Tiffany Engagement Ring Finder – Find your perfect engagement ring and wedding band with the Tiffany ring finder.

Tiffany Engagement Ring Finder

Find your perfect engagement ring and wedding band with the Tiffany ring finder.

Tiffany Engagement Ring Finder screenshot 0Tiffany Engagement Ring Finder screenshot 1Tiffany Engagement Ring Finder screenshot 2Tiffany Engagement Ring Finder screenshot 3Tiffany Engagement Ring Finder screenshot 4Tiffany Engagement Ring Finder screenshot 5Tiffany Engagement Ring Finder screenshot 6Tiffany Engagement Ring Finder screenshot 7Tiffany Engagement Ring Finder screenshot 8

Find your perfect engagement and wedding rings with the Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder.
Browse diamond rings, view actual carat weights, determine your ring size and discover why a Tiffany engagement ring is worthy of your eternal love.

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Skycart™: Singapore Shopping – Singapore based shopping app for fashion apparel,accessories,travel,toys.

Skycart™: Singapore Shopping

Singapore based shopping app for fashion apparel,accessories,travel,toys.

Skycart™: Singapore Shopping screenshot 0Skycart™: Singapore Shopping screenshot 1Skycart™: Singapore Shopping screenshot 2Skycart™: Singapore Shopping screenshot 3Skycart™: Singapore Shopping screenshot 4Skycart™: Singapore Shopping screenshot 5

Skycart app launch! All current batch of items in the app get free express shipping to mark the occasion, including beauty care products that are all imported directly from Korea at cheap prices. Stocks for all items are extremely limited this time round, so act fast if you see something you like!

For less than 5MB of your phone storage space, shop from a wide variety of products ranging from fashion apparel, accessories, beauty care products, travel items, toys and many more! Products are increased and updated regularly so make sure you check back from time to time. Prices are always kept as low as possible and great deals can always be found among other already-cheap items!

A Different Ways to Shop
• Regular limited sales selling great deals at a loss!
• Hand-picked catalogue of items you love to buy on the cheap.
• Grabbing function for the pro to dive into the vast world of Taobao on-the-go!

Skycart in your hands
• Cross-platform tracking to follow your orders made on
• Check and edit your Skypay and Skycart accounts.

Connect with us

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Rentomo – Rent items locally – Rentomo is an online trusted community of peer to peer sharing

Rentomo - Rent items locally

Rentomo is an online trusted community of peer to peer sharing

Rentomo - Rent items locally screenshot 0Rentomo - Rent items locally screenshot 1Rentomo - Rent items locally screenshot 2Rentomo - Rent items locally screenshot 3Rentomo - Rent items locally screenshot 4Rentomo - Rent items locally screenshot 5Rentomo - Rent items locally screenshot 6

The collaborative economy, also referred to as the sharing economy is taking the internet off the storm. Being the newest phase of the web world, it has paved a novel way of utilizing assets in an efficient and resilient manner. This gave rise to a dire need of developing a platform which allows people to utilize infrastructure and resources that aren’t used effectively.

Given the fact that there are a whole lot of consumer items – a hammer, a tent, a badminton racket and the likes, which most of us have, but lie unused most of the times; if aptly put to use can be advantageous for both the parties – renter and owner. This thought of bridging the exchange gap between the borrower and the lender, and making underutilized assets available to people by the means of technology thereby facilitating ease of discovery and hence, the access, resulted in the establishment of Rentomo.

Rentomo is a trusted community that enables people in renting out their not-so-used stuff, besides borrowing items which they wish to use once in a while. It connects you to people who are a part of a reliable community and encourages them to share stuff with those residing nearby in the times of need. To be precise, this worthy platform proffers users with the facility to borrow or rent items that they may bring to occasional use, such as a drill, ladder, camera, bicycle, travel bags etc.

Rentomo works on the notion, “Why buy when you can borrow.” At Rentomo, we operate with the aim to provide people with the access to things they need without having to own them, which saves them money. Wondering how would you trust the lender or borrower? This is where technology comes into the picture. Rentomo is building up an aggregator platform using the edge cutting technology to deliver you a comprehensive experience of sharing stuff among trusted communities, societies, groups or friends.

We, at Rentomo, work with a mission to build a locality that offers you an instant access to almost everything in no time, and endeavor to turn every city into a ‘sharing city’ by making users realize that access to the stuff they need is cheaper, hassle free and greener than ownership of a product.

PERMISSIONS – We take your privacy seriously. We do not share your personal details with anyone without your permission which includes your phone number, email id, address and any other detail which you do not want to share.
Here is a list of app permissions we seek & why

GPS Location: Your location helps us identify how far an item is from you as well as check if delivery is available for your location. It also helps us serve relevant results & make apt recommendations to you.

Camera: You can also take a picture from your camera and send it to a borrower/owner of the item. For instance if you found something you like & would like to find out if someone has similar products, etc. QR code scanner feature also uses camera.

Get accounts: This permission is taken for us to be able to send notifications to you. This helps us notify you about important messages & updates.

Read Phone State: We use the READ_PHONE_STATE permission to make your life easier while verifying your phone number to create an Rentomo profile.

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DealsCorner – Compare prices for all products and get lowest price, best coupons & offers.


Compare prices for all products and get lowest price, best coupons & offers.

DealsCorner screenshot 0DealsCorner screenshot 1DealsCorner screenshot 2DealsCorner screenshot 3DealsCorner screenshot 4DealsCorner screenshot 5DealsCorner screenshot 6DealsCorner screenshot 7DealsCorner screenshot 8DealsCorner screenshot 9DealsCorner screenshot 10DealsCorner screenshot 11DealsCorner screenshot 12DealsCorner screenshot 13

For our team at DealsCorner, we have only one goal in mind and that is: To Help You Save More Money.

