Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear – Official application of the t-shirt streetwear shop Kapouzo

Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear

Official application of the t-shirt streetwear shop Kapouzo

Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear screenshot 0Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear screenshot 1Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear screenshot 2Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear screenshot 3Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear screenshot 4Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear screenshot 5Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear screenshot 6Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear screenshot 7Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear screenshot 8Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear screenshot 9Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear screenshot 10Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear screenshot 11Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear screenshot 12Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear screenshot 13Kapouzo Officiel Streetwear screenshot 14

Download Kapouzo Official Streetwear application, that is the official app of the online store of the brand of shirt Kapouzo. An application where you can of course shoppez most fashion street wear t-shirts for men, but also follow the news of the brand on social networks built right into the app on your smartphone / tablet. Also find a preview specials, top t-shirts (streetwear, sportswear, Armani EA7 oversize etc etc ..), the latest advice from the official blog Kapouzo and also contact us directly from the app. You are an addict streetwear fashion, then you will soon fan of Kapouzo application. Everything is included in it!

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/ttsnOI

PriceInfo – Best Price Comparison App for on-line shopping, offers and promos in Nigeria.


Best Price Comparison App for on-line shopping, offers and promos in Nigeria.

PriceInfo screenshot 0PriceInfo screenshot 1PriceInfo screenshot 2PriceInfo screenshot 3PriceInfo screenshot 4

The best way to do online shopping on mobile is here. PriceInfo is Nigeria’s best price comparison shopping app to buy online giving you the ease of shopping across all major shopping sites. With the new PriceInfo app, you can find the exact products you want, from the brands & merchants you love. Our shopping index contains over 100,000 products across over 50 stores, including Jumia, Konga, Slot, Kaymu, Payporte and Vconnect.

*Compare Prices: PriceInfo saves you money on all your online shopping. It is a price comparison engine that scans over
50 online shopping sites to get you the best price for over 100 thousand products.

*Discover Products: Easily discover the products you wants by navigating through the categories or searching by product’s name.

*Offers & Promos:Through the notification system, We’ve got you covered with aggregation of offers and deals across online shopping sites in Nigeria.

So why pay more? Download PriceInfo app now

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Friday – The Pakistan Leading Online Shopping Store.


The Pakistan Leading Online Shopping Store.

Friday screenshot 0Friday screenshot 1Friday screenshot 2

Friday.pk is the largest online perfumes outlet in Pakistan. We are the avant-guard of online perfume business. With respect to our features we share supremacy over other competitors in market. Our online warehouse is registered from Chamber of Commerce Pakistan the official partner of TCS and Telenor Pakistan. Along with other kind of perfumes our emporium comprises of Arabic perfumes which possess distinct fragrance like never before. We ensure money back guarantee even if the parcel is already opened. We carefully keep the orders of our customers and shape them into reality. Our Friday.Pk website only displays the finest perfumes and provides convenient way to grab the product. We are unique as we give priority to the needs, desires and interest of our customers.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/YhdqIA

Price Cruncher – Price Compare – Price Cruncher is a shopping list tool that makes it easy to compare unit prices

Price Cruncher - Price Compare

Price Cruncher is a shopping list tool that makes it easy to compare unit prices

Price Cruncher - Price Compare screenshot 0Price Cruncher - Price Compare screenshot 1Price Cruncher - Price Compare screenshot 2Price Cruncher - Price Compare screenshot 3Price Cruncher - Price Compare screenshot 4Price Cruncher - Price Compare screenshot 5Price Cruncher - Price Compare screenshot 6Price Cruncher - Price Compare screenshot 7Price Cruncher - Price Compare screenshot 8Price Cruncher - Price Compare screenshot 9Price Cruncher - Price Compare screenshot 10Price Cruncher - Price Compare screenshot 11Price Cruncher - Price Compare screenshot 12Price Cruncher - Price Compare screenshot 13Price Cruncher - Price Compare screenshot 14Price Cruncher - Price Compare screenshot 15

Are you trying to get on top of your expenses? Find it difficult to compare prices at the grocery store while on the go?

Is it cheaper to buy 152 diapers for $35 or 72 diapers on sale for $19.95?
Is that 20kg package of dog food from Costco really a good deal compared to the 2kg bag at the Walmart?
How much are you paying for each sheet in a paper towel roll?

Wish you could figure out all this information easily from your shopping list?

Price Cruncher is a price comparison shopping list tool that allows you to save your favorite items and price compare prices on a per unit price basis. It has built in unit conversions to convert prices prior to comparison as well as a discount calculator tool.

Price Comparison Features:
– Compare Prices with different units of measure. Can accommodate for volume, weight, length, and area.
– Allow user to add custom units to suit their own needs (eg. rolls, boxes, sheets, etc.)
– Support for bulk purchase comparisons (eg. Costco multiple items packaged together for sale)
– View Price History for any of your Items
– Add and Maintain Items for future price comparison
– Categorize Items
– Discount Calculator
– Quick Price Compare
– Add/Save Multiple Prices
– Manage Stores
– Add all your items to a shopping list
– Compare prices directly from your shopping list
– Customize shopping list to calculate estimated totals based on previous price history
– Use your purchase history to estimate your grocery costs
– Customize categories
– Export data to CSV
– Pro Users: Backup and Restore your data
– Save YOU money!

Save and compare prices on:
– Baby items
– Groceries
– Pet Supplies
– Hardware Supplies
– Alcohol
– Tobacco
– Sports items
– Cosmetics

The discount Calculator allows for quick calculation of discount prices!

Supports all currencies! The default currency is based on your phone language settings in your Settings -> Language & Inputs > Languages. However, if this is not working for you, you can change this via the settings menu in Price Cruncher to specify a currency.

Units currently supported for price comparison:
– Grams
– Kilograms
– Milligrams
– Ounces
– Pounds
– Gallons (US & UK)
– Fluid Ounces (US & UK)
– Quarts (US & UK)
– Pints (US & UK)
– Cubic Feet
– Liters
– Milliliters
– Feet
– Inches
– Yards
– Meters
– Centimeters
– Millimeters
– Decimeters
– Square Feet
– Square Inches
– Square Yards
– Square Meters
– Square Centimeters
– Square Millimeters
– Square Decimeters
– Asian units (Candareen, Catty, Tael, Picul, Mace)
– Create your own custom units (eg. Sheets, roll, can, anything you can think of!)

If you like Price Cruncher, the ultimate price comparison app, please rate us favorably!

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/N3Jchh