Veg-Baasket – Veg-Baasket is one the up coming Bangalore's on-line Vegetables & Fruits market.


Veg-Baasket is one the up coming Bangalore's on-line Vegetables & Fruits market.

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Veg-Baasket isone the up coming Bangalore’s on-line Vegetables & Fruits market delivering straight to your home.

Now ordering online is super easy with the Veg-Baasket app. Online Vegetables & Fruits shopping has never been easier! Enjoy free home delivery.

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OfflineBazaar Seller – Showcase your products online & attract more customers to your physical store

OfflineBazaar Seller

Showcase your products online & attract more customers to your physical store

OfflineBazaar Seller screenshot 0OfflineBazaar Seller screenshot 1OfflineBazaar Seller screenshot 2OfflineBazaar Seller screenshot 3OfflineBazaar Seller screenshot 4OfflineBazaar Seller screenshot 5OfflineBazaar Seller screenshot 6OfflineBazaar Seller screenshot 7

A unique and most innovative way to attract more customers to your local physical store. OfflineBazaar Seller app empowers you to bring your store & products online within minutes.

– ZERO commission, its FREE for lifetime
– Single click product upload
– No documents required for listing
– Get instant customer queries within the app
– Attract customers directly to your physical store
– Advertise your store/products online
– Offer competitive pricing
– Wide range of categories
– Compete with online stores

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Lee’s Tools For Bosch – Lee's Tools For Bosch 1.8 million tools and parts.

Lee's Tools For Bosch

Lee's Tools For Bosch 1.8 million tools and parts.

Lee's Tools For Bosch screenshot 0Lee's Tools For Bosch screenshot 1Lee's Tools For Bosch screenshot 2Lee's Tools For Bosch screenshot 3Lee's Tools For Bosch screenshot 4Lee's Tools For Bosch screenshot 5Lee's Tools For Bosch screenshot 6Lee's Tools For Bosch screenshot 7Lee's Tools For Bosch screenshot 8

Robert Bosch Tool Corporation in North America, was formed in January 2003 when Robert Bosch GmbH combined its North American power tool, accessory and lawn and garden divisions into one organization. As a manufacturing pioneer with more than a century’s worth of experience, the Bosch name has become synonymous with engineering excellence. The Robert Bosch Tool Corporation is a world leader in the design, manufacture and sale of power tools, rotary and oscillating tools, accessories, laser and optical leveling and range finding tools, and garden and watering equipment.

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Product brochures & flyers – Dozens of offers and brochures from all the Greek market.

Product brochures & flyers

Dozens of offers and brochures from all the Greek market.

Product brochures & flyers screenshot 0Product brochures & flyers screenshot 1Product brochures & flyers screenshot 2Product brochures & flyers screenshot 3

In this application you can find dozens of deals and brochures from all over Greek market, every day we make a big effort to collect information on offers and brochures from all Greek market and create one application for all for you benefit and information.So with a single application for all offers and brochures available in Greek market you have the information at your fingures. Offers and brochures from the road now on the mobile or on your Tablet.

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Neighborhood Cashback – Neighborhood Cashback is now Oregon Wins App! Look it up on the Play Store

Neighborhood Cashback

Neighborhood Cashback is now Oregon Wins App! Look it up on the Play Store

Neighborhood Cashback screenshot 0Neighborhood Cashback screenshot 1Neighborhood Cashback screenshot 2Neighborhood Cashback screenshot 3Neighborhood Cashback screenshot 4Neighborhood Cashback screenshot 5Neighborhood Cashback screenshot 6Neighborhood Cashback screenshot 7Neighborhood Cashback screenshot 8Neighborhood Cashback screenshot 9Neighborhood Cashback screenshot 10Neighborhood Cashback screenshot 11Neighborhood Cashback screenshot 12Neighborhood Cashback screenshot 13Neighborhood Cashback screenshot 14

Oregon Wins App gets you cash back for things you’re buying anyway! Whenever you spend money at one of the businesses registered in the app, just show them your QR code and they will credit you for the transaction. Then, once you’ve reached 10 dollars, hit the cash out button and we’ll send you your credit! You literally are credited a dollar amount for things you are going to buy anyway – no bogus point system, but huge rewards for you and a huge stimulation for the local economy. Everybody wins!

How does it work?
When a business signs up with us, they get listed in the app. Then, after you shop at the location, you are credited for your transactions and the business is invoiced for the amount. When you cash out, we will send the money to your email via’s free payment service. Just connect your bank account there and get the deposit the next day! It truly is a miracle of modern technology.

What do I get credited for?
You get credited for every single purchase to the registered business! There is no minimum purchase requirement. There may be some transactions like gift card purchases that will not qualify for some businesses. Nice try

How much cash back do I get?
We are currently rewarding you 2% cash back for every transaction, but that might change in the future as we are fine-tuning our model.

