Smart Grocery – Smartest app to build shareable shopping lists, and finds you the best price

Smart Grocery

Smartest app to build shareable shopping lists, and finds you the best price

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Smart Groceries is a simple shopping list app that allows you to create shopping lists for your home, work, trip and party, and you can share them with your facebook friends

Users share the same shopping list can add/delete products, increase/decrease the quantity and mark them as bought. Users can leave a shopping list if they are not interested to be part of it.

Smart Grocery helps you to control the expenses by providing the following reports: Items bought today, Last Shopping Session Details, Last 24 Sessions and Monthly expenses chart.

Smart Grocery works as shopping calculator as well, while shopping, input quantities and prices, and you’ll have a running total as you continue shopping.

Smart Grocery built on the idea of sharing the best price between the users by providing a powerful engine to collect the prices submitted by users in the same area, analyze them, select the best price in area and share it with everybody else.

In order to get the maximum benefit of Smart Grocery, you should start a new shopping session every time you go for shopping. Starting new session allows you to select the market and branch you are currently shopping from. The prices submitted through this session are logged for this market/branch and based on these data, the best price will be determined and shared with all users residing in the same area.

At the end of the shopping session, user will get a detailed report with the number of products and number of items purchased as well as the total amount.

Please note that the only permission required for Application to work is the location. Location is used to filter the markets/branches according to your current location.

The application supports more than 35 country, more than 850 city, more than 400 market and more than 6000 branch.

The application includes more than 4,000 brands and more than 300,000 products grouped under 6 categories:
“Food – Beverage – Tobacco”
“Beauty – Personal Care – Hygiene”
“Cleaning – Hygiene Products”
“Baby Care”
“Personal Accessories”

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:

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