Антирадар – In our online store you can buy the best radar detectors and radar detectors


In our online store you can buy the best radar detectors and radar detectors

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Tired of paying fines for speeding? Buy Antiradar. It’s cost effective because buying a radar detector once you will be spared the constant payment of fines. Choose the best radar detectors and radar detectors in our online store.

Before you determine which radar detector is best to choose, you need to make a small remark. Often you can hear that the radar detector and radar detector is almost the same, but it is not. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately determine the concepts that later happened confusion and substitution of word forms.

The main principle of operation of radar detectors – bearing of the radar signal in range. In other words, the radar detector in the zone of the action of other radar detects all available frequencies. The use of these devices is not prohibited by law, so they can purchase and use in the whole territory of the Russian Federation. +

A little different is the case with the speed trap warning. The principle of its action is based on the signal decompression, and its subsequent suppression in the frequency range on which the radar runs. In other words, if the radar within a radius of its action detects signals from other sources, which are set up, there is a kind of “plug” counter-wave frequencies. The use of this device in Russia contrary to the law, so its use is banned and stricter sanctions in the case of – fines of up to several tens of times the minimum wage and confiscation of radar detectors.

On the territory of our country are sold exclusively radar detectors, but in the environment of motorists they still bear the name of radar detectors. Now that understood the nuances of the two types of radars, for convenience we call this type of device customary for all the title – radar.

Our radar detector is better than the Arrow program, which specifies only fixed radars and even then not all.

You can also buy a video recorder with a speed trap warning.

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/oqe52Y

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