Sancu Kediri – Distributor Sandal Sancu Kediri – Jatim

Sancu Kediri

Distributor Sandal Sancu Kediri – Jatim

Sancu Kediri screenshot 0Sancu Kediri screenshot 1Sancu Kediri screenshot 2Sancu Kediri screenshot 3Sancu Kediri screenshot 4Sancu Kediri screenshot 5Sancu Kediri screenshot 6Sancu Kediri screenshot 7

Selamat Datang di Toko kami SANCU SANDAL Indonesia, kami menjual produk-produk Sancu asli Indonesia berupa Sandal Lucu (Sancu), Sandal Traveling (Extreme), Sandal Boneka Lucu (Boncu) dan Hijab Cantik Shabihah untuk anak dan balita.

Produk yang kami tawarkan terbuat dari bahan berkualitas baik sesuai penggunaanya. Sandal Sancu dan Extreme kami berikan garansi 31 hari sejak tanggal pembelian apabila terjadi kerusakan akibat pemakaian (*ketentuan berlaku).

Kami melayani pembelian secara Grosir, Reseller maupun Eceran untuk pengiriman ke seluruh Nusantara ataupun Luar Negeri.

Untuk memastikan Validitas Toko Kami silahkan datang langsung ke alamat :
Jl Kartini Perum KCVRI No.13 RT.04 RW.01 Desa Bogokidul Kecamatan Plemahan Kabupaten Kediri, Jawa Timur 64155
Telpon/Fax 0354-528600
Hp/WhatsApp. 085714688681, 085281020070

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Pluglord – The Sneaker Connect – Pluglord resells sneakers on demand through our private global network.

Pluglord - The Sneaker Connect

Pluglord resells sneakers on demand through our private global network.

Pluglord - The Sneaker Connect screenshot 0Pluglord - The Sneaker Connect screenshot 1

Pluglord is a network that resells gear to all that show interest! We pride ourselves in being able to resell sneakers for all at all times by working together and using our resources to acquire inventory on demand.

– sneakerheads
– exclusivity
– long lasting relationships

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Guide Made in Emplois – Application information on products that create jobs in France!

Guide Made in Emplois

Application information on products that create jobs in France!

Guide Made in Emplois screenshot 0Guide Made in Emplois screenshot 1Guide Made in Emplois screenshot 2Guide Made in Emplois screenshot 3Guide Made in Emplois screenshot 4

Notice to all curious consumers, responsible, caring and patriotic everyday. Fight with his caddy against unemployment in France, it is possible, it does not cost more, it requires above all to inform precisely to make the right choice!

The mobile guide of “Made in jobs” is the first practical guide to eating wisely and defend your jobs in France. It allows you to use against unemployment by identifying all the brands “Made in jobs” in France a hundred current income and classifying them according to their “print jobs in France.” This mobile guide lists more than 800 factories and job sites spread over all French departments, more than 250,000 employees engaged in the production of our everyday objects, whose future depends on our purchasing choices. There are 10 cards France family that we live in supermarket and keys, tips and tricks to learn to decipher a package.

This application, developed in partnership with the CFE-CGC union proposals, which defends your job is 100% free! Other features are coming …

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Jo App Deals – Jo App Deals provides all local discounts & offers from retail stores Citywide.

Jo App Deals

Jo App Deals provides all local discounts & offers from retail stores Citywide.

Jo App Deals screenshot 0Jo App Deals screenshot 1Jo App Deals screenshot 2Jo App Deals screenshot 3Jo App Deals screenshot 4Jo App Deals screenshot 5Jo App Deals screenshot 6Jo App Deals screenshot 7

Jo App Deals provides an application using which customers can search for their Local offers and discounts from vendors and retailers. Our users get thousands of buying options in many categories. The best discount offer in nearby location with a chance to compare their purchase gives our users an excellent shopping experience.


* Access to thousands of retailers
* Comparison with several vendors for similar products
* Search by the name of a store or a category of product.
* Chance to avail offers and discounts which is nowhere else to be found
* Navigation facility for customer’s convenience.
* Easy to understand and use Interface

For Jo App Partner (Seller) app

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Interior Ideas – Interesting interior ideas for your home, house, garden

Interior Ideas

Interesting interior ideas for your home, house, garden

Interior Ideas screenshot 0Interior Ideas screenshot 1Interior Ideas screenshot 2Interior Ideas screenshot 3Interior Ideas screenshot 4Interior Ideas screenshot 5Interior Ideas screenshot 6Interior Ideas screenshot 7Interior Ideas screenshot 8Interior Ideas screenshot 9

Interior Ideas – an application for inspiration refined interiors, interesting design solutions for homes, apartments and garden.

Application receives new images automatically from a variety of sources and notifies you of new pictures worthy of your attention.

Ideas for your home – an inexhaustible source of inspiration and motivation to create a cozy, modern, beautiful decor in the room.

I don’t own any of this images – app is just parsing public pages.

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