OOVVEE – Online Fashion Store With Exciting Discounted Offers Free COD & Free Shipping


Online Fashion Store With Exciting Discounted Offers Free COD & Free Shipping

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oovvee.com is conceptualized to make Fashion For Life. oovvee is focused on providing its Customers “a world class experience” of Clothing and Fashion accessories. Formed by Mantis Retail, who aims to bring “Fashion For Life” selling through the use of technology.

oovvee.com is India’s leading online fashion store , it aims to provide “Fashion For Life”, which offers a unique and a huge variety of stylish and contemporary fashion. Our online fashion store have Designer Salwar Kurtis, casual kurtis, western kurtis, designer sarees, Tops and Tees. The prices we offer are cheap, affordable and fits into the pockets of every Indian. oovvee.com is a team of young designers and entrepreneurs.

we have 10000+ products online for indian customers and adding more and more daily. providing you with a reliable and quality product is our utmost priority. Our online store is very easy and simple to use, and with all the major and western brands being available with us, you can have a hassle and worry free shopping!

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/UsM2TH

Satu Gadget Dot Com – Satu Gadget Dot Com provide you latest smartphone with best price in Malaysia!

Satu Gadget Dot Com

Satu Gadget Dot Com provide you latest smartphone with best price in Malaysia!

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Satu Gadget Dot Com mobile application is the latest one stop online shopping mall that connects customers to variety of quality products of mobile phone at competitive prices, in a trustworthy and secure environment for buyers and sellers. Uncover endless selections and shocking deals from smartphones, tablets, accessories and smartwatch which from popular brand like Apple , Samsung , Alcatel , Sony Erricson , Nokia , Asus , Oppo and etc . SatuGadget mobile application can give the customer more easy to purchase the mobile phone and also other gadget. Just download from Google Play Store and make purchase using the application.

Online shopping has grown in popularity over the years, mainly because people find it convenient and easy to bargain shop from the comfort of their home or office. This application can be installed from Google Play Store.

Detail information: https://goo.gl/s83s9s

Pet’s Club – Pet's Club本公司可為閣下的寵物提供專業,優質,可靠寵物美容服務,亦有各色各樣的貓狗用品,小食,天然糧等等,提供免費送貨服務,請大家密切留意喔:)

Pet's Club

Pet's Club本公司可為閣下的寵物提供專業,優質,可靠寵物美容服務,亦有各色各樣的貓狗用品,小食,天然糧等等,提供免費送貨服務,請大家密切留意喔:)

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Pet’s Club HK


Detail information: https://goo.gl/aTQebL

Comercio Canarias – Find deals, discounts and promotions from more than 2,300 stores in the Canary Islands

Comercio Canarias

Find deals, discounts and promotions from more than 2,300 stores in the Canary Islands

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comerciocanarias.com the first search engine of offers, experiences, employment in the Canary Islands with more than 2,300 participating merchants in a single APP now and ready to find the best deals canary on your mobile.

Beacons using technology, your phone will notify you of offers that have less than 50 meters so you will not miss any opportunity. Thousands of businesses in the Canary Islands are promoting their discounts, offers or promotions APP comerciocanarias.com

Powered by MedianeClick.com

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/NNsl3V

KRmama929韓國代購媽 – 純粹~想提供質優價格合理的韓國商品給喜愛韓貨的你們~~ 結合韓國各大品牌,每月韓國門市出貨,絕對正品直送,品質嚴格把關,提供買家最安心的服務。


純粹~想提供質優價格合理的韓國商品給喜愛韓貨的你們~~ 結合韓國各大品牌,每月韓國門市出貨,絕對正品直送,品質嚴格把關,提供買家最安心的服務。

KRmama929韓國代購媽 screenshot 0KRmama929韓國代購媽 screenshot 1KRmama929韓國代購媽 screenshot 2KRmama929韓國代購媽 screenshot 3KRmama929韓國代購媽 screenshot 4KRmama929韓國代購媽 screenshot 5KRmama929韓國代購媽 screenshot 6KRmama929韓國代購媽 screenshot 7KRmama929韓國代購媽 screenshot 8KRmama929韓國代購媽 screenshot 9KRmama929韓國代購媽 screenshot 10


貼心服務 :
KRmama929韓國代購媽官網 : http://www.krmama929.com.tw
臉書搜尋 : KRmama929韓國代購媽

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/ncQ1QF

Street Fast Food – The Fast Food Street android app lets you order online

Street Fast Food

The Fast Food Street android app lets you order online

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The Fast Food Street Android application allows you to order online or by phone via your application. You can consult our map and choose your products.

Delivery areas:
€ 15 Min order:
69008 Lyon 8th,
€ 20 Min order:
Bron 69500, 69007 Lyon 7th, 69200 Venissieux,
€ 25 Min order:
69003 Lyon 3rd,

Opening time:
Open 7/7
From Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 14:30 and from 18h to 23h30
Sunday from 18h to 23h30.

