Inventory – Keep track of your Superior thread stash with this handy app!


Keep track of your Superior thread stash with this handy app!

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Keep track of your threads, needles, and notions with Superior’s Inventory app!
Superior Threads’ Inventory app helps you keep track of your thread stash. An easy-to-follow set of buttons makes adding or subtracting inventory from your collection a breeze! With this app, there’s no more hand-written lists to keep track of and lose while you’re out shopping for your next project.
This version of our Inventory app comes pre-loaded with a list of our needles, notions, and threads. For periodic updates, please select the ‘refresh’ button and if there are changes to existing products or new products introduced, they will be loaded onto your device.
Currently, this app will store the data you input on a single device. We hope to have a shared inventory system released in a future update.
Please contact us with any features you would like to see included in future releases.

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Rupay Compare – Why pay more when you can pay less ? RupayCompare it.

Rupay Compare

Why pay more when you can pay less ? RupayCompare it.

Rupay Compare screenshot 0Rupay Compare screenshot 1Rupay Compare screenshot 2Rupay Compare screenshot 3Rupay Compare screenshot 4Rupay Compare screenshot 5Rupay Compare screenshot 6Rupay Compare screenshot 7

An easy way to save money while shopping online – compare the prices on RupayCompare.
RupayCompare, a search engine to compare prices of products sold online.
Find out the best price for the same product among different sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Jabong, Ebay etc.
With the RupayCompare you can:
#1 Scan the barcode of any product to compare the prices online.
#2 Get the product prices from range of eShopping sites.
#3 Get online prices for any product by its name.
#4 Share the prices with your friends via email.
#5 Save and manage your search results in WishList.
#6 Manage your previous searches.

Happy shopping.

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ТВК “Південний” – TEC "South" – a viewer shops Trade Center South

ТВК "Південний"

TEC "South" – a viewer shops Trade Center South

ТВК "Південний" screenshot 0ТВК "Південний" screenshot 1ТВК "Південний" screenshot 2ТВК "Південний" screenshot 3ТВК "Південний" screenshot 4ТВК "Південний" screenshot 5

TEC “South” – a well-developed infrastructure with excellent conditions for work, education, entertainment and recreation. In addition to mono and multibrand boutiques, about two thousand stores branded apparel, footwear and accessories, products of light industry.
In an area of ​​13 hectares located 14 modern shopping centers, which are products of different price segments, which promotes continuous flow of customers. Daily TEC “South” is visited by 15-30 thousand people. In the “South” has been working almost 17 thousand. Lviv residents, of which 2.5 thousand. – Representatives of small and medium businesses.

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Найти отзывы просто – A simple application to search for reviews of products and services.

Найти отзывы просто

A simple application to search for reviews of products and services.

Найти отзывы просто screenshot 0Найти отзывы просто screenshot 1Найти отзывы просто screenshot 2Найти отзывы просто screenshot 3

The application searches for the entered search query by partnering resources. As the audience of the application will add new resources with reviews.

You go around the store and see the TV you’ve always wanted to buy. How to find it worth the money? Take the phone out of his pocket, enter the make and model in the search box in our application and catch one.

Currently the application works with the following product categories:
Televisions, cameras, lenses, camcorders, game consoles, headphones, mobile phones, Covers, smart watches, and so on.
Планшеты,Ноутбуки,Настольные,Комплектующие,Аксессуары,Мониторы,Wi-Fi,Принтеры,Клавиатуры and mouse, and so on.
White goods:
Refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washing machine, iron, Multivarki, air conditioners, microwave ovens
Tires, wheels, Recorders, Receivers, Speakers, GPS, Baby Car Seats, parts, accessories and so on.
Dresses, Women’s Clothing, Men’s Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Watches, Accessories, Children’s clothes and so on.
Childen’s goods:
For kids, strollers, cribs, school and work, Toys, Designers, Bicycles, scooters and so on.
Beauty and health:
Perfumes, Make-up, Hair care, Face, Body, Hair dryers, epilators, electric shavers, Pharmacy, Optics and more.
Sport and leisure:
Bicycles, scooters, skates, roller skates, tourism, hunting and fishing, Backpacks, Boats, trainers and so on.
Электроинструменты,Пилы,Стройматериалы,Электрика,Отопление,Сантехника,Насосы,Двери and windows, etc.
Home and cottage:
Gardening, Housewares, Light, Interior, Upholstered furniture, beds, wardrobes, Sets, Computer tables and so on.


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