Dewi Florist & Decoration – Online 24 hours serving customers since 1990

Dewi Florist & Decoration

Online 24 hours serving customers since 1990

Dewi Florist & Decoration screenshot 0Dewi Florist & Decoration screenshot 1Dewi Florist & Decoration screenshot 2Dewi Florist & Decoration screenshot 3Dewi Florist & Decoration screenshot 4Dewi Florist & Decoration screenshot 5Dewi Florist & Decoration screenshot 6Dewi Florist & Decoration screenshot 7Dewi Florist & Decoration screenshot 8Dewi Florist & Decoration screenshot 9Dewi Florist & Decoration screenshot 10

Ready to serve you:
Serving provide flower arrangements covering
– Standing Flower
– Flower Board
– Krans Condolence
– Interest Table
– Hand Buoquet
– Fruit Baskets
– Parks
– Decorative manten
– And other
Free shipping
the price can be adjusted with the budget
Free Shipping photo, Nota, Receipt by Email
Quality assured and complete
We also serve the order to leave the city of Yogyakarta, Depok and Jakarta
We strive to make customer is an inspiration to us
your satisfaction benchmark of our business
Our Motto:
customer satisfaction is a measure of our performance

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Nelly’s Security – America's Leading Video Surveillance Provider

Nelly's Security

America's Leading Video Surveillance Provider

Nelly's Security screenshot 0Nelly's Security screenshot 1Nelly's Security screenshot 2Nelly's Security screenshot 3Nelly's Security screenshot 4Nelly's Security screenshot 5

Shop the Web’s Top Source for New Security Cameras, Surveillance Systems, Surveillance Equipment and more!

– Shop the best prices on Security Cameras, DVRs / NVRs, Tools, Accessories and more!
– Live Support Chat during regular business hours.
– Get up-to-date notifications on new products, flash sales, and more!
– View our quick start guides to help get you up and running quickly with your surveillance products!

Thank you for your interest in our business. We are a retailer and wholesaler of Security, Surveillance, and Loss Prevention products. Our retail store is centrally located in the heartland of the USA in Tulsa, OK. Our objective is to offer our customers quality security equipment at a reasonable price.

More importantly, our objective continues by offering top notch service to our valued customers before and after the sale as well as offering free lifetime technical support for all of our products. Whether you have never setup a security system before or if you are a seasoned installer, we hope to assist you with any questions, concerns, or problems that you may have big or small. Bottom line, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Its also our goal to offer products to you at a fair price. Not only do we want to offer affordable products, but we also want those products to have high performance as well. As you may have seen, we do not carry a huge array of products. Some other companies will simply buy all sorts of products without even testing them and simply offer them for sell without having any knowledge of the product. We don’t work like that. Whenever we consider carrying a product, we put it through weeks of testing before stocking it.

We want to know first hand how the product operates out in the field so we can pass our experience on to you. Once we find that the product passes our tests, we then make a very large bulk purchase from the manufacturer which enables us to pass on major savings to you. It is with this method that has allowed us to offer you high quality products at a very reasonable price.

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NearBuzz for business – Increase store footfalls, engage customers, and drive sales (in-store + online).

NearBuzz for business

Increase store footfalls, engage customers, and drive sales (in-store + online).

NearBuzz for business screenshot 0NearBuzz for business screenshot 1NearBuzz for business screenshot 2NearBuzz for business screenshot 3

Nearbuzz is a hyper local m-commerce, messaging and analytics platform connecting local retailers to consumers. Our motto is to increase store footfalls as well as drive e-commerce through local stores.
– An engaging marketing and promotions channel for local stores, boutiques and brands.
– Increases store foot falls and drives sales; both on-line and in-store.
– Enhances retailers’ ability to reach out to its target customers.

What you can do?
Create content around products and promotions
– Upload products with photos and details
– Publish promotions (seasonal promotions, instant promotions, festival promotion etc.)
Create ‘buzz’ (stories) around what’s in fashion
– Exclusive products, designs, collections, launch events etc.
– Update store activity such as new arrivals, new collections, and stock updates etc.
Drive business
– Get analytics and insights on what’s selling in your market
– Reach out to target customers and engage with them
– Manage products including availability, quantity, pricing etc.
– Receive and manage orders
– Track payments and delivery

How does it work?
1. List your store by registering with us
2. Receive login access and activate
3. Login and get going.

