FalconBook – Buy and Sell used books with other USAFA Cadets!


Buy and Sell used books with other USAFA Cadets!

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Use FalconBook to buy and sell used books with your fellow Cadets. After listing a book, you’re automatically notified when someone requests it. The app doesn’t need to be opened and checked! Likewise, after requesting a book, you’re auickly notified when the seller accepts your purchase.

IMPORTANT: You must have a valid usafa.edu email address for registration and login.

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/LkDTyk

Gutscheine Wesel – To make shopping fun!

Gutscheine Wesel

To make shopping fun!

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With our coupon portal we want to create an online platform which is interesting and worthwhile for both companies, as well as for visitors and residents of the district Wesel. By redesigns of inner cities such as in Wesel or Dinslaken wins the district continues to appeal and has been growing in its popularity as a tourist destination.

The constant progress beisteuernd we want to provide an online platform, in which, as can be already guessed, the main emphasis is placed on vouchers. Vouchers and benefit actions of companies in the Wesel district for visitors and residents of the same.

We all know the so-called print coupons or coupon books from our letterboxes. Most unfortunately lacks precisely the discount voucher, which we could use just. In times of digital world we want to now come to meet and build a regional community in which one precisely finds the voucher that you are looking for.

The special feature here is the reference to local businesses and proximity to citizens from the circle and all the visitors that make up the district of Wesel to destination.


Because we can come even from the field of advertising and know what high costs can arise if you do advertising, we see it as our task to finally provide a platform on which you are affiliated with low cost and at the same time provide interesting offers for your customers , Our full range can be used with all functions already from 17,90 € * / month.

We are also always possible cost to advertise on the search for ways. Unfortunately, it looks in reality often different and for many small businesses is the advertising in print media is not affordable. So why not advertise online? In the digital age, the Internet is often the best and cheapest way to turn successful advertising. In our case, in the form of promotions and coupons for your customers.

We are now for 5 years in Wesel resident and want also not want to leave. For this reason we would like to contribute a part to the economic upswing of the circle and create significant benefits for businesses and consumers.

For companies we offer 3 attractive packages, which you can view open under the menu item “packages”.

For all visitors and residents of the district, our service is 100% free!

Simple and straightforward

In a few easy steps you can make your coupon or special promotion submit and present online. After a one-time registration gives you access to your personal profile and can create vouchers.

Preliminary each registration is tested in order to prevent misuse!


We are of course questions aside and grab you also like helping with your arms.

We hope we were able to convince you with our concept and look forward to attractive promotions from the Wesel district.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/rVQO9k