Unplis – With Unplis purchase in shops in Barcelona and Madrid (M30) and receive it in 1 hour.


With Unplis purchase in shops in Barcelona and Madrid (M30) and receive it in 1 hour.

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Unplis is the fastest way to buy bypassing trade. Place your order through the app and receive it in 60 minutes. In Madrid (M30), Barcelona and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, very soon in Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza.

How do we do it? Our professional buyers (Plisers) present anywhere in your city received a notice with the details of your order so that it can buy and deliver on time. The Plisers can also make errands like going to get some keys, deliver some documents or collect any order you’ve paid.

Save time using Unplis App!

*** Shipping costs start at 3 euros and 5.50 euros on average are varying depending on the weight and number of products. We respect the prices of trades ***

Using the App agree to the terms and conditions described in the following link: unplis.com/terminos-y-condiciones/

Place your order from the app, at any of the available stores in your area. Choose from food to drugstore products, office supplies, alcoholic beverages, prepared food, pet products, among others.
One of our Plisers receive your order and arrange to buy what you asked and take it wherever suits you best when you want.
The Pliser call you personally in case of doubt or details necessary for ordering.

Are different prices unplis the shops?
No, unplis respects prices of physical stores. In case of any difference, the exact amount indicating the trade ticket purchase will be charged. If less than originally claimed, you will process the return, if it is more the difference will be charged.

Can I return a product?
Any returns or complaints about the product is made in the physical trading by consumers without unplis as an intermediary. The money for the returned product will deliver the physical trade according to their own conditions.

Every day up to our new app stores. For example we have a catalog of products: Tento, Vinalium, drugstores, Nespresso, Starbucks, Workcenter.

For now you can buy from Barcelona and Madrid, but soon will be available in Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza, and soon in the rest of Spain!

For anything, write to info@unplis.com or by calling 935 511 488 and we will answer you in unplis.
Interested be Pliser? Head over unplis.com/plisers

Follow us on:

• twitter.com/unplis_com
• facebook.com/unplis

* Unplis is an independent business and is not necessarily affiliated with or sponsored by any of the markets, supermarkets or local stores which offer services through this app.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/WEk6v0

UmojaPay – Umoja Pay App gives you the unlimited benefits of its System right with you.


Umoja Pay App gives you the unlimited benefits of its System right with you.

UmojaPay screenshot 0UmojaPay screenshot 1UmojaPay screenshot 2UmojaPay screenshot 3UmojaPay screenshot 4UmojaPay screenshot 5UmojaPay screenshot 6UmojaPay screenshot 7UmojaPay screenshot 8UmojaPay screenshot 9UmojaPay screenshot 10UmojaPay screenshot 11UmojaPay screenshot 12UmojaPay screenshot 13UmojaPay screenshot 14UmojaPay screenshot 15UmojaPay screenshot 16UmojaPay screenshot 17UmojaPay screenshot 18UmojaPay screenshot 19UmojaPay screenshot 20UmojaPay screenshot 21UmojaPay screenshot 22UmojaPay screenshot 23

Welcome to the new way of making payments for all things you can think of!

UmojaPay is a game-changing payment platform offering services to recharge or pay for Mobile, DTH, Utility Bills, Insurance Premiums and numerous other services. We have been offering you these services on our offline network and now we bring to our customers the same ease of payments through this app.

UmojaPay not only provides you with an always available payment platform but also records all of your transactions and history. You can now combine your offline and online payments in one single place and schedule multiple payments. So stop worrying about missing payment due dates and start using UmojaPay!

It’s All You Need!!

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/FPiFkv

banjubel.com Jual Beli Online – banjubel is the online trading center and post ads for FREE.

banjubel.com Jual Beli Online

banjubel is the online trading center and post ads for FREE.

