TrovaPerMe prezzi e shopping – The Search Engine for Shopping

TrovaPerMe prezzi e shopping

The Search Engine for Shopping

TrovaPerMe prezzi e shopping screenshot 0TrovaPerMe prezzi e shopping screenshot 1TrovaPerMe prezzi e shopping screenshot 2TrovaPerMe prezzi e shopping screenshot 3TrovaPerMe prezzi e shopping screenshot 4

TrovaPerMe is a search engine for online shopping that helps you find the lowest price for the product you are looking for sifting through thousands of products included in most ad sites and Italian marketplace.
Why spend so much when TrovaPerMe with you in just a few clicks to find the lowest price on the web?
Do not waste time! It indicates the object that you want to buy and press the button.
In a few moments you will be offered the best opportunities – both of the new that of the used – available on major online store.

The main features are the App TrovaPerMe:
– The search for the lowest price of both new and used via text or voice search;
– Consultation of prices on online stores;
– Is saving announcements to Wish List;
– Automatic archiving of the latest research carried out in history;
– The ability to sort results by relevance or by price (ascending or descending);
– The ability to filter results by state (new or used);
– The ability to filter the results by price;
– The calculation of the average price of the products found;
– Sharing deals by email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and all the social network installed on your smartphone;
– The ability to move the application to the SD card.

We just have to wish you good research and good shopping with TrovaPerMe!

Install on your device TrovaPerMe never lose an opportunity to save!
TrovaPerMe with you to hand you the best prices for your online purchases!

For more information on visiting TrovaPerMe


– Fixed bugs reported by users

– Fixed bugs reported by users

– Ability to move the application on SD card
– Added the ability to filter the results by price
– Minor bug fixes

– Optimizing the application footprint
– Fixed bugs reported by users

– Added ability to sort and filter results
– Adding bar showing the following information: the number of products found and the average price
– Minor bug fixes

– Minor bug fixes

– New graphics simple and intuitive
– Adding sliding menu
– Added option Share
– Optimization response times

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Creativite – Wear your attitude


Wear your attitude

Creativite screenshot 0Creativite screenshot 1Creativite screenshot 2Creativite screenshot 3Creativite screenshot 4Creativite screenshot 5Creativite screenshot 6

Ever wanted to stand a class apart from the rest or brand your own cult crew? The CREATIVITE is a custom T-shirt designer app where users can design a basic Tee.

What it does
In 4 easy steps you can create your own T-shirt and put it up for display on the app or share it with friends on social media.\n\n

1.Select a background colour for the tee from a set of 15 predefined colours.\n\n
2.Choose how you\’d want to style your tee: Text over image, image over the text or only image
3.Play with the design on your tee, by editing it with the powerful adobe SDK, that\’s integrated with the app.\n\n
4.Voila, you now have a style statement – a custom designed T-shirt to flaunt. Choose if you\’d like to upload it or share it with your friends.\n Go ahead, and start designing! Sky\’s the limit!

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Peapod – Shop Anywhere, Anytime!


Shop Anywhere, Anytime!

Peapod screenshot 0Peapod screenshot 1Peapod screenshot 2Peapod screenshot 3Peapod screenshot 4Peapod screenshot 5Peapod screenshot 6Peapod screenshot 7Peapod screenshot 8Peapod screenshot 9

Peapod introduces a completely redesigned free mobile app for iPhone and iPad. Now, smart shopping is even smarter. Busy people can shop or update orders anytime, anywhere.

Peapod is a top-drawer grocery store! All the national brands and pantry staples, plus a whole lot more. Choose from a huge selection of fresh, organic produce, great value Own Brands, and unique specialties from local restaurants and purveyors. Personal shoppers pack your order with fresh-sliced deli meats, cooked-to-order rotisserie chicken, and carefully hand-selected produce.

Chicagoland, Milwaukee, S.E. Wisconsin, Indianapolis, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, S.E. Pennsylvania, Central Pennsylvania

Peapod’s powerful and intuitive new app is chock full of features that simplify and streamline shopping.

• Smart Search
Our new app finds what you need in a flash. Just type in what you’re after, enter a UPC or scan a barcode. Boom. There it is.

