Pusat Pabrik – CENTER FACTORY is a means for you who want to shop directly from FACTORY

Pusat Pabrik

CENTER FACTORY is a means for you who want to shop directly from FACTORY

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CENTER FACTORY (pupa) is a means for you guys who want to shop directly from FACTORY Foreign Affairs, which is not only cheaper and more choices, but also supported by the vendor who is experienced. Ga have been waiting for prices already discount most yahud, ga not upset thinking about stuff nyampe or kagak, just get wrong until you stay at home.

In the pupa you will get a lot of quality goods at low prices. Shopping from many categories and thousands of products ranging from clothing, accessories, cosmetics, handbags, shoes, toys, hobbies, baby equipment and child, pet shops, and much more. You can shop for your own, to be sold again, and to look for auspicious gift for your girlfriend / colleague in the pupa. We spoil you with a myriad of choices.


Features cool will you get from this app:
★ Grouping facilitate the product category you are looking for a product that is desired.
★ Ga have to wait long to totalan goods, you simply fill in your address data with a complete and clear, then you’re already with a total expenditure automatically calculated.
★ Make it easy for you who want to sell back to the photo store facility (save).
★ Safe, because every order you enter into our system, and we will soon menginfokan to you if there are items that you pick out (in the process menu check stock).
★ Menu sent to another address, allows resellers and dropshipper to send orders directly to the buyer.
★ update button to update when there are updates to the application without having to bother to uninstall applications that long.

Our major vendors:
1) Import Center (Pimpo)
Provide a variety of grocery products, ranging from clothing, accessories, supplies of children, etc.
Instagram: pusatimport

2) Blaze Souvenir (Sovi)
Provide a variety of products souvenir / favor for wedding / birthday / gathering, wedding dresses, party dresses, bridal shoes, wedding supplies.
Instagram: blazesouvenir

3) Cheap Dog Clothes (Bam)
Online pet store that provides pet apparel, accessories and supplies for the animals.
Instagram and Carousell: bajuanjingmurah

For more info, various giveaway and a special discount, please ADD LINE OFFICIAL: @PUSATPABRIK (using the @ sign in front of it)

To you who are satisfied by using the application pupa or make your business more smoothly, yuk LEF reviews and ratings to your Google Play.


Receiving party purchases (prices SPECIAL discussed together), please contact us via email: pusatpabrik@gmail.com

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/KokSFZ

My Sun Direct App – This is an exclusive App for all Sun Direct subscribers to recharge their SMC.

My Sun Direct App

This is an exclusive App for all Sun Direct subscribers to recharge their SMC.

My Sun Direct App screenshot 0My Sun Direct App screenshot 1My Sun Direct App screenshot 2My Sun Direct App screenshot 3My Sun Direct App screenshot 4

This is an exclusive App for all Sun Direct subscribers where they can easily recharge their Smart Card Number on the move using Credit/Debit cards and Net Banking. Following are features that the subscribers can enjoy on the App:
-Quick Recharge for self and for friends and family
-Browse all recharge packages by product and language
-Customers can either select regular packages and add any Add-Ons pack available
-Consumers can choose individual channels with available A-La-Carte packs
-View Offers and features of Sun Direct
-Locate nearest Sun Shine Centre

Download and start enjoying the Sun Direct App experience!

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/tmoHP7

MangoMahal – an initiative of Bodega Grocery Company (Baqala.me) Kuwai


an initiative of Bodega Grocery Company (Baqala.me) Kuwai

MangoMahal screenshot 0MangoMahal screenshot 1MangoMahal screenshot 2

MangoMahal.com, an initiative of Bodega Grocery Company (Baqala.me) Kuwait, that provides a platform to order, buy, send and gift Premium, Handpicked and Export Quality Grade A+ Alphonso Mangoes in Kuwait

We bring to you the best quality Alphonso Mangoes from Devgad in Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra in India.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/wrOVVg

Injected EGC – INJECTED EGC is a holistic approach to simplifying life.

Injected EGC

INJECTED EGC is a holistic approach to simplifying life.

Injected EGC screenshot 0Injected EGC screenshot 1Injected EGC screenshot 2Injected EGC screenshot 3Injected EGC screenshot 4

INJECTED EGC ( Endless gratification card ) is an instant gratification / discount model to the core consumer of India across the urban and rural walks of life. An evident at face value transparent gratification / discount card for their comprehensive day to day Expenditures and Purchases across all desires, needs and experiences – with a simple punch line to this model-” Livelihood Simplified “.

