폰바꾸네 – 단통법/공시지원금/가격비교/주변매장/검색 – '폰바꾸네' is a new concept smart phone price comparison search application.

폰바꾸네 - 단통법/공시지원금/가격비교/주변매장/검색

'폰바꾸네' is a new concept smart phone price comparison search application.

폰바꾸네 - 단통법/공시지원금/가격비교/주변매장/검색 screenshot 0폰바꾸네 - 단통법/공시지원금/가격비교/주변매장/검색 screenshot 1폰바꾸네 - 단통법/공시지원금/가격비교/주변매장/검색 screenshot 2폰바꾸네 - 단통법/공시지원금/가격비교/주변매장/검색 screenshot 3폰바꾸네 - 단통법/공시지원금/가격비교/주변매장/검색 screenshot 4폰바꾸네 - 단통법/공시지원금/가격비교/주변매장/검색 screenshot 5폰바꾸네 - 단통법/공시지원금/가격비교/주변매장/검색 screenshot 6

+ New way to buy a mobile phone, ‘폰바꾸네’ +

– The exact price criteria tailored to the mobile subsidies (Mobile subsidies)
– Stupid customer escape (Compare prices)
– Mobile phone stores localization (GPS based)
– The maximum mobile subsidies (Phone Story)
– IT News (Phone X-File)
– Carrier/Cellphone/Calling plan to find reference
– Grants for your budget push notifications (Alerts funding)
– Mobile phone service centers and connectivity support (Service Center)

※ The store location information when the display is delayed depending on the Device model
※ Please correct the GPS terminal settings according to the following method.
※ Setting ▷ Location ▷ Locating method: Select ‘GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks’

See detail information: https://goo.gl/bWrpnQ

Uzhavar – Uzhavar Pazhamudhir Nilayam – Buy Fruits, Vegetables, Organic & Groceries.


Uzhavar Pazhamudhir Nilayam – Buy Fruits, Vegetables, Organic & Groceries.

Uzhavar screenshot 0Uzhavar screenshot 1Uzhavar screenshot 2Uzhavar screenshot 3Uzhavar screenshot 4Uzhavar screenshot 5Uzhavar screenshot 6Uzhavar screenshot 7

Uzhavar Pazhamudhir Nilayam is the perfect online store for fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Organic, Groceries & Household Needs. The venture provides their products to the customers not having to worry about quality and freshness. UPN is Maintain High Standards in Quality & Quantity with providing Low Price to Customers.

Uzhavar Pazhamudhir Nilayam is procuring Majority of the products directly from Farmers of Tamilnadu Western Ghats region & other parts of Tamilnadu,

Our team is having a plenty of experience in cultivation process and quality management.

We Guarantee to our Customer Best Quality, Proper Quantity & On Time Delivery every time

We back all this up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Of course we use Customer Satisfaction as our benchmark to success. We would love to have you as our customer. Please share your thoughts and help us to make our services better for you.

We are having our stores at Thiruvanmiyur, Neelankarai & Perungudi

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/QWkKvN

YaBasa – The Dhaba – Order through our android app and get discounts and offers.

YaBasa - The Dhaba

Order through our android app and get discounts and offers.

YaBasa - The Dhaba screenshot 0YaBasa - The Dhaba screenshot 1YaBasa - The Dhaba screenshot 2YaBasa - The Dhaba screenshot 3YaBasa - The Dhaba screenshot 4

We created a warm Indian dhaba place setting to reflect the traditional look & feel of the Indian Dhaba with a jest of unique highway side experience. We named our first Restaurant venture “Ya’ Basa” which means ‘Come – Have A Seat’ in Marathi language & pronounced as Yaa..Basaaaa! And that’s how the founders Manish Pinjani & Amol Rajdeo emerged with the concept of Ya’ Basa – the dhaba.
Our passion for serving great food is what drove us from corporate jobs into restaurant business. After making a culinary mark in the heart of East Pune, now we are spreading out our eXpress outlets to fasten our delivery process keeping in mind the best turn around time for each parcel we deliver.
At Ya’ Basa, we offer a wide variety of North Indian, South Indian, Maharashtrian, Hyderabadi, Mughlai & Chinese dishes featuring unique & unusual ingredients prepared by our team experts & dedicated chefs. Some signature dishes that deserve to be mentioned are : Chicken Murg Musallam, Chicken Patiala, Paneer Chaska Maska, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Dum Biryani, Paneer Hot Pan, Dil Lootera & Chicken Chatpata to name a few. We are even sure that we serve the best Dal Fry in town.
Serving a variety of multi-cuisine dishes together makes it more challenging for us to focus better towards quality & service. We invite you to come & get the best Indian culinary taste with a twist of the great Indian dhaba.
Thanks…Keep Coming..Keep Ordering!

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/uePbbm

通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 – 通販アプリやフリマアプリ、オークションよりも断然お得に購入!購入価格の20%が還元され、直ぐに利用出来ます。欲しい商品を見付けたら、まずはRETURNで検索。



通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 screenshot 0通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 screenshot 1通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 screenshot 2通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 screenshot 3通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 screenshot 4通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 screenshot 5通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 screenshot 6通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 screenshot 7通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 screenshot 8通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 screenshot 9通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 screenshot 10通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 screenshot 11通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 screenshot 12通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 screenshot 13通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 screenshot 14通販アプリ・買うだけ得する「RETURN」フリマより断然お得 screenshot 15

通販アプリ・フリマ 買うだけ得する「RETURN」?還元率20%


・お金はRETURN事務局に支払われ 発送や受取りの確認が出来た後に支払われる安心の売買システム

還元金額⇒ 100円分








【 RETURNはこんな方々にオススメ 】


Download apk file: https://goo.gl/awz8hd


GOODBUY Buy & Sell Easily!


