Tienda Cápsulas – Comprar Café – App to buy coffee capsules and teas. Original and compatible brands.

Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café

App to buy coffee capsules and teas. Original and compatible brands.

Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 0Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 1Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 2Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 3Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 4Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 5Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 6Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 7Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 8Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 9Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 10Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 11Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 12Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 13Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 14Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 15Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 16Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 17Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 18Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 19Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 20Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 21Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 22Tienda Cápsulas - Comprar Café screenshot 23 application to buy coffee are online at the best price.

Wide variety of coffee capsules and teas of the best original and compatible with most brands of coffee machines on the market (Dolce Gusto, Nespresso, Caffitaly Stracto, Lavazza, Senseo and Tassimo). Low prices and Free from 35 € of order (Peninsula) Shipping.

From the app, you can also acquire ground or whole bean coffee, tea, chamomile, red, green, black tea (Pompadour, Hornimans, Lipton, Montecelio and CUIDATE), and combine them with sweet, honey, sweeteners, chocolates, sugar-free products ( Granja San Francisco, Azucarera Spanish, Chocolates Valor and Natreen), and a variety of accessories related to the world of coffee and tea (cups, glasses, cutlery, filters, containers, carrying capsules, parts and accessories cleaning coffee makers, etc).

You find original coffee brands, and rechargeable compatible capsules, along with a wide variety of tea in bags, pyramids, branch, bulk or in capsules.

Only serve orders to Spain (Peninsula, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla). Make your purchase comfortably from our application and 48-72 hours you will receive your order in your own home served by the Post Office.

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POS Mobile – Point Of Sale with Bar code scanning, MPOS connected, Bluetooth based printer

POS Mobile

Point Of Sale with Bar code scanning, MPOS connected, Bluetooth based printer

POS Mobile screenshot 0POS Mobile screenshot 1POS Mobile screenshot 2

A ) Configuration:
i) Item data for shelf items from online application
ii) Sale invoice id differentiated based on device id/sim card

B) Integration with Payment systems

i) mPOS: Currently integrated with ezetap, can be integrated with any mPOS
ii) Manual swipe machine ( Any type )
iii) Cash

C) Reporting
i) Sales data per transactions
ii) Sales data per item
iii) Sent SMS details
iv) Reporting in chart form for Sale data
v) Inventory report
vi) email of transaction and SMS data for further processing by ERP/Central processing unit for inventory, marketing

D.1) Parking Transaction
i) Parking currently selected items for later invoice generation/adding/deleting items from it

D.2) ReEditing of transaction
i) Can Reedit transaction for
a) Deleting/adding new items
b) Resending to users on mobile as sms/ email /printing
c) For giving gift discount

E) Discount
i) Discount for gift voucher
ii) Bulk Discount(manual)
iii) Loyalty Discount (manual)
iv) Discount per item

F) Invoicing
i) SMS based
ii) email based
iii) Printed receipt
iv) Load receipt to central database on ERP/Customer site

G) Integration with bluetooth based printer
i) Generate receipt with bluetooth based printer
ii) Print sales data on printer

H) Selecting Items
i) Search and select
ii) View details and then select
iii) Bar code reader
a) In built bar code reader
b) Bluetooth/usb based bar code reader

I) Connect with Bar code reader
J) Connect with keyboard, mouse
K) Online Marketing
i) Send mass sms for marketing
ii) Send mail for marketing

L) Moduler approach
i) Separate application for reporting
ii) Data management
iii) POS
M) Peformance
i) Best performance as data is locally fetched

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E-hırdavat – E-hardware, hardware and hobby products sales application is online.


E-hardware, hardware and hobby products sales application is online.

E-hırdavat screenshot 0E-hırdavat screenshot 1

Confidence in this sector Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. As we have gained knowledge and experience since 1983, we continue to deliver my you more easily and quickly to our customers. With experience and business ethics, we have gained over many years, Bosch, Dremel, Proxxon, Ceta-form Karbosan by the hook like franchises of the major brands, each of which is a global brand in the field of Excalibur, Pfeil, Razertip, Olson, Dura-Grit, such as Kreg We bow our special brand continued with them for hobbyists and distributor of brand, quality products that you need for each global brand, we quickly and seamlessly delivers custom made products needed for your hobby.

90% of the products on our site ‘s is available from stock, 73% of your order is shipped the same day.

