Akuabashop – Akuabashop is the #1 online shop for authentic African fashion, craft and art.


Akuabashop is the #1 online shop for authentic African fashion, craft and art.

Akuabashop screenshot 0Akuabashop screenshot 1Akuabashop screenshot 2Akuabashop screenshot 3Akuabashop screenshot 4Akuabashop screenshot 5Akuabashop screenshot 6Akuabashop screenshot 7Akuabashop screenshot 8Akuabashop screenshot 9Akuabashop screenshot 10Akuabashop screenshot 11

Take our shop with you via any android mobile device. Shop securely through mpower payment gateway that provides you with multiple payment options including visa, mastercard, mobile money platform (for MTN, Airtel and Tigo Ghana) etc.
Shop from anywhere in the world and we deliver securely through DHL express shipping service. Akuabashop presents products proudly made from Africa under various categories including kente cloth, shoes and sandals, bags, beads, wood craft, art, etc. BUY AFRICAN, BUY FROM AKUABASHOP!

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/7ynj4G

Alex Market – لإيجاد أقرب فرع لجمعية استهلاكية و العروضHelps you find nearest branch & offer

Alex Market

لإيجاد أقرب فرع لجمعية استهلاكية و العروضHelps you find nearest branch & offer

Alex Market screenshot 0Alex Market screenshot 1Alex Market screenshot 2Alex Market screenshot 3Alex Market screenshot 4Alex Market screenshot 5Alex Market screenshot 6Alex Market screenshot 7

تجارة التجزئة للسلع الغذائية بغرض توفيرها للمستهلكين بأسعار اقتصادية ــ ممارسة نشاط تعبئة البقول والسكر والخضر والفاكهة بغرض تسويقها من خلال منافذ البيع الخاصة بها كما تقوم الشركة بصرف السلع المدعمة الإضافية على بطاقات التموين .

مميزات التطبيق:
١- قائمة بكل الفروع وفقا للموقع الخاص بك ( الأقرب إليك ).
٢- الوقت المستغرق للوصول إلى أقرب فرع ( يحسب بالدقيقة).
٣- حساب المسافة لأقرب فرع (تحسب الكيلومتر)
٤- يمكن ترتيب الفروع أبجديا أو بالمسافة (مشي – قيادة).
٥- توفير بيانات أكثر عن كل فرع بخريطة مفصلة و مسارات متعددة.
٦-قائمة بجميع العروض بالتفصيل اسم العرض , الوصف, ميعاد انتهاء العرض و الفروع المتاح فيها العرض.
٧- توفير خدمة في الخلفية و هي تحديد مكان العميل و البحث عن أقرب فرع للعروض المتاحة, العميل يتلقي نشرة [اقرب فرع به العرض.
٨- يستطيع العميل تحديد نطاق بحث باستخدام المسافة.
٩- التطبيق متاح بلغتين (الإنجليزية – العربية)

Alex market application is the first application to enable the customer to locate the nearest Alex Market branch. The application helps customer find the latest offers.
Alex markets offer customer with goods at economical prices depending on retail business of food commodities. Alex Markets pack legumes, sugar, vegetables and fruits to market it through Alex Market branches. Alex Markets offer additional subsidized goods to customers.
Features of the application:
● List all branches according to your location (nearest to you)
● Provide how much time it takes to reach nearest branch (in minutes).
● Provide distance to reach nearest branch (in km).
● You can sort the branches’ list either alphabetically or by distance (walking – driving).
● Provide more details about each branch with a detailed map and multiple paths with Google navigation service.
● List all available promotions in details including; promotion name, description, expiration date and available branches.
● Provide optional background service
● Detect customer’s location. Then search in nearest branches for available promotions. The user receives a notification about the promotion.
● User can specify the search range for the branches by distance.
● 4) This application is provided in 2 languages (English – Arabic).