banjubel.com Jual Beli Online screenshot 0banjubel.com Jual Beli Online screenshot 1banjubel.com Jual Beli Online screenshot 2banjubel.com Jual Beli Online screenshot 3banjubel.com Jual Beli Online screenshot 4banjubel.com Jual Beli Online screenshot 5banjubel.com Jual Beli Online screenshot 6banjubel.com Jual Beli Online screenshot 7

banjubel.com is the online trading center that continues to grow. We present as container trading and post ads for FREE. The site is open to anyone. Ordinary citizens who want to sell used goods can through this site. For both businesses, SMEs and entrepreneurs can also advertise for FREE.
banjubel.com also as a place to find new and used goods such as product quality cheap mobile phones, computers, fashion, used cars, motorcycles, homes and property, household appliances, miscellaneous services and also job. For sellers, post free ads is one of the services provided by banjubel.com. Your ad will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people every day. Transaction on banjubel.com, whether sale or purchase is not charged. Even when you sell the goods we still do not charge fees, all supplied free of charge. Join now together with other members who are already registered.
How to Use Facility banjubel.com
To use the advertising / sales of your products, you can use it if you are already registered as our member. For that, you do advance registration (Free) and subsequently in the area, you click on “Edit my ads” located on the left sidebar.
If you do not advertise, then you can do so by + new ad, fill out the form that you are completely in accordance with the command and then click on Adverts. So right then your ad will be shown on our web.
How to Buy products in banjubel.com
It should be emphasized again that, we will not be responsible for all transactions that take place between you and the seller / advertiser on our web. Because transactions occur directly between you and the seller. We will not engage in a transaction that you did.
To that end, more vigilant and prudent in order / buy products in our web, because absolute is the seller of the product input, which sold it to you. And if then you find a seller who cheat, then report it to us by calling the contact or by marking the ads as spam. You simply open the ad, and in the right corner, click on the mark and select spam. Caution against any fraud.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/s659R5

Scan’Phone market – Scanphone Market allows you to scan your purchases with your mobile.

Scan'Phone market

Scanphone Market allows you to scan your purchases with your mobile.

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This application is only available in stores in St Pierre les Nemours (77140), Epinay sur Orge (91360) and Vincennes (94300).

Convenient, quick and easy, Scan’phone The Market application saves you time!

The Scan’phone Market is a service that allows you to scan with your mobile in your shopping Carrefour Market (*).

Pay for your groceries at the checkout your items without leaving the truck.

How to use:
1) I run the Scan’phone Market app on my mobile
2) I identify with my Carrefour loyalty card
3) I scan items before placing them in the cart
4) I pay at checkout

(*) Only available in stores in St Pierre les Nemours (77140), Epinay sur Orge (91360) and Vincennes (94300).

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/A8ziYR

Hameedia Fashion – 'Real Men wear Real Clothes'

Hameedia Fashion

'Real Men wear Real Clothes'

Hameedia Fashion screenshot 0Hameedia Fashion screenshot 1Hameedia Fashion screenshot 2Hameedia Fashion screenshot 3

‘Real Men wear Real Clothes’
Enhance the personality and lifestyle of people through our passion for men’s wear

We are totally customer focused to continue being the most trusted men’s clothing specialist in Sri Lanka and we will establish a global reach to enrich the personalities of prospects and our customers.

We will achieve success through brand focus, exclusive product lines, strategic locations and complemented with bespoke tailoring solutions. A highly motivated and competitive working environment will be created and matched with state-of-the-art technology and aggressive marketing and product strategies in order to unleash the full potential of our people.

We will drive our growth in volume and value whilst fulfilling our obligations to society as a responsible corporate citizen.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/Wez4MW

Gift Daddy – Gift-daddy.com offers a complete selection of personal and corporate gifts.

Gift Daddy

Gift-daddy.com offers a complete selection of personal and corporate gifts.

Gift Daddy screenshot 0Gift Daddy screenshot 1Gift Daddy screenshot 2Gift Daddy screenshot 3Gift Daddy screenshot 4

Giftdaddy offers a complete selection of personal and corporate floral and gift items appropriate for any occasion and every sentiment. This includes fresh flowers, plants, balloons and gift baskets. We have a full-service Special Client Services department, with a separate phone number and dedicated staff designed to meet all the needs of our customers.

Giftdaddy also offers a unique Reminder Service designed to provide advance notice and gift selection assistance for important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Customers can make purchases 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week via toll-free 800 number or on the Internet Giftdaddy, offers same-day delivery service on orders placed before 3:00 p.m. in the delivery time zone. Geographic Capabilities Giftdaddy services the United States as well as more than 140 countries worldwide.

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/H14EPh