Shop With Sophie – Welcome to Shop With Sophie – your personal shopping valet.

Shop With Sophie

Welcome to Shop With Sophie – your personal shopping valet.

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Welcome to Shop With Sophie – your personal shopping valet. Designed to help you find only the things you want – at the right time & place. Tell us what you like to shop/browse and which brands you like. Next time you are at a marketplace where our service is active, Sophie shall notify you of exciting ‘scoops’ regarding new stores, products, exclusive promotions & events – as per your choices. Share with your friends, interact with brands and lots more.

Interact with the best Brands: tell us which brands you would like to get ‘Scoops’ for, we will keep adding to the brands we work with based on popular demand.

NO Spamming: Only get ‘scoops’ notifying you for products/brands you would like to know about and only when you are at a marketplace.

Works without mobile data: You need to keep either data or location services on when at a marketplace for Sophie to help you shop – not both. To update your preferences, other activities on app you will still need to be connected to data.

Be the first to know: find out first with Sophie about new launches, explore, shop, get deals and more and share with your friends.

Gain shopping points: interact with brands on our app and gain points for sharing on social media.

Intelligent assistance: the more you share with us, the more Sophie customizes the app just for you. What ‘scoops’ you see could be different from others near you depending on your choices.

Many more exciting features on the way. Download now and visit one of our service locations to experience what Sophie can do for you.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

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