TeeGee – TeeGee Mobile App new service from TG FONE.


TeeGee Mobile App new service from TG FONE.

TeeGee screenshot 0TeeGee screenshot 1TeeGee screenshot 2TeeGee screenshot 3TeeGee screenshot 4

Contact TeeGee Mobile Application is online channel for customers TG Phone and guests. As an alternative to the customer to verify the information and data, product information, search field of TG Phone from nearby, promotion, for the ordered product, rate and use coupons redeemed. , benefits from many points. Check throughout the insurance products through an application on Smartphone, anywhere, anytime.
1) Review the information more easily.
2) find shops TG Phone.
3) Redemption EP – to redeem coupon / discount shop in TG. Capability, and a list of participating stores.
4) Check the promotions offered from TG Phone.
5) comments about the service of TG Phone.
6) You can check the warranty from the application immediately.
7) The New Book Items and promotions from TG Phone.
8) can communicate directly with a sales representative (Personal Sale).

See detail information: https://goo.gl/k9FbDJ

朵朵活力早餐 – 朵朵活力早餐位於中和四號公園旁,是以養生美味早餐為概念,在您一天當中最重要早晨時光,提供您最新現打的新鮮養生蔬果汁



朵朵活力早餐 screenshot 0朵朵活力早餐 screenshot 1朵朵活力早餐 screenshot 2朵朵活力早餐 screenshot 3

「SKPOS」是針對微型餐飲店面所設計的智慧平板點餐、訂餐系統,您可在App Store搜尋「SKPOS」,下載後可免費註冊試用。

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/0nVWlm

Rooms To Go – Download the Rooms To Go App for Immediate Access to Coupons and Deals!

Rooms To Go

Download the Rooms To Go App for Immediate Access to Coupons and Deals!

Rooms To Go screenshot 0Rooms To Go screenshot 1Rooms To Go screenshot 2

Download the Rooms To Go app and get Rooms To Go coupons for all holidays deals! Be sure to check back frequently to maximize your savings and take advantage of all Rooms To Go special offers.

Furniture shopping will never be the same! Whenever there is a big holiday sales event in your area, the Rooms To Go app will automatically update with the latest seasonal coupons and furniture discounts. Simply download the app to get all the holiday coupons for your local Rooms To Go, Rooms To Go Kids, and Rooms To Go Outlet stores!

Rooms To Go always features the best deals on furniture, but now with the Rooms To Go app you can get even more discounts!

The Rooms To Go app includes the following features:

● A simple, easy to use interface designed specifically to cater to busy shoppers on the go!
● Alerts to let you know of upcoming sales for even bigger discounts on already great prices!
● New holiday coupons automatically updated whenever there’s a sales event!
● A Store Locator to help you quickly navigate to the nearest Rooms To Go stores!

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/eAcUnW

Grocery Shopping,Coupon Wallet – Download Quopn Wallet to get amazing discounts on grocery shopping.

Grocery Shopping,Coupon Wallet

Download Quopn Wallet to get amazing discounts on grocery shopping.

Grocery Shopping,Coupon Wallet screenshot 0Grocery Shopping,Coupon Wallet screenshot 1Grocery Shopping,Coupon Wallet screenshot 2Grocery Shopping,Coupon Wallet screenshot 3Grocery Shopping,Coupon Wallet screenshot 4Grocery Shopping,Coupon Wallet screenshot 5Grocery Shopping,Coupon Wallet screenshot 6Grocery Shopping,Coupon Wallet screenshot 7

What is the Quopn Wallet?
Quopn Wallet is a personalized mobile shopping app that helps you discover all the best offers and discounts on everyday use grocery products from your favourite brands which you can redeem at your neighborhood grocery store or kirana!

How does Quopn Wallet benefit me?
– Your rewards for redeeming Quopns are not boring old loyalty points; rather straightforward savings that appear directly in your bill.
– Cashless grocery shopping is here! Simply load money in your wallet and pay for groceries with ease.
– Use your money the way you want. Send it to your contacts or transfer it back into your bank account.

My local grocery store already gives me discounts; so why do I need the Quopn Wallet app?
You can multiply your savings with the Quopn Wallet app because these Quopn offers are over and above discounts given by your grocery store.

How do I redeem my Quopns?
It’s extremely easy! Add Quopns you like to your Cart in the app anytime, anywhere (even from the comfort of your home). Once you are at a Quopn enabled store, just present your Wallet app to the cashier at the time of check-out to redeem multiple Quopns at a go.

How do I find Quopn enabled store?
Don’t worry! The app has an inbuilt map feature that helps you find all Quopn enabled stores near your location.

Are there any hidden costs?
Absolutely not! Quopn Wallet is a completely free app.

Want to know more? Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.
or call our Customer Care number on 9004590045.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/YQYIYQ

Misspera – misspera.co with well-kept and nice to be so close now just a click away!


misspera.co with well-kept and nice to be so close now just a click away!

