Digital Wallet – ShopStore's Digital Wallet featured in SD City Beat & Discover SD

Digital Wallet

ShopStore's Digital Wallet featured in SD City Beat & Discover SD

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Every Store and Company Available! Stay Organized!

Full list of what users are saving, sharing and using in ShopStore below.

– Completely Offline
– No Ads & No in-app purchases
– No Internet, Data or WiFi necessary
– No registration, email or personal information required

Never carry or track another piece of information! Simply store it securely with a quick picture in ShopStore and access it when you want!

• Membership Cards
• Loyalty Cards
• Rewards Cards
• Club Cards
• Store Cards
• Receipts
• Coupons
• Gift Cards
• Shopping Reminders
• Friend + Family Share
• Checkouts, returns and exchanges are quick!

• Boarding Passes
• Baggage Claim Tags
• Driver Details/Rental Car Info
• Frequent Flyer Miles
• Hotel Information
• Travel Notes/Reminders
• Pictures
• Friend + Family Share
• Travel with all your information in one place!

• Insurance Cards
• Car Insurance Info
• Event Tickets
• AAA Cards
• Gym Cards
• Library Cards
• Amusement Park Passes
• Sending/Receiving Gift Cards
• Picture Reminders
• Picture Sharing
• Friend + Family Share
• Save whatever makes your life easier!

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