ТЦ “Флагман” – "Flagman" – a family shopping center, c men's, women's and children's brands.

ТЦ "Флагман"

"Flagman" – a family shopping center, c men's, women's and children's brands.

ТЦ "Флагман" screenshot 0ТЦ "Флагман" screenshot 1ТЦ "Флагман" screenshot 2ТЦ "Флагман" screenshot 3ТЦ "Флагман" screenshot 4ТЦ "Флагман" screenshot 5

SC “Flagman” is positioned as a family shopping center, which presents men’s, women’s and children’s brands. The rate is made on mono-brand and multi-brand boutiques of famous brands of clothes, shoes and accessories – O’STIN, ZOLLA, INCITY, INCANTO, L’Etoile, Sela, AnnaLizza, Jus D’Orange, Shendel, Eleganzza, Finn Flare, Soda, Orsay, Savage , Lakbi, Vitacci, BAON, ZERRES, ELIS, Milavitsa, Trendu, Children’s World, Hippo.

In our mobile app:
• Easy navigation through the mall’s flagship – both on the floors and by category.
• All the most current news from the shopping center, information on discounts and promotions.
• Finding Your shopping by name.
• to voice their opinion on the work of the shopping center, directly to the administration.
• Browse the catalog and lukbuki mall stores.
• Configuring notifications deals and flagship by Category
• Navigate to the shopping center and the opportunity to make a call to the administration through the application.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/dJvaoV


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