Second Hand Mobiles UAE – BUY and SELL used phones in UAE. Chat with buyers and sellers. Forget emails!

Second Hand Mobiles UAE

BUY and SELL used phones in UAE. Chat with buyers and sellers. Forget emails!

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“Buying a new phone? Sell your old one first!”

Used mobile phones don’t belong in the drawer. They still have value. “Second Hand Mobiles UAE” gives you an easy way to sell your used phone and make some cash. Snap a pic, add some #hashtags and your ad is up in under a minute. If you’re in the market for an almost new iPhone 5S or Samsung 5S, “Second Hand Mobiles UAE” is the place to look. Browse used mobile phones for sale. Check out the smartphones and iPads for sale nearby on a map and chat with the seller instantly. “Second Hand Mobiles UAE” is also a great place to find out about the mobile price in UAE.


1. Built-in chat messenger that lets you have a real time conversation with a buyer or a seller while you negotiate and discuss. Who needs emails and unwanted phone calls?

2. Geo-localization accurately pinpoints where a Seller and an Item is located on the map, as well as their distance from your current location.

“Second Hand Mobiles UAE” is powered by, the social network for buyers and sellers.


• Shop for used smartphones or second hand mobile devices from all over the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Um Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah).
• Search by keyword or #hashtag to find the item you are looking for
• Share with your networks on Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, and Twitter
• Interact with other buyers and sellers through public comments
• Build a following and follow your favourite users


• People who would like to get some cash back for their used phones
• People looking for mobile phones for sale in Dubai
• People researching mobile price in Dubai
• Professional sellers are discouraged


• Feature phones, such as used Nokias
• Used smartphones, such as iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One, and LG Nexus 5
• Second hand mobile devices such as iPad Mini, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab
• Mobile device accessories

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ShoppingKorea正韓服飾 – 免費下載APP,隨時掌握韓國最流行暢銷單品,在這裡ShoppingKorea能滿足各位時尚女孩,找到從頭到腳專屬搭配in品,每件衣服都能穿您自己的風格



ShoppingKorea正韓服飾 screenshot 0ShoppingKorea正韓服飾 screenshot 1ShoppingKorea正韓服飾 screenshot 2ShoppingKorea正韓服飾 screenshot 3ShoppingKorea正韓服飾 screenshot 4ShoppingKorea正韓服飾 screenshot 5ShoppingKorea正韓服飾 screenshot 6ShoppingKorea正韓服飾 screenshot 7ShoppingKorea正韓服飾 screenshot 8ShoppingKorea正韓服飾 screenshot 9ShoppingKorea正韓服飾 screenshot 10ShoppingKorea正韓服飾 screenshot 11

* 行動購物 | 隨時隨地掌握韓國東大門第一手流行資訊
* 推撥訊息 | 搶先獲得APP商店獨家優惠資訊
* 快速結帳 | 最簡化的結帳流程超快速
* 安全購物 | 最高安全等級加密系統超安心

目前市面韓國服飾商品眾多,標榜正韓商品卻以仿冒打版品混充的店家不在少數,商品雜亂無序,品質不一。ShoppingKorea 2006年起經營正韓品牌代理,經營正韓服飾歷史悠久,建立良好口碑,擁有數十萬忠實粉絲。
我們獨家代理眾多品牌N.C21 / WG / QI / ER…,走在時尚尖端流行不撞衫! 免費下載APP,隨時掌握韓國最流行暢銷單品,在這裡ShoppingKorea能滿足各位時尚女孩,找到從頭到腳專屬搭配in品,每件衣服都能穿您自己的風格

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Zupa – Delivery and Delivery Orders of alcoholic drinks, snacks, and more!


Delivery and Delivery Orders of alcoholic drinks, snacks, and more!

Zupa screenshot 0Zupa screenshot 1Zupa screenshot 2Zupa screenshot 3Zupa screenshot 4

Zupa is a fully customized application that allows you to order home of alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, snacks, cigarettes, utensils and everything necestias to organize your party or spend a good time with your friends.
The delivery has a geolocation system to have greater accuracy at the time of delivery. Currently the service is limited to the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, but will soon be in all Bolivia.
This integrated with Facebook for your convenience.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

Pitbull Gears – A store for all your Pit Bull & Bully Gears and Supplies!

Pitbull Gears

A store for all your Pit Bull & Bully Gears and Supplies!

Pitbull Gears screenshot 0Pitbull Gears screenshot 1Pitbull Gears screenshot 2Pitbull Gears screenshot 3Pitbull Gears screenshot 4Pitbull Gears screenshot 5Pitbull Gears screenshot 6Pitbull Gears screenshot 7Pitbull Gears screenshot 8Pitbull Gears screenshot 9Pitbull Gears screenshot 10Pitbull Gears screenshot 11Pitbull Gears screenshot 12Pitbull Gears screenshot 13Pitbull Gears screenshot 14Pitbull Gears screenshot 15

A store and app for you to get all of your Pit Terrier & Bully dog supplies all in one place.

Here you’ll find collars, harnesses, leashes,chains, bullymax products, dog cages, training tools, dog toys,
t-shirts, hats, mugs, bracelets, key chains, training books etc and much much more being added daily.

You can also visit our Amazon Catalog to find products you love.

Within the app you can also follow us on our social media accounts such as facebook, instagram, & youtube where you can also win contest and prizes.

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