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鹿西太太 – 鹿西太太希望來的女孩都能開心的換上喜歡的衣服,然後去約會,鹿西提供女孩們平價、寬鬆、休閒的穿搭方法,來玩妮會愛上鹿西。



鹿西太太 screenshot 0鹿西太太 screenshot 1鹿西太太 screenshot 2鹿西太太 screenshot 3鹿西太太 screenshot 4鹿西太太 screenshot 5


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Money Rewards – Money Rewards is a simple and user friendly app that gives chance to earn Money.

Money Rewards

Money Rewards is a simple and user friendly app that gives chance to earn Money.

Money Rewards screenshot 0Money Rewards screenshot 1Money Rewards screenshot 2Money Rewards screenshot 3Money Rewards screenshot 4Money Rewards screenshot 5Money Rewards screenshot 6Money Rewards screenshot 7Money Rewards screenshot 8Money Rewards screenshot 9Money Rewards screenshot 10Money Rewards screenshot 11

Money Rewards is a simple and user friendly app that gives you a golden chance to earn real time Money by spending some time on your android device. Isn’t that a fair trade to make money just by completing given offers through your android device? There are many App Companies who are spending MILLIONS of Dollars in order to get people use their apps. But many of the users even don’t know about this money. Money Rewards gives you chance to see that reality and makes for you easy to claim that money to your pocket as a reward.
Here you complete the offers and there you will be rewarded with the Gems. We convert those Gems into dollars and your Reward is ready for you in the form of Real time Money. Once you made the enough gems (You meet the certain threshold decided for the cash Payment), you can send us the Invoice to get your money. Our experts will transfer you’re your money safely to your hands within 24 hours.
There is no need of sign-up in the app. The process of your reward cash is very simple.
1. Download the Money Rewards and install it in your android device.
2. Complete the daily offers from the offer panel.
3. Earn Reward gems and enjoy.
Don’t waste the time and install the Money Rewards in your android device to Earn Cash for your pocket money in a very simple way.

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Frescokart – Online Fruits,Vegetable,Grocery,Home Care, in Lucknow, Biswan & Mahmoodabad


Online Fruits,Vegetable,Grocery,Home Care, in Lucknow, Biswan & Mahmoodabad

Frescokart screenshot 0Frescokart screenshot 1Frescokart screenshot 2Frescokart screenshot 3Frescokart screenshot 4Frescokart screenshot 5

About Frescokart
It’s courteous of you to take the time to get to know us better. Here are few things we believe you would like to know about us. Frescokart founded by a young college entrepreneur, eCommerce geek engineering student of Lovely Professional University, along with few more mavericks an ex-banker from renowned bank, multi talented graphic designer, fraternity of young leaders from various fields with long experience in service industry and wannabe entrepreneurs. This company is registered by the name of “Frescokart Internet Trading Company”. Our aim is to provide you fruits ,vegetables, groceries, house hold products and related products in Lucknow with same day delivery and flexible payment option ie. Net banking, Debit Card, Credit Card and Cash on Delivery. looks forward at providing a simple and enjoyable shopping experience with the widest range of Fruits, Vegetables, Dry fruits, Spices, Grocery, Confectionery and other stuffs on its various platforms. At we make every effort to achieve the highest level of “Customer Satisfaction” possible.
We are making a careful effort to make you healthy even much better by fresh and clean fruits & vegetables direct from farmer end to your door step.’s fast, fresh & healthy revolves around giving consumers the power of easily purchasing of fresh fruits & vegetables online.
Be it our path-breaking services like season product catalogue, same day return policy*, free shipping and of course the great prices that we offer.
We value and focus on building customer relationships through on-time delivery of quality products, catering to customized needs, money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with product quality.
A dedicated customer connect team is on standby to answer your queries 24×7.

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Karout mall – Karout Mall works to expand the scope of the Karout Grand Stores

Karout mall

Karout Mall works to expand the scope of the Karout Grand Stores

Karout mall screenshot 0Karout mall screenshot 1Karout mall screenshot 2Karout mall screenshot 3Karout mall screenshot 4Karout mall screenshot 5

Karout Mall works to expand the scope of the Karout Grand Stores in which You will Find it All.

Karout Mall encompasses the most popular international, regional, and local brands primarily targeting the middle and upper income groups and family shoppers. Our steps will not differ from the program of Karout Grand Stores but we worked hard to make it more special in which we added many new items .

Karout Mall offers a variety of facilities and services to enhance your shopping experience. The mall’s Customer Service Desk is conveniently located on the ground floor and our staff can assist shoppers with any inquiries. ATMs are conveniently located around the mall.

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