GOODBUY Buy & Sell Easily! screenshot 0GOODBUY Buy & Sell Easily! screenshot 1GOODBUY Buy & Sell Easily! screenshot 2GOODBUY Buy & Sell Easily! screenshot 3

GoodBuy is the app where anyone can sell and buy brand new products or second hand items. It’s a marketplace where sellers and buyers meet, in any location in the Philippines.

Sell any item with no fees. You can sell clothing, furnitures, electronics, or even houses and cars on GoodBuy. Just take a picture, write a product description, and publish it, your product is ready to be sold. Sellers will get the full amount of their sold items. No registration or convenience fees.

Find products around you or use the GoodBuy search engine within different categories. In the “New” tab, you will find the latests product posted, don’t miss out on anything you need. On GoodBuy, the best price is guaranteed within Metro Manila and the Philippines.

GoodBuy chat feature allows buyers and sellers to discuss product details, payment methods and delivery details. Use our chat to connect with the most trusted sellers.

Turn your old stuff to money.
Don’t store it, sell it.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/cy0kzw

The Desi Stuff – The Desi Stuff is Team of young entrepreneurs with a touch of Desi humor

The Desi Stuff

The Desi Stuff is Team of young entrepreneurs with a touch of Desi humor

The Desi Stuff screenshot 0The Desi Stuff screenshot 1The Desi Stuff screenshot 2The Desi Stuff screenshot 3

The Desi Stuff is Team of young entrepreneurs with a touch of Desi humor . We concentrate on designs which connect us to our roots . Buy high quality, The Desi Stuff branded merchandise products like t-shirts, mobile covers with funny,ethnic, traditional and indian designs

See detail information: https://goo.gl/Uqluu6

Market Listem – Practical Shopping List

Market Listem

Practical Shopping List

Market Listem screenshot 0Market Listem screenshot 1Market Listem screenshot 2Market Listem screenshot 3


Market may move the list to the shopping list for a few touch or on your mobile phone without the need for pen and paper to prepare barcode swipe, you can share with others, the prices on the market and learn about the cheapest where he is in the market with automatically regulated list based on department, you can shop faster and easier at the supermarket. My grocery list, a leader in comparison shopping, shopper-friendly Akakçe the new application.


Choose from an extensive catalog of products to grocery list wish, want, enter a new product, also add to the list previously received one touch you again if you want; All very easy! What paper and pencil what you need. Moreover, do not forget, there’s no worry about losing; You list your cell phone is always with you.


Food in supermarket shopping lists that you create on my grocery list, cleaning products, fruits and vegetables, personal care products, stationery, automatically organized according to departments such as baby products. Thus, a mixed list of products in the grocery store while visiting every single call or stop by booth to booth multiple times, you get rid of the trouble. You finish your shopping much easier and faster.

The ADD your barcode PRODUCTS

Market is very easy to prepare a shopping list with the list, but even easier to add bits or re barcode from the package of products that need to directly read out the list. Furthermore Market List taught barcode product prices in the market and can give information about where to find the cheapest.


What we get when shopping, keep track of what’s remained creates a difficulty. Or do we deal our hands are full of paper or a pen remained incomplete list so we need to constantly re-reading. Market List with these problems disappear. As you receive from your list, simply by touching lightly on the product. So you can easily track what remains missing and is constantly in the market, you can stroll freely in the market.


Grocery list, you can create different applications as you want in the list. For example, regular weekly shopping list, recipes for special occasions or on the basis of lists, you can follow the store on the basis of separate lists, and the like.


You make your shopping list, but he could not go to the grocery store or market the product is cheapest for you and your spouse or your friend will go away? Or you have completed a portion of the list, but we do not have the time and the remainder would take somebody else for you? Market List with no problem, one touch list of e-mail you want, you can instantly share with someone else via text message or Whatsapp.

You also meet with immediately apply this new shopping are much faster, it becomes fun and easy.

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/2bJjrT

TOI: Toko Online Indonesia – Indonesia set online shop

TOI: Toko Online Indonesia

Indonesia set online shop

TOI: Toko Online Indonesia screenshot 0TOI: Toko Online Indonesia screenshot 1TOI: Toko Online Indonesia screenshot 2

Shop online with an online shopping experience that is fun and simple. Buy new gadgets, Branded Fashion, Sports, Electronics & Automotive free shipping.

Electronic online shopping, fashion, HP, tablet, laptop, computer, camera, TV etc. Can be 0%, FREE ONGKIR & COD.

Online Store No. 1 and Largest Indonesia with FULL products, quality is guaranteed, LOW price, 0%, and FREE Delivery.

Store .co.uk
Online Fashion Store and Online Boutique Largest Indonesia. Clothing store that provides a wide range of women’s clothing, women’s clothing, the latest clothing, Korean clothes.

Indonesia’s largest online mall, a gathering place for the store / online shop reliable throughout Indonesia.

Spot buying / selling online most comfortable and safe with bukalapak Payment System which ensures the buyer & amp; pelapak 100% risk free online scams.

The online store with the most complete and reliable security and comfort of your transaction. Buying and selling online a wide range of products of your choice here.

Sun Mall
Online shopping site No. # 1 and the largest in Indonesia. Provide all the needs, ranging from women’s fashion, men’s fashion, beauty products, smartphones, power bank, laptops, gadgets, electronic, LED TV, hobbies, food & beverage, and others.

Enjoy Promo updated and Complete with Great Savings Only in Qoo10. Safe shopping Safe & Fun!

Mall online with discounts & amp; super point for all the latest products ranging from gadgets, electronics, food, drinks, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, toys, and others. With credit card payment method, COD, ATMs, and internet banking. Rakuten Online Shopping provide free shipping postage throughout Indonesia.

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/TUCTbK