Fast Food Street:
12 Avenue Paul Santy
69008 Lyon
Tel .:

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/Z0Urd6

Clinch Up – Buy, Sell and Rent – Clinch Up is your local marketplace and community. Buy, Sell and Rent near you.

Clinch Up - Buy, Sell and Rent

Clinch Up is your local marketplace and community. Buy, Sell and Rent near you.

Clinch Up - Buy, Sell and Rent screenshot 0Clinch Up - Buy, Sell and Rent screenshot 1Clinch Up - Buy, Sell and Rent screenshot 2Clinch Up - Buy, Sell and Rent screenshot 3Clinch Up - Buy, Sell and Rent screenshot 4

Clinch Up is your local marketplace and community. Buy, Sell and Rent in your local community. Reduce the need for upcharge by connecting directly with different Sellers and Renters. You can:

Find items near you. Use the scheduling calendar to view availability or message each other to get more information before booking

Whether you are selling or renting out your items. You set the availability, rates, and terms for listings. Get a personal storefront

Get the best booking experience. Make and accept payments using Paypal. You are covered under the Paypal buyer and seller protection program

After successful booking, leave a review for the seller and buyer. This enhances trust and provides additional safety on top of Paypal protection program

Our mission is to create a safe, secure and open community while enhancing the overall buying, selling and rental experience for our members. Download the Clinch Up App today !


We take the safety of our community seriously. Members are allowed to offer objects and goods that are part of regular market commerce. In cases where illegal products are offered for sale or rent, penal and/or civil responsibilities may be incurred.

We will remove any listing which are against the law, and/or contrary to its principles and morals. Please read our terms and privacy policy on clinchup.com

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/IAFsnU

Aktionsfinder – Miss you now no offer and no prospectus in Austria!


Miss you now no offer and no prospectus in Austria!

Aktionsfinder screenshot 0Aktionsfinder screenshot 1Aktionsfinder screenshot 2Aktionsfinder screenshot 3Aktionsfinder screenshot 4Aktionsfinder screenshot 5Aktionsfinder screenshot 6Aktionsfinder screenshot 7Aktionsfinder screenshot 8

Saving you happy! With the free action Finder app for your Android phone or tablet you have the best options, the best deals and latest brochures of the most important Austrian shops always with you – no matter where you are looking.

Whether supermarkets, furniture stores, electronic goods, sports stores, hardware stores, optician or mail-order houses: Get free daily over 10,000 offers from more than 150 leaflets and brochures on your smartphone or tablet.

Discover the benefits of action Finder app:

• Start by browsing conveniently latest brochures, catalogs, flyers and brochures of shops in your immediate vicinity

• Find the most attractive promotions, offers and discounts range and exceptional deals in the near vicinity of your location

• Browse in exciting products as food, cosmetics, pet supplies, electronics, furniture, gardening, sports, fashion, gastronomy or travel

can • Use the handy search, and see at a glance where you buy your favorite products and brands particularly favorable

• Order online available items with just one click directly from the prospectus

• Save interesting brochure and flyer pages as personal favorites

• Put individual products in your shopping list and add notes for the exact planning your shopping trip added

• Benefit from the clear area map, with which you can quickly find the shops near you: including address, contact and opening times

Start by browsing through the top offers the following industries:

• supermarkets
• organic markets
• Gastronomy
• Book and stationer
• drugstores
• Supplies
• Electrical Markets
• Furniture Stores
• Sports shops
• garages and car dealers
• pet stores
• fashion stores
• Shoe shops
• Travel agencies
• Tool Dealer
• Toy stores
• baby store
• Shopping centers
• optician
• mail order company

The prospectus variety of popular merchant:

Adeg, Basic, Bauhaus, BayWa, Billa, Bipa, Boesner, Burger King, Charles Vögele, Conrad, Dänisches Bettenlager, Dehner, Deichmann, because’s, depot, dm drogerie markt, electric haas, Euro Spar, Forstinger, Fussl, Gigasport, Hartlauer, Hellweg , Hervis, Hofer, Husqvarna, Ikea, Interio, Interspar, Jello, Kik, Kika, Klug Touristik, warehouse, Leifheit, Leiner, Libro, Lidl, Maxi market, Media Markt, Merkur, Metro, Möbelix, Möbi, Mömax, Müller, Obi , Otto, Pagro, Pearle, Penny, P.MAX, Pro, Quester, Saturn, savings, Sports Direct, Tabor, Tedi, Thalia, Toys’R’Us, Unimarkt, Universal, Welas, XXXLutz, Zgonc and many others.

We hope you enjoy browsing, discovering and selecting great promotions and offers and look forward to your rating in the AppStore!

For questions and suggestions you please contact directly by e-mail: android@aktionsfinder.at

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/F0Vj8J