TrovaPerMe prezzi e shopping – The Search Engine for Shopping

TrovaPerMe prezzi e shopping

The Search Engine for Shopping

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TrovaPerMe is a search engine for online shopping that helps you find the lowest price for the product you are looking for sifting through thousands of products included in most ad sites and Italian marketplace.
Why spend so much when TrovaPerMe with you in just a few clicks to find the lowest price on the web?
Do not waste time! It indicates the object that you want to buy and press the button.
In a few moments you will be offered the best opportunities – both of the new that of the used – available on major online store.

The main features are the App TrovaPerMe:
– The search for the lowest price of both new and used via text or voice search;
– Consultation of prices on online stores;
– Is saving announcements to Wish List;
– Automatic archiving of the latest research carried out in history;
– The ability to sort results by relevance or by price (ascending or descending);
– The ability to filter results by state (new or used);
– The ability to filter the results by price;
– The calculation of the average price of the products found;
– Sharing deals by email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and all the social network installed on your smartphone;
– The ability to move the application to the SD card.

We just have to wish you good research and good shopping with TrovaPerMe!

Install on your device TrovaPerMe never lose an opportunity to save!
TrovaPerMe with you to hand you the best prices for your online purchases!

For more information on visiting TrovaPerMe


– Fixed bugs reported by users

– Fixed bugs reported by users

– Ability to move the application on SD card
– Added the ability to filter the results by price
– Minor bug fixes

– Optimizing the application footprint
– Fixed bugs reported by users

– Added ability to sort and filter results
– Adding bar showing the following information: the number of products found and the average price
– Minor bug fixes

– Minor bug fixes

– New graphics simple and intuitive
– Adding sliding menu
– Added option Share
– Optimization response times

See more information and download apk file for android:

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