• Order Genius
This powerful shortcut lets you fill your cart with one click by suggesting a personalized list based on what you liked before. Order Genius is like our popular “Guess My Order” feature—on steroids.

• Weekly Specials
Every week thousands of items are on sale. “My Specials” zeroes in to show you terrific deals that you’re most likely to want.

• Past Purchases
Easily shop from a list of things you bought before. Quick as a wink, you’re done.

• Favorites
Jump to a list of your faves and personalize your shopping even more. Repeat special purchases, too.

• Delivery Page
One click and you see all the open delivery slots. In some areas you’ll see open Pick-up slots, too.

Download our FREE app today. Take this baby out for a spin. You’ll see it’s got a whole lot of new zip.

About Peapod
Founded in 1989, Peapod has made over 30 million deliveries! We’re the country’s leading Internet grocer, serving 24 U.S. markets. Peapod is a proud Ahold USA company.

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NVIDIA TegraZone 2 – Finding the best Android games just got easier.

NVIDIA TegraZone 2

Finding the best Android games just got easier.

NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 0NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 1NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 2NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 3NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 4NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 5NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 6NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 7NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 8NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 9NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 10NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 11NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 12NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 13NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 14NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 15NVIDIA TegraZone 2 screenshot 16

NVIDIA TegraZone: Find the best Android games.

Finding the best Android games just got easier. With the TegraZone app for your NVIDIA® Tegra™-powered device, you can easily find games that are optimized to exploit the full potential of the Tegra 2, Tegra 3, and Tegra 4 mobile processor. TegraZone supports game controller navigation on devices such as NVIDIA SHIELD and Mad Catz MOJO.

Version 2.9 now also supports non-Tegra devices so those users can explore and discover the great games that NVIDIA and our partners think are best enjoyed on Tegra devices.

Discover unique, premium games for Android that deliver more visually-stunning graphics and smoother gameplay, so you can get the most out of your Tegra-powered mobile device.

TegraZone supports all Tegra-powered devices such as the NVIDIA SHIELD, tablets including the Nexus 7, Asus Transformer Prime TF201, Transformer Infinity TF700, Transformer Pad TF300, Acer A500, A510, A100, Toshiba AT300; and phones including the HTC One X, Motorola Droid X2, Electrify, Photon 4G, Atrix, and Samsung Captivate Glide.

Customize: You decide if you’d like to find out the moment something new is added to TegraZone or not by turning notification pop-ups on or off from the settings menu.

Discover: Get all of the top games for Android at your fingertips. Find Android games to download quickly and easily.

Learn: Access professional game reviews, high-res screenshots, HD videos, and behind-the-scenes footage for the top Android games.

Share: Connect TegraZone to your social networks and let your friends know about your favorite new apps.

The TegraZone app is a curated, editorial-driven merchandising front-end designed to enhance the shopping and discovery experience of differentiated games sold in Android Market. When a user decides on a game to purchase within the app, he/she clicks “Get It Now.” This action links the user to the Android product page for that game where he/she finalizes the purchase and downloads the game. The complete sales transaction, game download, and game support happen within the Android Market through Google and the game developer.

TegraZone is not intended to replace the purchase, download, or functionality of Google Play, but rather to compliment it by providing a selection of premium games that developers believe will offer an exceptional experience for users of Tegra-powered phones and tablets.

If you are looking for the best games for your Tegra-powered device, then TegraZone is a must-have Android app for you.

Please note that some games featured on TegraZone run exclusively on devices with an NVIDIA Tegra Processor. Google Play will notify you of any incompatibilities.

By installing the TegraZone application, you are confirming that you have read and agree to be bound by the License For Customer Use of NVIDIA Software ( ).

Notification pop-ups are enabled by default and may be disabled in the settings menu.

Permissions: Posting game comments within TegraZone requires storage of email address.


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LetsEat Restaurant App – LeatEat Restaurant App is fast and easy way to handle orders

LetsEat Restaurant App

LeatEat Restaurant App is fast and easy way to handle orders

LetsEat Restaurant App screenshot 0LetsEat Restaurant App screenshot 1LetsEat Restaurant App screenshot 2LetsEat Restaurant App screenshot 3LetsEat Restaurant App screenshot 4LetsEat Restaurant App screenshot 5LetsEat Restaurant App screenshot 6

Restaurants managers can freely download this mind-boggling app for their smartphones and tablets to take the online order process easily. We have developed the world’s best simplest online order receiving system, which is used by small and medium restaurants. This app renovates your smartphone or tablet into an order-receiving system and simplifies your process of taking online orders for both delivery and pickup.