Detail information: https://goo.gl/Z3M2er

عروض تسوق الكويت – Shopping App offers and discounts Kuwait .cbr application of Arabic and offers downloads and discounts

عروض تسوق الكويت

Shopping App offers and discounts Kuwait .cbr application of Arabic and offers downloads and discounts

عروض تسوق الكويت screenshot 0عروض تسوق الكويت screenshot 1عروض تسوق الكويت screenshot 2عروض تسوق الكويت screenshot 3عروض تسوق الكويت screenshot 4عروض تسوق الكويت screenshot 5عروض تسوق الكويت screenshot 6عروض تسوق الكويت screenshot 7

Shopping App offers and discounts Kuwait is an application for smart phones that run under Android system and is the latest displays and newer offers and discounts and downloads the State of Kuwait and sends notices daily performances as they are released
It offers Shopping App Offers Kuwait to all centers and shops and markets and which offers Carrefour and offers Geant hypermarket and offers Lulu Hypermarket and Sultan Center and offers Gulf-Mart and Offers City Center and offers Grand hypermarket and offers Civico and offers Nsto Hypermarket Offers Offers and AG-Mart and Ikea
Offers and electronics and household appliances, and offers include Eureka and Jarir Bookstore offers and Excite offers and offers of Andalusia and offers six mandarins and many others
 And the application displays shopping offers and discounts Kuwait last car and offers travel agencies and trips
Features the application offers shopping Kuwait
– Simple design and easy-to-use interface fit with all users
– Updating offers immediate and daily upon their issuance
– The application sends notices about the latest offers per day as they are released
– You can save your favorite application offers you in a special menu for easy access at any time
– You can participate through the application offers with your friends in various social networks and easily pleased

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/0t7xQS

Aki Tem Ofertas – The official app Consumer!Intuitive and easy to use, it is ideal for you

Aki Tem Ofertas

The official app Consumer!Intuitive and easy to use, it is ideal for you

Aki Tem Ofertas screenshot 0Aki Tem Ofertas screenshot 1Aki Tem Ofertas screenshot 2Aki Tem Ofertas screenshot 3

The official app Consumer!
Intuitive and easy to use, it is ideal for you to make purchases with real savings in their day to day, save time and money by going straight to the place of purchase, knowing where you will buy at the best price for your region.
Here you can take advantage of promotions and discounts daily in real time. This is an innovative and different application of what you have seen. Will bring many benefits to your life.
Perfect for people who love shopping with low without wasting time and shoe leather looking for, you will have access to the main promotions and offers its real-time region. Already leave the comfort of your home already with the right place to make your purchases and the best knowing that it is the lowest price.
Bringing a different concept of advertising aimed at the consumer benefit through partnerships with merchants and businessmen in the region.
Aki It offers features:
– You will have access to offers from major supermarkets, gas stations, beauty salon, beauty clinic and several Alagoas state products.
– Fast search prices per product category, business or location.
– Contact and exact location of the promotion places.
– Zoom Image Gallery.
– Sharing of products that may be of interest to your contacts.
– And much more!

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/WsOC0C

Đảo Hải Sản Tươi ngon tiện lợi – DaoHaiSan.vn – Specialist retail fresh seafood and fresh fish in the city reputation

Đảo Hải Sản Tươi ngon tiện lợi

DaoHaiSan.vn – Specialist retail fresh seafood and fresh fish in the city reputation

Đảo Hải Sản Tươi ngon tiện lợi screenshot 0Đảo Hải Sản Tươi ngon tiện lợi screenshot 1Đảo Hải Sản Tươi ngon tiện lợi screenshot 2Đảo Hải Sản Tươi ngon tiện lợi screenshot 3Đảo Hải Sản Tươi ngon tiện lợi screenshot 4

Island Seafood specializes in providing wholesale and retail all kinds of fresh seafood, dried seafood products such key
 – Lobster: Fresh Shrimp and live shrimp.
 – Vietnam Abalone, abalone Australia
 – Shelling milk Hao (Hao meat); French dairy Hao lived
 – Crab.
 – Fresh Ink, Ink a sunny, dry squid: squid, cuttlefish eggs, squid, cuttlefish.
 – Types of Screws: otter, snail dancing, snails, …
 – Variety of fresh fish
 – Grilled fish, and other seafood specialties, …

Island Seafood products provided to you is the 100% natural ensures Fresh, Delicious, Clean. Most of Island seafood products originating from waters of Cam Ranh Island and some other sea areas from Phan Thiet, Nha Trang and Phu Quoc, …

Seafood been fishermen on Island Seafood collectors are transferred directly to provide to you should you complete peace of mind about the quality of products. With the commitment to provide quality products, Island Seafood believe will bring you delicious meals and most nutritious.

