Nataria Concept Shop – Nataria present in the online shop or ecommerce business writhing in Indonesia

Nataria Concept Shop

Nataria present in the online shop or ecommerce business writhing in Indonesia

Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 0Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 1Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 2Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 3Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 4Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 5Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 6Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 7Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 8Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 9Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 10Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 11Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 12Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 13Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 14Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 15Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 16Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 17Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 18Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 19Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 20Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 21Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 22Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 23Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 24Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 25Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 26Nataria Concept Shop screenshot 27

Nataria be present in the development of e-commerce online store or business writhing in Indonesia where many emerging online stores with different concepts and classifications of the different products as well.

     With a vision to become the most complete online retail business as the mainstay of society in the search for and purchase products easily and economically,

     Nataria present in the form of an online store that provides a variety of product classification are familiar with everyday needs, ranging from fashion products, body care and health, household appliances, electronic equipment and more and will continue to be variations in order to answer the needs of the total community to shop for anything online.

     With the presence of Nataria we expect online shopping activities in Indonesia is becoming increasingly easy, cheap and satisfying in terms of product quality and service. If you have questions, suggestions or enter please contact us either via email or through the customer care phone number to us. Happy shopping online.

Methods of payment
Please check payment method under your purchase;

1) Paypal Express checkout: You can make payment by Paypal after you register in the Paypal website and has a Paypal ID.
2) Credit Card: This is the fastest way to pay, now Visa and Master Card can be used to pay.
3) Virtual Account: Virtual Account Number will be provided when buyers choose Virtual Account as a payment method.
4) Deposit money to the account ∙ Q: There are four numbers Qoo10 different bank account and you can menransfer to our bank account.
5) Q ∙ account (cash balance): Balance Money in Qoo10 have the same functionality as cash.

Registration become free Qoo10 members. There is a simple form that you must fill in before you can start to buy goods. Once you have registered as a member Qoo10, you are entitled to buy any item in Qoo10.
If you want to join us now, please click on the following link.

There are various advantages if the order is made when you become a member Qoo10. Advantages include Quang, Q ∙ stamp and Qoo10 members can also join in the various events held Qoo10.

For more information about Quang, Q ∙ stamps, coupons, please see the FAQ on the category menu “About Q ∙ account”

For members who have registered, you can track Qoo10 ID or receive a temporary password if you forget Qoo10 ID or password.

If you do not want to subscribe to newsletter of Qoo10, please sign in first and then click the My Qoo10> Edit info that is on the main page. Then change your newsletter subscriptions to ‘I do not want to subscribe “.

Q ∙ stamp is supplied Qoo10 advantage for its members to increase customer loyalty. Q-stamp can be obtained by writing the play roulette or premium review (for booking at the item’s price up to $ 3). Customers can enjoy a wide variety of events held Qoo10 using Q ∙ stamp obtained (eg redeem the discount coupon or win with Q ∙ stamp and participated in the lucky draw, etc.)

Registered buyers (Qoo10 members) can get Qpoin Qoo10 by clicking the link on the menu item Received Shopping Cart. Please remember that you must click “Confirm accept” to confirm that the groceries you have successfully delivered. You will receive points equivalent to 1% of your purchase and a maximum of 10 points per order with a minimum price of £ 35000. Qpoint item can be used if it has reached 100 points for the discounted price of £ 10000 Customers who have more than 10000 Qpoint can use Qpoint Maximum 3000 / £ 300000 for a single transaction.

Download apk file for android:


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