Creativite – Wear your attitude


Wear your attitude

Creativite screenshot 0Creativite screenshot 1Creativite screenshot 2Creativite screenshot 3Creativite screenshot 4Creativite screenshot 5Creativite screenshot 6

Ever wanted to stand a class apart from the rest or brand your own cult crew? The CREATIVITE is a custom T-shirt designer app where users can design a basic Tee.

What it does
In 4 easy steps you can create your own T-shirt and put it up for display on the app or share it with friends on social media.\n\n

1.Select a background colour for the tee from a set of 15 predefined colours.\n\n
2.Choose how you\’d want to style your tee: Text over image, image over the text or only image
3.Play with the design on your tee, by editing it with the powerful adobe SDK, that\’s integrated with the app.\n\n
4.Voila, you now have a style statement – a custom designed T-shirt to flaunt. Choose if you\’d like to upload it or share it with your friends.\n Go ahead, and start designing! Sky\’s the limit!

Download apk file:

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