Island Seafood strengths can be rapid delivery to customers with professional process and responsibly. Guests just need a simple place an order by phone, or via the website application

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/3r6ihc

IFFCO Bazar – IFFCO’s initiatives to make Rural India online, a free Buyer-Seller platform.


IFFCO’s initiatives to make Rural India online, a free Buyer-Seller platform.

IFFCO Bazar screenshot 0IFFCO Bazar screenshot 1IFFCO Bazar screenshot 2IFFCO Bazar screenshot 3IFFCO Bazar screenshot 4IFFCO Bazar screenshot 5IFFCO Bazar screenshot 6IFFCO Bazar screenshot 7

IFFCO Bazar mobile app is the buyer/ seller meeting platform, where buyer and seller can list down/ post free ad with their expectation to trade products or services.

IFFCO Bazar mobile app can work as a great tool for rural India where seller can sell there produce faster with increase his profits and at other hand a prospect buyer can search and purchase anything he require. IFFCO Bazar mobile app is not only convenient for user to use but also makes their daily life simpler.
IFFCO Bazar mobile app is full of facilities like instant alert for updates, notification when buyer/ seller take interest on your post.

There are some quick access IFFCO Bazar mobile app’s Icons:

1. Agriculture Produce
2. Agri Inputs
3. Farm Machineries and vehicles
4. Livestock
5. Household Consumer Goods
6. Traditional Products
7. Other Services

IFFCO Bazar mobile app’s Features:

• Listing made EASY: Post your ad absolutely free. Whether buyer or seller, anyone can list their requirement in 6 simple steps. A free listing of an effective ad is a few seconds work.

• Happy Selling: Seller can display complete information with picture of their produce and will be able to communicate directly with prospect buyers without involving third party or without paying any commission to any middle man.

• Happy Buying: Buyer can search in IFFCO Bazar mobile app as per his purchase requirement and can directly contact to the seller. It will help them to minimize his purchasing cost. On other hand transport provider services are also listed in the app, it is also making easy for the buyers to get delivery of product at desired location– all at some clicks.

• Faster searching and efficient browsing: Buyers can search potential sellers and vice versa sellers can search prospective buyers. It takes just a few seconds to reach out to your intended audience.

• Customer Location Sensitive: Location of seller and buyer in terms of Latitude and Longitude, will be captured by the app itself on register of the mobile number. This will help in all future transactions as user and no need to fill the location every time they login to the app. This will also help buyers and sellers to find the nearby potential sellers and prospective buyers.

• User will get verified buyers/ sellers: Each registered seller or buyer is verified by the effective system and all mobile numbers has to pass from (OTP) verification process. It will help our user to get all active contact details.

• Notifications to keep you informed: As soon as the user is registered after passing mobile verification process, ad will be listed and will go for short verification. On verification ad will get displayed. When an ad get live all prospective buyers or sellers will get notification for the same.

• Success rate tracking: There will be a reminder, which will go 3 days before expiry of the ad to the respective user and an alert will go asking if seller has successfully sold its product or would like to re – post the ad, similarly from the buyer as well.

• PAN India listing & sharing Information: Seller and buyers can post pan India posting also. It is based on requirement.

Download IFFCO Bazar mobile app on your Mobiles and take rural India with you wherever you go. The IFFCO Bazar mobile android app is fast, and you can browse, select and search directly from the app. Go buy/ sell now!

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/7xLdKE