ElitemCommerce PrestaShop APP – ElitemCommerce PrestaShop APP

ElitemCommerce PrestaShop APP

ElitemCommerce PrestaShop APP

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Mcommerce has been growing exponentially over the last few years, especially with the rising demand for smartphones further spurring the business.
To help you take advantage of the mcommerce boom and be a part of the new generation of consumer experience, the delightful Elite m-Commerce (EMC) is at your service! It quickly and easily helps transform your PrestaShop ecommerce store into a mobile application!
Some of the key highlights that makes Elite m-Commerce an incredible app are:
Push Notifications – Elite m-commerce helps you to send various types of push notifications such as Wish list notifications, Abandoned cart notifications, Order notifications, and Offer notifications to the customers.
Google Analytics Integration – Delivered apps will include Google analytics e-commerce tracking to get e-commerce analytics data including user behavior & conversions of their products or campaigns.
Convenient Sync Feature – The product category and catalog from users’ PrestaShop stores can be synced automatically through the mobile app created via this platform.
Support for Large Inventories – Elite m-Commerce fast loading features makes it a perfect tool even for stores with large volumes of products.
Multiple Payment Options – Though the platform integrates PayPal as a payment gateway, online stores can specify additional payment gateway to serve a wider client base.
If you are interested and want to learn more about how EMC can power your mobile business, kindly do visit – elitemcommerce.com

See detail information: https://goo.gl/rB8B4L

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