Enabling “Mobility” – towards daily expenditure & purchases of the consumer.

EGC – not just another discount card – but a holistic approach to simplifying life.

4% to 70% Instant Discount on the final bill throughout the year- Pan India.

3500+ merchants and counting – across all needs of the consumer.

First platform that truly understands the importance of Rural India.

In the very actual sense of the word – “Livelihood Simplified”.

Offers both and Online and Offline platform.

Payment Technology on INJECTED EGC – “Payoye” for a Cash Card Contact Less platform-
that enables payment using smart phones anytime, anywhere and to anyone

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/RbrJDx

센스펫 – Pet Shop Pet sense of sense


Pet Shop Pet sense of sense

센스펫 screenshot 0센스펫 screenshot 1센스펫 screenshot 2센스펫 screenshot 3센스펫 screenshot 4센스펫 screenshot 5센스펫 screenshot 6센스펫 screenshot 7

Pets petsyap in the sense of

It owns a family of hundreds of pets
It also operates online as well as offline stores.
Competitive price and excellent products but also a lot of unique sense petsyap.

And it provides industry-leading best products & services.

I think your pet as a family and always strive for good health and happiness.
I will always have the best petsyap in the sense of trying to provide the product.

Pet Sense Contact: 1544-4644
KakaoTalk Contact: senspet (chinchu)
E-mail: senspet@naver.com (inquiries)
PC version: http:. // Www .com Pet Sense
Mobile Address: http:. // Www sense pet .com / m2
Kakao Story: story.kakao.com/ch/senspet
Facebook: “Sense Pet” Search
Twitter: twitter.com/senspet
Developers Contact:
Contact details: wshy2kim@gmail.com

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/k1xJn0

RoverTown Student Discounts – Thousands of Local Student Discounts At Your Fingertips

RoverTown Student Discounts

Thousands of Local Student Discounts At Your Fingertips

RoverTown Student Discounts screenshot 0RoverTown Student Discounts screenshot 1RoverTown Student Discounts screenshot 2RoverTown Student Discounts screenshot 3RoverTown Student Discounts screenshot 4

Turn your phone into an advanced discount-seeking machine with the latest version of the RoverTown app!

RoverTown makes it easy for college students to save money by delivering exclusive discounts to college students where and when they need them.

“The Best App for Saving Money in College” – About.com

Gone are the days of showing your student ID to hopefully save a few bucks on lunch. With the RoverTown app, your phone tells you where you can go for a sweet discount…and then applies the discount for you!

Using partnerships with universities and retailers and leveraging ibeacon and geofencing technologies, the RoverTown Student Discount Program, makes your college life affordable with discounts on good times and great service at thousands of local businesses.

What’s New?

– Follow your favorite businesses and be the first to access their discounts
– Get notified when you are at a business with a discount
– Share discounts with your friends
– Get directions or call a business straight from the app
– A Digital Student ID means that you’ll never be caught without it
– Earn bones and badges when you use the app

Behind-the-Scenes Changes

– Improved in-app support tickets
– Email verification maintains exclusivity for students
– Added Tips and a changelog to keep track of new features and how to best use them

*This app is location-based. Using RoverTown with Bluetooth enabled greatly improves user experience, allowing more accurate location services and alerts, as well as more “bones.”

**Named: #1 Fastest Growing Start-up in St. Louis (2014)**
**Winner: Global Arch Grants competition (2013 & 2014)**
**Winner: Capital Innovators accelerator (2013)**
**Winner: Student Start Up Of The Year (SIU-Carbondale) (2012)**
**Winner: Most Innovative Venture In Illinois (CAP20) (2011)**

~~National Media Attention~~
WSJ, TechLi TV, About.com, NBC, St. Louis Business Journal, Yahoo! News

~Constantly Expanding Network, Currently Available at over 50 Schools Nationwide~

Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
University of Florida
Missouri State University-Springfield
Texas A & M University-College Station
Illinois State University
University of Missouri-Columbia
Auburn University
Saint Louis Community College
University of Kentucky
East Carolina University
Ohio State University
Southeast Missouri State University
University of Missouri-St. Louis
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Oklahoma State University
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
University of Georgia
Iowa State University
And many more!

Detail information: https://goo.gl/TO2DdB