We strive to help you save more money by daily searching for deals & coupons for your favourite stores and providing you quick access to those offers & discounts.

DealsCorner has the best deals, coupons, sales, promotions and freebies for all categories and products like Electronics, TVs, Laptops, Mobiles, Games, Clothes, and even Local deals for travel, restaurant deals, massages and more from your favourite stores like Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Justeat, FoodPanda, Indiatimes Shopping, Zovi, HomeShop18, StarCj, Naaptol, Rediff, Groupon and more.

The App is absolutely FREE to use and there are no hidden costs or charges!

You can compare prices for more than 1 Crore Products at more than 100 Online Stores. We are adding new products on daily basis to our price comparison engine, so you can get BEST Price always.

You can browse latest hot offers to see if anything that you may like is on sale. These hot offers are exceptional sales and are hand picked by our staff and you don’t want to miss them! Be sure to check them daily.

We list new coupons daily for all major online stores in India like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Myntra, Justeat, FoodPanda, Indiatimes Shopping, Zovi, HomeShop18, Rediff, StarCj, Naaptol and others.

Easy access to your favourite stores to make shopping simple. Add your favourite stores to favourite list and you would be able to quickly access valid & tested coupons at your fingertips.

You can use the barcode scanner or search for item to check the lowest price across online stores. We are continuously adding new items and stores for price comparison. This ensures you pay only the lowest price for what you want to buy.

Based on your permissions, we would provide you instant notifications when a deal or coupon of your interest is found, so you don’t have to keep on looking for the deals or coupon. Simply let us know what you want and we will notify you as soon as we find a deal or coupon of your interest.

You can post a deal or coupon hunt. Our staff & community members will hunt down a deal or coupon that you have requested. All for FREE!!

We know that buying on your phone can be a pain sometimes, so this feature lets you “save” a deal or coupon, and we’ll remind you later by email or on the website so that you can complete your transaction on your computer or tablet.

Browse deals by category including Apparel & Accessories, Automotive, Beauty Supplies, Books & Magazines, Kids & Children, Mobile, Laptop, Tablet, Computers, Television, Electronics, Games, Home & Garden, Office & School Supplies, Pets, Sports & Fitness, Travel, Restaurant and More!

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립합 – 13 years Beloved Women's Store riphap


13 years Beloved Women's Store riphap

립합 screenshot 0립합 screenshot 1립합 screenshot 2립합 screenshot 3립합 screenshot 4립합 screenshot 5립합 screenshot 6

This app has been released for 13 years in women’s clothing mall riphap loved.
More comfortable and more rapidly nearing a mistake in the application to meet riphap in my hand.
LATEST NEWS fastest agree with lip special offers, coupons, discounts, events, etc., and can meet the latest news
Anywhere where you can enjoy shopping riphap downloaded directly from the mobile app now!

Lip agreement is linked to a shopping mall and 100% application will show you the contents of the App Store.

■ Main features of the app riphap
Use riphap mall features 100%
There are thousands of products hasilsu shopping the lip agreement.
Meet only app that event, you can find special events, etc. to meet.
Immediately you will receive the quickest lip agreed to news alerts (push notifications) services.

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Sportistas – Order directly from your device sports clothes, shoes, accessories!


Order directly from your device sports clothes, shoes, accessories!

Sportistas screenshot 0Sportistas screenshot 1Sportistas screenshot 2

The application allows the user Sportistas / partner, seeing all sports clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. and to order them directly from the device.


Main Features:
– User-friendly environment for searching and selecting products
– Safe environment with elements Agent login
– Wide range of products / brands
– Ability to mass order
– Send order from your mobile
– Checkout with few clicks, without registering partner the order shipping information
– Sort products by Price / new products

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ePASS.MOBILe – Scanner barcode products for mobile phones


Scanner barcode products for mobile phones

ePASS.MOBILe screenshot 0ePASS.MOBILe screenshot 1ePASS.MOBILe screenshot 2ePASS.MOBILe screenshot 3

ePASS.MOBILe – bar code scanner for mobile phones. Working with the Belarusian Bank ePassport goods (, then – ePASS).
ePASS – Belarusian basic information system on products, their manufacturers and importers.
ePASS.MOBILe scans the bar code becomes ePASS (requires internet connection), it finds items with this code and it displays basic information. A distinctive feature of ePASS.MOBILe – 100% accuracy. She brought in ePASS only “first-hand” – producer of the product or its first importer in the Republic of Belarus. This is followed by additional checks on the basic attributes for compliance with international rules and standards of e-commerce. Therefore, in accordance with the decision of the Belarusian Government of 22.08.2011 № 1116, ePASS vested in Belarus status of basic information system for the purpose of automated accounting and management of distribution networks, e-commerce processes.
ePASS.MOBILe shows the most frequently required attributes of the item description. Full descriptions of goods (more than 90 attributes) are available on a fee basis (contract online Retailers, distributors, online retailers, EDI-providers, etc. use these descriptions in their systems automate business processes, taking with automated services. Thus they eliminate the cost of multiple manual data entry of the goods in information systems eliminate errors and ensure consistency of information about the product throughout the supply chain (in databases, in paper and electronic documents, statistical and accounting reports, etc.).
EPASS updated daily on new products 3500-5000. As of 01/04/2013 there were more than 7 million of the products. This is mainly goods that are Belarusian bar code (beginning with the digits 481). However, from 2013 to ePASS actively introduced describing not only the Belarusian goods, but those bar codes which are registered in other countries in accordance with the standards of GS1.

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