Fab Dolls Hair – We sell beautiful virgin hair, unprocessed and free of chemicals.

Fab Dolls Hair

We sell beautiful virgin hair, unprocessed and free of chemicals.

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We provide 100% rich virgin Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian Hair.Textures include natural straight, bodywave, and curly. Our Brazilian, Malaysian and Peruvian hair is unprocessed and free of any chemicals. Each bundle is approximately 3.5 – 4.0 oz.

We are Devoted to Making you Look Fabulous!
We are devoted in examining each bundle to ensure is the best for each client and meeting their expectation to the fullest. We take pride in providing hair that is soft, versatile, less tangling and minimal to none when it comes to shedding. Our hair can be curled, straighten, and long lasting with proper maintenance. It also an be dyed with proper dying processes. We are confident you will be more than satisfied. So, go ahead and indulge in rich virgin hair from Fab Dolls Hair.

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Beauty Shop – Perfumery The Beauty Shop, Torrenova (ME)

Beauty Shop

Perfumery The Beauty Shop, Torrenova (ME)

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Our perfumes are a unique and stylish where you can find the widest range of the best brands of perfumes, and accessories for your Beauty. Our friendly and professional staff will advise you in the choice of purchases that suit your needs.
Thanks to a thorough knowledge of the characteristics of the products and an approach to the consumer based on courtesy and competence, The Beauty Shop is committed every time you build a lasting relationship with the customer and quality.
Also, are selected and treated the best brands on the market for yield, quality and efficiency, in order to ensure the right choice every time can respond to diverse aesthetic needs and not only, in full respect of your skin, your hair and your health.
Try experience dedicated to your personal care from The Beauty Shop and rely on the professional skills of experts who will advise you at all times on a wide range of Perfume, Make Up, Hair Goods and Gifts chose tailored to you, by taking advantage of competitive prices and efficient services.

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Cyber Monday Deals – Cyber Monday 2015 isn't until after Thanksgiving weekend this November

Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday 2015 isn't until after Thanksgiving weekend this November

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Cyber Monday 2015 isn’t until after Thanksgiving weekend this November, so if you’re already here that must mean you are as excited as we are for Cyber Monday Deals! Make sure to bookmark this page today so you won’t miss a thing for Cyber Monday 2015. Looking for even more great deals right now

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Pandora Descontos – Application discounts.

Pandora Descontos

Application discounts.

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What is it?
Pandora means: That endowed with all things. It is a super application that connects consumers to suppliers through thousands of payroll discounts on every purchase. It is your discount on your hand, wherever and whenever you want!

How it works?
Be on time to eat, to wear, to transport, purchase appliances, electronics, cinemas, top festivals, cell phones and everything else you can imagine ….

Therefore, you already enter the establishments that wish, with your off hand, through a barcode, just to show, record and enjoy your discount !!!

Why use?
Once inflation and high interest rates, and rising unemployment, it is time to consider alternatives that help people and businesses to turn the tables !!! You get discounts and establishments gain customers !!!

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/OtxvOQ