How long does it take to receive the funds?
The cashout process is usually complete in two to four business days.

Is there a referral system?
Yes! Right now you can receive 1% cashback for every single purchase your friends make when they sign up under your account! This rate may change in the future as we are fine-tuning our model.

Are there special rates for non-profit organizations?
Not at this time

I want to sign up, but I don’t have an email address. Can I still sign up?
Unfortunately since we send our cashouts using your email address you must have one to create an account.

Why are you doing this?
Because we are interested in stimulating the local economy and watching our hometown Salem flourish, as well as the surrounding area of Oregon. We have seen the success similar reward systems have had, and want to bring this powerful model to small business owners in a new and effective way.

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PoppuLady – Pin BBM : 517763AE atau 2A08F472Whatapp / SMS 0812-9741-3986


Pin BBM : 517763AE atau 2A08F472Whatapp / SMS 0812-9741-3986

PoppuLady screenshot 0PoppuLady screenshot 1PoppuLady screenshot 2PoppuLady screenshot 3PoppuLady screenshot 4PoppuLady screenshot 5PoppuLady screenshot 6PoppuLady screenshot 7

Kini kami hadir di Play Store untuk memudahkan Anda melakukan pembelanjaan produk kami kapan dan dimana saja dengan fitur-fitur yang User Friendly dan kecepatan akses yang cepat dan stabil.
Segera download dan install aplikasi kami serta daftarkan profile anda.
Setelah melakukan pendaftaran silakan aktivasi ke kami melalui pesan BBM atau Whatapp.
Segera tambah Pin BBM kami di 517763AE atau 2A08F472, Whatapp/SMS 0812-9741-3986.

Kami ada supplier fashion wanita Tanah Abang yang sudah bertahun-tahun di bidang fashion.
Kami menawarkan produk yang bagus, pengiriman yang cepat dan pelayanan yang baik kepada konsumen.
Segera download aplikasi kami.

Dengan aplikasi kami, Anda dapat :
*Simpan foto dengan mudah dan di share kembali ke grup anda tanpa tulis keterangan yang ribet lagi.
*Rekap pesanan yang mudan dan praktis, tinggal centang produk yang ingin anda pesan dahulu.
*Sistem konfirmasi pembayaran dan sistem dropship yang mudah dan simple.
*Pengecekan ongkos kirim.

Belanja Ga Pakai Ribet
Buat anda pemilik toko toko fashion di seluruh Indonesia, kami menawarkan pengalaman belanja yang simple dan cepat. Anda tidak perlu ribet lagi menghadapi masalah pesawat yang suka delay ataupun kemacetan Jakarta yang menguras waktu dan tenaga.
Cara pemesanan yang praktis dan simple memudahkan anda untuk menghemat waktu dan tenaga.
Rekapan order yang ga pakai ribet.
Tinggal Pesan, rekap, transfer dan konfirmasi pembayaran.

Jualan Ga Pakai Ribet
Bagi reseller tinggal simpan foto kami dari sistem dan share ke grup jualan anda.
Sangat mudah dan praktis sekali, anda tinggal menunggu orderan dari member grup anda.
Untuk aplikasi di platform BlackBerry silakan kontak kami.
Kontak Kami :
Pin BBM : 517763AE atau 2A08F472
Whatapp / SMS 0812-9741-3986
Email :

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ProntoPizza – Order your pizza wherever you are with a click


Order your pizza wherever you are with a click

ProntoPizza screenshot 0ProntoPizza screenshot 1ProntoPizza screenshot 2ProntoPizza screenshot 3ProntoPizza screenshot 4ProntoPizza screenshot 5ProntoPizza screenshot 6ProntoPizza screenshot 7ProntoPizza screenshot 8ProntoPizza screenshot 9ProntoPizza screenshot 10ProntoPizza screenshot 11 lets you order your pizza through its platform from anywhere you are. On are only local selected for quality and professionalism, the service is totally free and the prices are the same as the menu of pizza, with no premium, and often on the occasion of promotions, even lower.
Order on is quick and easy! In a few clicks you can order from the best pizzerias in your area a delivery, a takeaway or book a table even customizing the order, removing or adding ingredients (example: Pizza Margherita with mozzarella without addition of porcini mushrooms); thus avoiding any possible misunderstandings and costs of the order by telephone.

The first order will be required to subscribe to the service; you will be assigned a password that will be sent via SMS to the mobile number you have indicated, this number and the pass will form the credentials for future access. The cell phone number is forwarded to the restaurateur to receipt of each order. This is just in case any problems arise and on the same, always via SMS you will receive confirmation of the order and the delivery commences.
Your number will not be used for any other purpose outside of those specified in the terms and conditions of use.

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