Our professional and experienced customer service representative will inform you every step of your order and help in your requests. in your order over and above the amount of $ 100 shipping is free. Pay at the door payments, credit card and Paypal you can perform in three different ways. You can use the cash price paid by 6 installments option on your credit card. on (0216) 379 39 99 telephone number (0216) 307 66 55 fax’t number or address on weekdays from 08: 30-18.30 and weekend hours 08:30 – You can reach between 13:30.

We wish you an enjoyable and hassle free shopping.

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Weekly Sales Ad Highlights – Sales Ad Weekly Highlights From major Department, Grocery, specialty,Mall store

Weekly Sales Ad Highlights

Sales Ad Weekly Highlights From major Department, Grocery, specialty,Mall store

Weekly Sales Ad Highlights screenshot 0Weekly Sales Ad Highlights screenshot 1Weekly Sales Ad Highlights screenshot 2Weekly Sales Ad Highlights screenshot 3Weekly Sales Ad Highlights screenshot 4Weekly Sales Ad Highlights screenshot 5Weekly Sales Ad Highlights screenshot 6Weekly Sales Ad Highlights screenshot 7Weekly Sales Ad Highlights screenshot 8

Weekly Sales Ads Hilights covers sale from walmart, kroger, target etc. every time new sales come out from them. It displays when will sale start and end for major stores.
App automatically updates when there is some thing new comes out. Software covers eight major stores. User does not need to buy Sunday paper or book mark store sites


Capture screen and save on gallery image then text, email or print.
Depending on your device you can use the following triggers to capture screen:
• Hold ‘Power button’ and ‘Volume-down button’ for 2 seconds
• Hold ‘Power button’ and ‘Home button’ for 2 seconds
On some devices Hold the power button and volume low button for 2 seconds to capture the screen.
Any issue please email the developer. Please leave a Kind review and suggestion to improve.

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Доставка еды Мияги – Hungry? Miyagi – it's always fresh sushi, rolls and pizza on thin crust.

Доставка еды Мияги

Hungry? Miyagi – it's always fresh sushi, rolls and pizza on thin crust.

Доставка еды Мияги screenshot 0Доставка еды Мияги screenshot 1Доставка еды Мияги screenshot 2Доставка еды Мияги screenshot 3Доставка еды Мияги screenshot 4Доставка еды Мияги screenshot 5Доставка еды Мияги screenshot 6Доставка еды Мияги screenshot 7Доставка еды Мияги screenshot 8Доставка еды Мияги screenshot 9

Miyagi – it’s always fresh sushi and rolls, a real pizza on thin crust and unforgettable Pan Asian cuisine – “Wok”. Japanese delicious! – Is our motto, because the taste is of great importance for us and we are very pleased to share it with you. This can tell you our regular customers, with whom we became friends over the past few years! We are truly passionate about the work on selection of the best suppliers and monitor the quality of our products. We make no blanks! Our chef with extensive experience of Japanese masters began to prepare only after your order, so you get all the most fresh, tasty and spicy. See for yourself, compare us with others, ordered a couple of well-known rolls or pizza! We are confident in the result, because we know that the taste and quality means success!

With the application of Miyagi you can:
– To order our delicious food home or office;
– Conveniently and quickly contact our administrator;
– Instantly lay to us the route, on foot or by car;
– To take advantage of profitable bonuses, promotions and loyalty programs;
– Promptly receive all our news;

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FLORISTAN – доставка цветов – Application for order with free delivery of bouquets of flowers and gifts for Kazan

FLORISTAN - доставка цветов

Application for order with free delivery of bouquets of flowers and gifts for Kazan

FLORISTAN - доставка цветов screenshot 0FLORISTAN - доставка цветов screenshot 1FLORISTAN - доставка цветов screenshot 2FLORISTAN - доставка цветов screenshot 3FLORISTAN - доставка цветов screenshot 4FLORISTAN - доставка цветов screenshot 5FLORISTAN - доставка цветов screenshot 6

Flower company FLORISTAN Since 2011, engaged in the sale of cut flowers from all over the zemli.Blagodarya our company you have the opportunity to remotely select the flowers you are interested in and get them in time when you need to make a show. If, for any reason, you are not able to pick up flowers or donate, we can do it for Vas.Nashi couriers in the best possible way to deliver flowers to the recipient and give your wishes in writing or orally.
With our mobile app to order a bouquet become even more convenient and easier!
In the mobile application you can:
– Choose a bouquet
– Place an order online
– Call directly from the application
– Take advantage of coupons and extra discounts
– Subscribe to the newsletter
– Get all the information about us
– Congratulate friends and relatives

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