In order to use this apps, you need to login with your given restaurant’s username and password.
User can get the login details from the Comeneat admin panel of your restaurant account.
How it works?
-Restaurant owners receives login details from Letseat admin website and install it in their tablet or mobile.
-When a customer places an order via your mobile apps, Facebook or website immediately the restaurant owners receives notification to their phone or tablet.
-Restaurant owners can manage their ordering and delivery process easily.
This order-receiving apps turns out your smartphone or tablet into an order-receiving device and controls your order-taking process in a simple manner.
The smartphone or tablet turned into an order receiving system
– User receives orders from your mobile apps, Facebook page, or website widgets.
– By using our Letseat Order Receive Apps restaurant owner can view the exact routing map for the customer location quickly in a simple manner.
– New order appears on your smartphone or tablet, even though when the apps is closed.
– User can view customer and order details: Name, Contact number, address, client locality on the map.
– Confirmation mail is transmitted to your customer email systematically when user accept or reject orders.
– User friendly: displays entire orders and other significant details at a squint, in a single screen.

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Kirana Next – Moradabad's first online grocery supermarket on your finger tips

Kirana Next

Moradabad's first online grocery supermarket on your finger tips

Kirana Next screenshot 0Kirana Next screenshot 1Kirana Next screenshot 2Kirana Next screenshot 3Kirana Next screenshot 4Kirana Next screenshot 5

KiranaNext is Moradabad’s online supermarket that delivers all your grocery products, daily needs items, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables and much more.
Enjoy free home delivery for all orders above Rs.300.

All the orders placed before 4PM delivers same day and after 4PM delivers next day.

See more information: – – populiariausi skelbimai! Šimtai tūkstančių puikių pasiūlymų Tau. – populiariausi skelbimai! Šimtai tūkstančių puikių pasiūlymų Tau. screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot 7 – populiariausi skelbimai! Šimtai tūkstančių puikių pasiūlymų Tau.
Telefonai, kompiuteriai, automobiliai, dviračiai, paslaugos, nekilnojamasis turtas, drabužiai, prekės vaikams, baldai, buitinė technika, laisvalaikio prekės ir begalės kitų prekių.

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My Shopping Assistant – Allows Shoppers to Search for Deals as Well as Scan Barcodes to compare Prices

My Shopping Assistant

Allows Shoppers to Search for Deals as Well as Scan Barcodes to compare Prices

My Shopping Assistant screenshot 0My Shopping Assistant screenshot 1My Shopping Assistant screenshot 2My Shopping Assistant screenshot 3My Shopping Assistant screenshot 4My Shopping Assistant screenshot 5My Shopping Assistant screenshot 6My Shopping Assistant screenshot 7My Shopping Assistant screenshot 8My Shopping Assistant screenshot 9My Shopping Assistant screenshot 10My Shopping Assistant screenshot 11My Shopping Assistant screenshot 12

A new iPhone, iPad and Android, Tablet App and Accompanying Price Comparison Website, Allows Shoppers to Search for Deals as Well as Scan Barcodes

The app, which is a 100% free, is available to shoppers in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, France and Germany. also offers a social shopping feature which allows to save and share deals for later review or purchase.
When out shopping or at home, allows shoppers to search or scan barcodes of items and search for prices across major retailers such as Amazon, eBay and thousands of others of online plus bricks and mortar stores. Any items of interest, or favourites can be saved against a social media account and be later retrieved for review, purchase and sharing across all major social networks. also allows shoppers to receive notifications on price drops for favourites you have saved – so they will be alerted immediately once their favourite deal goes on sale – saving money in the process.
The main advantage of is that it saves people from having to juggle your devices and from having to jump around between many different web pages, apps and retailers. It achieves this by allowing shoppers to use a single app for all their shopping needs.
The app is available for your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and Android tablet for free.
Check out their website at

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