Descuentosapp – The first Digital Country Shopping Center at your fingertips.


The first Digital Country Shopping Center at your fingertips.

Descuentosapp screenshot 0Descuentosapp screenshot 1Descuentosapp screenshot 2Descuentosapp screenshot 3Descuentosapp screenshot 4Descuentosapp screenshot 5Descuentosapp screenshot 6Descuentosapp screenshot 7Descuentosapp screenshot 8Descuentosapp screenshot 9Descuentosapp screenshot 10Descuentosapp screenshot 11Descuentosapp screenshot 12Descuentosapp screenshot 13Descuentosapp screenshot 14

Find and choose from all products, services and discounts your next purchase, making a virtual tour with your phone, through the windows of shops and businesses in your city.

Here the leading brands and companies in the country publish their products, services and discounts, a modern, streamlined style and effective way Shopping Center.

You can find your product or service in many ways, entering directly in the online shop of a company, choosing between rebates week or looking for items. You will also have outstanding offers, tips, solutions and items of general interest. Leave your comments and find what interests you.

See more information and download apk file for android:


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