MIXIT – Online Laboratory of Natural Cosmetics MIXIT


Online Laboratory of Natural Cosmetics MIXIT

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Hi! Welcome to the application MIXIT for Android. Very good
a decision: now all cosmetics online lab mixit.ru in your

After all, you go with the times and prefer natural products? All products MIXIT consists only of natural ingredients that do not contain hazardous reagents and are not tested on
animals. Just imagine: all funds are based on organic oils, shea, cocoa, coffee, etc., With the addition of vitamins and natural extracts and essential oils of assets. Cosmetics for hair care contains no sulfates, silicones and parabens. You do not have to

Simply, quickly, comfortably
You will not lose a single extra minute! All our creams, scrubs, masks, peelings, balms, shampoos and other cosmetics for the face, body and hair, and you can look at a book on the phone. Quickly and comfortably. You stand in traffic, waiting to be late girlfriend, bored in the queue? Open your application! Find out about the updates, create your own individual means of recipes, buy ready-made cosmetics MIXIT where and when you want.

Express Yourself with us under the guidance of leading experts! The annex set designer of unique personal makeup MIXIT. You can easily choose the foundation cream, scrub, shampoo or balm for your skin type or hair, and add ingredients that will most effectively deal with the problems and provide you perfect care. If collected cosmetics you like, you can order them again in a private office.

Find out all the news first and do not miss any of the action or special offers via MIXIT for Android! By clicking “Install”, you agree with the installation of the mobile device by the host application MIXIT for Android and updates. To remove an application, use the settings. For any questions and advice please call: 8 (800) 333-84-49

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/1mCrwd


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