Misspera screenshot 0Misspera screenshot 1Misspera screenshot 2Misspera screenshot 3Misspera screenshot 4

misspera.co with well-kept and nice to be so close now just a click away!
I misspera.co under the same roof with the assurance of world-famous perfume and cosmetics brands Markafoni now brings beauty to your pocket with the new mobile applications.
Misspera.co mobile application;
– The best and you get the guaranteed 100% authentic products from popular brands.
– 100% of you shop safely with your credit card.
– You can track the status of your order.
– Perfumes, skin care, makeup, the product of broad categories such as personal care can be found with a single click.
– You can have the advantageous price to the world famous and popular brand of perfumes and cosmetics.
– Make-up and maintenance can follow trends, smart, and you can enjoy the beauty of the budget.
– Products you like Facebook, you can also communicate via Twitter, if you can share with your friends via email.
– Missper application store in your pocket may have to miss the famous brands of the advantageous price, you can take advantage of the special installment.
– Give you at $ 50 and free shipping on purchases over can take advantage of the opportunity.
You can send your comments on any application to us about missper destek@misspera.co address.

See more information: https://goo.gl/EUxRQr

아는농부 – Acquaintance direct transaction-based agricultural sites


Acquaintance direct transaction-based agricultural sites

아는농부 screenshot 0아는농부 screenshot 1아는농부 screenshot 2아는농부 screenshot 3아는농부 screenshot 4아는농부 screenshot 5아는농부 screenshot 6아는농부 screenshot 7아는농부 screenshot 8아는농부 screenshot 9아는농부 screenshot 10아는농부 screenshot 11

– Acquaintance direct transaction-based agricultural sites
Without any procedure to sell the goods to close acquaintances.
Doegetjiyo do not need to repeat customers every time a new product introduction phones.
You can believe that trade between acquaintances.

– Simply register for three minutes Sale
Neighbor happened to the online store, nothing to worry about the long-winded product introduction,
You can request a product configuration design work to create a post.
Let’s try it! Acquaintances seemed to letters sent, only 3 minutes

– Fresh
The more complex distribution process is provided yijiyo freshness falling prices rise.
Consisting of direct transaction between the seller and the buyer without any procedures
Farmhouse 3 minutes to introduce direct transaction services, knowing the farmers’

See detail information: https://goo.gl/DcndsY

Domino’s Pizza Macedonia – Domino's Pizza Macedonia

Domino's Pizza Macedonia

Domino's Pizza Macedonia

Domino's Pizza Macedonia screenshot 0Domino's Pizza Macedonia screenshot 1Domino's Pizza Macedonia screenshot 2Domino's Pizza Macedonia screenshot 3Domino's Pizza Macedonia screenshot 4

* Одберете нарачка за Достава или Подигнување од ресторан
* Одберете некој од Вашите омилени Domino’s производи и прилагодете ја нарачката баш како што Вие сакате
* Гледајте ја подготовката на пицата во РЕАЛНО ВРЕМЕ преку нашиот Pizza тracker
* Уживајте во вкусната нарачка во Вашиот дом или со подигнување на нарачката од најблиската продавница!

Технички спецификации:
* Продукт Carousel – Најлесниот механизам за навигација низ Вашите омилени производи!
* Направете пица баш онака како што Вие сакате. Изберете од широкиот спектар на теста и вкусни додатоци.
* Пронајдете ја Вашата најблиска продавница и најкраткиот пат како да стигнете до неа.

Помогнете ни да направиме подобра апликација. Вашата повратна информација е екстремно корисна за нас!
За сите идеи/грешки/подобрувања Ве молиме да не исконтактирате на info@dominos.mk

Пратете не некоја од социјалните мрежи:
– Like на Facebook
-> facebook.com/Dominosmk

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/h9iGiU

Horee Mall Indonesia – Horee Mall Indonesia is a new way of online shopping with full 3D Environment

Horee Mall Indonesia

Horee Mall Indonesia is a new way of online shopping with full 3D Environment

Horee Mall Indonesia screenshot 0Horee Mall Indonesia screenshot 1Horee Mall Indonesia screenshot 2Horee Mall Indonesia screenshot 3Horee Mall Indonesia screenshot 4

Horee Mall Indonesia is a new and inovative form of online shopping, with full 3d graphic and First Person View, our shopper will feel exactly like in a Real Mall. We also provide a lot of features that allows our Shopper to immerse and enjoy all the experience of a real mall without all the hassle.

Full 3D Environment
Move and Explore Horee Mall Indonesia just like in the real world. Shoppers can walk around, see other Shoppers and enter any store they want by just simply walk to and click on the store’s door.
Secure Transaction
Horee Mall Indonesia is integrated with reputable banks and delivery companies to provide a secure flow of process, from the moment a shopper put products into their cart until the products are delivered to their destination.
Public and Private Chat
Shoppers can chat to each others just like in a real mall, shoppers can also create their own chatroom to easily meet and hangout.
Shopper Customization
Dress and pimped up your own appearence everytime you enter Horee Mall Indonesia
Friend System
Shoppers can add other shopper as their friends, and see who’s currently inside Horee Mall.
Chat with store owner
Shoppers can chat with the Store Owners to ask detailed informations of their products.
Update personal status
Share your current mood and status with other shoppers
Familiar Interface
Horee Mall Indonesia’s User Interface is built to accomodate Touch Based Devices, Shoppers will easily use every features of Horee Mall Indonesia
Automatic update
Horee Mall Indonesia will automatically update as needed, providing seamless experience without having to manually update the app.

for further information, visit horee.id

*Horee Mall Indonesia requires WebGL enabled devices.
for other devices, please try Horee Mall Lite : play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.horee.horeelite

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/fmL3k6