.0
Checkout bug fixed

This is a Beta version , Bugs will appear frequently , there are some bugs still happen

-some images and words might not show in a correct way
sorry for the unconvenience
(surf our website for better experience)
Facebook: facebook.com/blackfiregear

BlackFireGear.com is the place to caters airsoft enthusiasts who might be looking to purchase airsoft and accessories online for their related outdoor activities. We have sources a wide variety of airsoft guns and other airsoft weapon available. This includes airsoft rifles, airsoft pistols, airsoft sniper rifles, and even airsoft grenades, among other products. In addition here are also a number of accessories related to airsoft for purchase, such as airsoft protective equipment including masks, goggles and airsoft tactical gear. We also supply airsoft ammunition for all of these weapons at reasonable prices.

BlackFireGear.com advocate safety, reliable and legitimate airsoft products and accessories. From here, Airsoft enthusiasts will enjoy our convenience and comprehensive services.

We willing to hear feedback from customers in order to add things such as new products to our website.

Our location :
Room B6, Flat B, 2nd Floor, Phase 2,
Kwun Tong Industrial Centre,
460-470 Kwun Tong Road,
Hong Kong

App created by Marcus So

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/6U1rx1

Магазин мебели «Мебельград» – Biggest furniture center in Kazan

Магазин мебели «Мебельград»

Biggest furniture center in Kazan

Магазин мебели «Мебельград» screenshot 0Магазин мебели «Мебельград» screenshot 1Магазин мебели «Мебельград» screenshot 2Магазин мебели «Мебельград» screenshot 3Магазин мебели «Мебельград» screenshot 4Магазин мебели «Мебельград» screenshot 5Магазин мебели «Мебельград» screenshot 6Магазин мебели «Мебельград» screenshot 7

We have everything you need to create coziness and comfort in your home. In the shopping center “Mebelgrad” You will find a wide selection of upholstered furniture, bedrooms, living rooms, dining sets, wardrobes, furniture wardrobes, as well as youth and children’s rooms.

Also at the mall presented kitchen, hall and office furniture, garden and country house (and even outdoor rattan furniture, wrought iron furniture). Here you can find carpets, mattresses, interior accessories and fireplaces.

By working closely with manufacturers, furniture presented at affordable prices in each product category – a furniture manufacturing Russian, European and Asian factories.

All the furniture is segmented by type and price categories. For example, sofas premium is located on the 1st floor of the building, and sofas economy class on the 2nd floor.

In “Mebelgrad” always full of life – rallies, raffles and gifts.

We make sure that you feel comfortable to shop: in the shopping center has a café, running credit and discount systems, as well as convenient parking.

Welcome to “Mebelgrad”!

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/du3EUG

Wrist List – Shopping List – Shopping shouldn't be complicated. A shopping list that just works.

Wrist List - Shopping List

Shopping shouldn't be complicated. A shopping list that just works.

Wrist List - Shopping List screenshot 0Wrist List - Shopping List screenshot 1Wrist List - Shopping List screenshot 2Wrist List - Shopping List screenshot 3Wrist List - Shopping List screenshot 4Wrist List - Shopping List screenshot 5

Grocery shopping for your family is now easier thanks to Wrist List. If your shopping list is written on a piece of paper it can easily be forgotten or lost. Wrist List is never more than an arm’s length away.

Note: If you have a Samsung watch be sure to install the app from the Samsung Gear Manager and not Google Play.

A simple intuitive interface makes it quick and easy to add items to your shopping list. The pantry stores items you have shopped for in the past to make it easier to add them in the future.

A pictures worth a thousand words.
Items can have pictures to give you a better idea what your shopping for. This can be very helpful since the whole family will be adding items to the list. This helps ensure you get just what they wanted.

Auto renew
Items can be setup to renew on a regular basis for items you frequently buy. You can set the exact interval down to the day.

Life in the cloud
With cloud sync everyone in the family can help with the shopping. As a family member needs an item they can add it to the list. All devices will then have access to the newly added item.

Smart Watch
When you are out shopping you can use your Samsung Gear smart watch to view your list. No need to dig around for your phone to see what you need to buy. Keep your hands free to shop. Easily remove items as you buy them with a simple swipe.

Supported smart watches:
-Samsung Gear
-Samsung Gear 2
-Samsung Gear 2 Neo
-Samsung Gear S

Note: If using the app with a Samsung smart watch you must download this app from the Samsung store and not Google Play.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/kT8ICj