The Fresh – E-commerce innovations provide Indonesia with fresh fruit …

The Fresh

E-commerce innovations provide Indonesia with fresh fruit …

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The Fresh is a company that is a supplier and distributor you particularly fruit and various types of food that become a necessity in your home kitchen.


1. Accuracy

Timeliness and products in the shipment we always keep well up to the goal.

2. Quality

Quality is maintained thanks to the Quality Control by our experienced team.

3. Ease

Convenience of shopping without spending your time beharga.

THE FRESH plantations which became the main source of our company, always providing Grade fruit quality, hygienic packaging process and is very useful for the quality of health of your body! Enjoy The Fresh.

Ease is now in your hands, freshness Enjoy The Fresh with a very simple application and smart that you can download in the Google Play Store.

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MT Anúncios – MT classifieds – Your purchase and sale in a touch

MT Anúncios

MT classifieds – Your purchase and sale in a touch

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MT ads is an application for Android phones classified system. You put all what takes up space in your home and that takes up no more, simple to sign up, simple to advertise, simple to sell and to guarantee that the money will be all yours. Advertise and sell without paying fees or commissions.


User registration
° Registration of products sale
° Photos products
° Search by location
° photos seller and cover
° registrations of products by sections
° Vitrine Virtual stores
° Favorite Products
° Featured ads

MT ads, An Application designed for you to profit!

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SoloStocks compras – Thousands of suppliers with a single click

SoloStocks compras

Thousands of suppliers with a single click

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SoloStocks shopping for Android

SoloStocks shopping for Android provides access to the largest catalog of products and suppliers from Spain intended for businesses and professionals. Here you will see, compare and buy products and services for your business from anywhere, saving time and money. Look for products, compare prices and read reviews from other users to make the best purchasing decision for your company.

SoloStocks shopping is particularly suitable for companies that want to save on their purchases and need to find reliable suppliers for consumption of your business, product distribution or purchase of raw materials for both unit production and wholesale shopping process. Also, SoloStocks shopping is also indicated for those companies that want to start selling its product online, lots of liquidation or second-hand equipment. Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or independent professional, if you want to promote your entire product catalog and sell online you can do it easily with our publishing tools

In SoloStocks purchases have full access to your purchases, your published products and to “Inbox”, the instant messaging system that allows you to contact your provider immediately and easily (similar to WhatsApp, oriented 100% to the sale among professionals).

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Kath Sprei – KS-shop online- sheets make your bed look charming and attractive.

Kath Sprei

KS-shop online- sheets make your bed look charming and attractive.

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Sleeping room is the most private place in the house. This is where the homeowner removing physical fatigue, thoughts, and emotions. That is why the bedroom is the most common site is specifically designed. The main principle of a sleeping room should be comfortable and give you peace. Sleeping room must fulfill two main functions, namely: – Physical function, the bedroom can be a place to accommodate all kinds of goods and activities of residents of the house that is very personal. – Psychological function, sleeping room expected to be a place that can give comfort when occupants really need tranquility. Therefore, the design of the bedroom designed using soothing interior elements, for example in terms of color selected pastel colors or natural colors.

Private bedroom for you everyday, apart from the color of the interior of the bedroom, the softness of your bed linen will make you feel relaxed. Thus, selecting colors, patterns, type of material and the size of the sheets that fit into your sake it is important to expect a perfect sleep.

Kathleen bed linen (KS) with motifs and colors help provide many options and styles in your bedroom so that the bed you become part of the decor of your bedroom you love most.

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Oxolloxo-Online Clothing – Latest autumn winter styles for women, men & Kids.Summer sale 70% Off Hurry up !

Oxolloxo-Online Clothing

Latest autumn winter styles for women, men & Kids.Summer sale 70% Off Hurry up !

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Shopping now made easier with Oxolloxo’s fun mobile application! Now you can shop on the go – whether you’re stuck in traffic, on a boring date or travelling. Oxolloxo’s premier range includes ethically-sourced, wallet-friendly clothing for the contemporary Indian family – Women, Men and Kids; and we have also introduced ranges for Plus Sizes, Maternity and Beachwear. Download the app to avail Oxolloxo’s shopping benefits and latest news.
1. Latest trends, colours and styles
2. Cash on delivery
3. Free Home Delivery*
4. 30 Day Easy Return Policy
5. Friendly Customer Care Services

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