Talking voice shopper – Talking shopping list using your headset and text to speech.

Talking voice shopper

Talking shopping list using your headset and text to speech.

Talking voice shopper screenshot 0Talking voice shopper screenshot 1Talking voice shopper screenshot 2Talking voice shopper screenshot 3Talking voice shopper screenshot 4Talking voice shopper screenshot 5

The voice shopper talks you through your shopping list using the text to speech engine and your headset. Your hands are free and you save a lot of time. It automatically learns the optimal route through the store to make sure you don’t have to visit a shelf twice.

Double click your headset button to hear the next item you need to collect on your shopping list. Collecting a shopping list becomes as efficient as in professional warehouses where ‘voice picking’ is already used for many years.

Sort your first shopping list based on the optimal route in your shop with the easy to use drag and drop functionality. Next lists are automatically sorted for the optimal route.

Main features :
• Talking shopping list using text to speech and your headset
• Automatic sorting based on optimal route
• Create new lists super fast through:
• Frequently used item selection
• Templates (eg recipes)
• Share lists with others
• Multi store

If your default text to speech engine is not containing the language you require, please have a look at some great third party text to speech engines in the Play store containing a large set of languages.

Detail information:


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